How is it going?  You are in the middle of the influence of the triple conjunction, now!  Two news items stand out for me this week, out of a few contenders which illustrate breakthroughs arising out of the union of Jupiter, Neptune and Chiron in Aquarius.  The first is scientific: research has shown that people with Down syndrome do not develop certain types of cancer because of their genetic make-up, which apparently brings up new avenues for finding anti-cancer therapies.  The other story is sociological, one for human rights: that women were elected as MPs in Kuwait for the first time, four of them!  On a personal level, what area of your life took a step forward this week?  Did you discover a talent you never suspected you had?  Did you strike a memorable deal?  Are your home refurbishments going well?  I paid a visit to the Mind Body Spirit Festival in London, and went in for some Cosmic Healing.  The Festival is still on today and tomorrow, and I do recommend it if you want to soak up the energies of this triple conjunction.  Actually, it is a good week to ask the Universe for healing.  Be bold.  Don’t be shy.  Going forward into this week, it really is more of the same, I am glad for a change to report.  The Sun is shining here in the U.K., as it conjoins with the Moon to form the Gemini New Moon.  Hopes and wishes today can be focussed on communication efforts, and if you know which house that falls in in your chart (3 degrees Gemini) you can fine-tune your focus.  The really, really interesting day this week is Wednesday (27th) when the connection between Jupiter and Neptune within the triple conjunction becomes exact.  Jupiter-Neptune-Chiron form a pyramid of energies in which a hologram of consciousness can be seen or focussed, in a healing situation or building a new construct, among other applications.  Chiron, for all the complexity of its condition, wounds and all, is at ease in this triple conjunction.  It has the good intent of Jupiter,  and the magic and wonder of Neptune.  The three make good bedfellows, for Jupiter and Neptune are also two sides of a coin: Religion and Spirituality.  The bringing together of these two in their highest form and application would erase the need for war.  I am not suggesting that as a species we are grown-up enough yet for peace, but that is the potential of Jupiter-Neptune coming together, and we may see a glimpse of that.  We may see some of the harmony of the spheres impinging on the imagination and courage of world leaders.  In our own lives, too, how about long-standing separations giving way to reunions?  But there is even more to Wednesday, for Mars sextiles Jupiter, Neptune and Chiron – how exciting is that!  Whatever the Universe has recently blessed in your life, or whatever ground you have just gained, is going to take another step forward in manifestation.  If you are working on a large-scale project for instance, you may receive unexpected help.  In the midst of all this excitement, do remember to go and have a lie down.  Some of the planets themselves are going to take a pause and rest for a moment on their laurels.  You, and they, deserve a break, having worked so hard to try to improve things.  On Friday (29th) Neptune goes Stationary, prior to retrograde motion.  If you have been travelling spiritually, you may peak around then, and then start to take stock of the validity of your experiences.   On Saturday (30th) Chiron goes Stationary, also prior to retrograde motion.  Healing initiatives may have reached a peak recently, and also need to take stock and test out the progress made.  So the week ends on a quiet day of rest, after all the excitement and achievements…The triple conjunction turns on its various permutations, with planets going back and forth, into next year, and the progress of this week will show its potential.  But all the time we know there are massive problems going on worldwise and in personal lives, with Saturn opposite Uranus hammering down outworn structures, and Pluto in Capricorn reminding us that the clock is ticking on ecological and financial meltdowns.  But there is some scope for using the good energies and inspirations and philosophies to help with the problematic ones.