Uranus-Pluto Square – Phase 4 – Aftermath

Here in South West Norfolk we did not have the storm (whch other areas did have) on Monday, nor on Friday, but last night’s late night windstorm blew away local attempts at celebrating bonfire night with accompanying fireworks. Huge gusts of winds and showers of rain produced damp quibs.

Friday’s  Uranus-Pluto square seemed, from feedback I received, to result in people having to do difficult things but feeling supported by the Universe (being accompanied by some supportive lesser aspects).

Internationally, there was an assassination on Friday.  Taliban chief Hakimullah Mehsud was killed in a CIA drone attack, which may prove to have significant repercussions.  Years of sacrifice and casualties in Afghanistan from Britain and the U.S. among other UN  peacekeeping forces from other nationalities, are in danger of counting for nothing.  Pakistan claims that peace talks were on track, and have now been derailed.


We do not have  Hakimullah Mehsud’s birth date, but the Pakistan Republic chart’s transits on 1st November shows Neptune squaring its Saturn – everything thrown into confusion again.  For the original Pakistan chart formed a few years earlier, Saturn squares its natal Saturn/Pluto conjunction – perennial problems made worse.  It all depends on the willingness of the two sides to make peace: if they really want it, this event will not get in the way.

Rebekah Brooks and Andy Coulson

Meanwhile earlier in the week it was revealed at their trial that former News of the World Editors Rebekah Brooks (nee Wade) and Andy Coulson were said to have had a six-year affair.  This evidence was produced in court  to show they trusted each other with hacking secrets.

Their Editorial karma is shown in their Synastry (astrological compatibility) by Andy Coulson’s Mercury (newspapers) sextile exactly Rebekah Brooks North Node (karma).  It’s a story of attraction (his Uranus trines her Venus) love (her Venus trines exactly his Sun), sex (her Mars sextiles his Moon) and estrangement (his Uranus squares her Mercury):  all the ingredients for good Sunday reading…


The first half of the week emphasizes the need to do what must be done, and the second half letting your hair down.

There’s a New Moon which is a Solar Eclipse today at 11 degrees Scorpio.  A New Moon is a new beginning, and an eclipse can be a turning point, sometimes dramatic in its execution.  If you are able to think back to the 18th October eclipsed Full Moon, you may see the issues which were brewing then which necessitate a new start now.  There may be no connection between the two in your life, but often eclipses come as stages of the same issue when they occur in close proximity, and the ramifications can last up to 6 months. To give a personal example, the eclipse occurring this time last year was conjunct the Sun of a close family member, and a health issue was subsequently revealed which took 6 months to resolve.

Supporting aspects today are Mercury conjunct the North Node (karmic information which may prove useful) and the Sun sextile Mars (new invigoration and energy).

On Tuesday (5th) Venus enters Capricorn and we go from  a happy-go-lucky attitude to relationships (Venus in Sagittarius), maybe thinking they can take care of themselves, to a more  dutiful, responsible, committed and loyal attitude, if a tad unsentimental.  We realize their importance, and strive to honour that.

Wednesday (6th) ratchets up the theme of loyalty and responsibility, with the Sun conjunct Saturn in the intense sign of Scorpio.  Seriousness and weighty pronouncements prevail, perhaps in the knowledge of the impermanence of relationships, life and experience.  So far it’s a sombre start to the week, but the second half of the week is more lively and upbeat.

Jupiter turns stationary prior to going retrograde on Thursday (7th).  Though this may scupper your plans, it does at least focus on the planet Jupiter, dreams and merry making.  You may have been on a roll with a project, unless severely held back by Uranus Pluto squaring and the Eclipses.  You might have to roll back the red carpet for a while during Jupiter’s retrograde motion.

Let’s recap:  Archetypes and Personas for the first half of the week are the Martyr, Victim, Slave and Servant.  On Thursday, you may need to bring on the Clowns, and give them air time.

Early on Friday (8th) Venus sextiles Neptune, a chance to relax and produce something inspirational, and satisfy the Soul.  Put your feet up and admire your new slippers, or better still put on your dancing shoes, and dance.

At lunchtime, Mercury sextiles Venus, so a spell at your desk could produce some work on your ongoing novel, diplomatic letters, or if outdoors you could be telling tales on a riverbank.

Saturday (9th) is a fairly powerful ending to the week, with Mars sextile Saturn: controlled action producing satisfying construction outcomes.  Doc Marten boots would be more suitable footware, and the venue would be a building site.

And in the evening Mercury trines Neptune, so attending a soiree would be the perfect scenario: canapés, sparkling conversation and the spirit of Oscar Wilde (intellect combined with wit and inspiration).  A charity fundraiser would do well, for instance.

The week in bullet points:

  • Today – new beginnings, turning points, karmic information and energy
  • Tuesday – duty calls
  • Wednesday – honourable observance
  • Thursday – a touch of humour
  • Friday – serenity or joining the dance; creative communication
  • Saturday – construction early; later sparkle