Uranus square Pluto – Phase 4

“Blow, winds, and crack your cheeks! rage! blow!
You cataracts and hurricanoes, spout”

~ King Lear

We are warned that a storm is coming…at the moment it is sunny here in Norfolk, but windy.  Prepare for a storm of the magnitude of 1987, they are saying.  At the same time we are in the eye (exactly half way through) the Uranus-Pluto squares, the fourth of seven which last till 2015.  If you have been following this blog you will have a flavour of the planetary storms, and if you have not been following the blog, you are probably aware that times are tough one way or another.


How do you prepare for a storm?  Do you take the Virgoan approach, and batten down every hatch systematically, hoping the Universe won’t find a way through any loophole you might have overlooked?  Or do you take the Piscean approach and just lay down and surrender to it all, hoping for divine mercy, or self-forgiveness, or just luck.  During the 1987 storms, most of which took place overnight, I lay awake and had one of those rare moments of transcendence, at one with the wind, feeling part of the storm itself.

There are people who don’t fear storms, or who enjoy them.  Khalil Gibran said in one of his letters:

“Mary, what is there in a storm that moves me so ? Why am I so much better and stronger and more certain of life when a storm is passing ? I do not know, and yet I love a storm more, far more, than anything in nature.”

I know two people preparing an imminent passing.  I do not know their thoughts, but I imagine their thoughts on life are concentrated and distilled.  I imagine they know what is important and what is not important.  And so, this morning, I feel that the way to prepare for storms (both the meteorological variety, and the vicissitudes of life which may or may not arrive on Friday with the Uranus-Pluto square) is to determine what is important in your life – what you can let go of and what you would strain to keep.  Maybe that is the middle way, between the Piscean and Virgoan methods of storm preparation.


Hope you have revelled in the extra hour from the clocks going back today.. There’s a stabilising and healing sextile between Pluto and Chiron tomorrow, which you can tap into in advance. It combines psychological perception with healing. If you are getting together with friends, conversations can be deeply satisfying.  If you are observing a storm, there may be parts of the storm you can embrace on a psycho-spiritual level.

On Tuesday (29th) Mercury conjuncts Saturn, so it may be back to the grindstone, working on paperwork, documentation and filing in a concentrated, focussed way. Perhaps you are usefully incorporating the psychological insight from Monday.

On Wednesday (30th) the Sun conjuncts the North Node, so the sun shines a light on karma, and karma informs soul affairs. This may be exacting, but rewarding.

Happy Halloween for Thursday (31st) which could be in character. An opposition between Mars and Chiron could be strong meat, especially if you are hoping to trick or scare someone with your costume.

However it is followed by a trine between Mars and Pluto, invigorating in a more constructive way , such as giving you the courage to face reality.  It is highly energetic , but sometimes leaves an opening for the criminal elements of society, if the energy is not controlled.

Friday is the Big Day

Not only do we start with the Uranus-Pluto square on Friday morning, but we have an unprecedented number of aspects falling the same day, like falling leaves swept by the Autumn winds.


10.30 a.m. – Uranus square Pluto  at 9 degrees Aries and Capricorn– Phase 4 – Friday is the most important day, kicking off with the most important aspect.  A series of crises occurring over the last year and a half reaches its latest stage and stretches your understanding.  Last week’s US  economic  precipice encapsulates the type of personal or public tightrope we all face in some way.  Complex solutions are required for our complex times.  The other aspects today are just supporting acts.  But curiously enough, all the supporting acts are actually supportive!

12.03 pm – Mercury sextile Mars – at lunchtime in the UK, Mercury sextile Mars makes it possible to articulate the dilemmas in a direct manner.

Mid-Afternoon – Sun trines Chiron – The Sun then trines Chiron, bringing some much needed healing balm, healing through creativity.

17.05 Hrs – The Sun also sextiles Pluto, ensuring that solutions are meaningful and  not superficial.  And there’s more!

20.19 Hrs – Sun conjunct Mercury at 10 degrees Scorpio – This aspect crystallizes thought and creative expression, and in Scorpio enables us to see right into the nature of things.

22.24 Hrs –Mercury sextile Pluto – Articulating the serious, deep and meaningful.  Intensifying the ability to see into the real nature of things.

Before Midnight – Mercury trine Chiron – healing avenues coming together

So although we are in the eye of the storm, especially on Friday, we have an army of planetary resources on the day to meet the challenges.

The week in bullet points:

  • Tomorrow – deep healing
  • Tuesday – concentration
  • Wednesday – karmic
  • Thursday – trick or treat
  • Friday – (see timetable) – storm and then settlements