Over the last week images of the devastation in Tacloban in the Philippines have dominated our screens.

Typhoon Haiyan

Some of the astrological signatures of this typhoon were Moon conjunct Pluto in Capricorn squaring Uranus (coming quite close to the exact square between Uranus and Pluto), and Sun conjunct Saturn.  Also of significance may be North Node conjunct Mercury (weather karma).

Chart of the Philippines

The Chart of the Philippines shows a conjunction of Mercury and Pluto, which may signify that they are prone to difficult weather conditions.  There is also an exact conjunction between North Node and Uranus, a predisposition to change, but this aspect may point to a special karmic mission.

The timing of the typhoon shows the North Node (again a karmic flavour) squaring the Mercury (weather) of the Philippines chart.  In addition, Neptune opposes the Philippines Ascendant, flattening and paralysing the country.  For whatever reason, the government did not seem to be responding initially.

Marjorie Orr

Astrologer Marjorie Orr finds a link with the event and the recent eclipses.  She helpful provides the birth date for Tacloban, which enables us to home in on this event more precisely.


The chart of Tacloban has a victimlike T-square between Sun/Venus, Saturn and Chiron, which can be activated from time to time.  Sure enough, we find at the time of the typhoon, Uranus squares the natal Sun/Venus, opposes the natal Saturn and squares the natal Chiron, forming a Grand Cross.

President of the Phillipines

Benigno Aquino, who comes from a long line of Aquinos, may well have gone into shock  initially, with his Neptune at 9 degrees Scorpio  linking into the Uranus-Pluto square.  The full impact on him personally may be delayed until February 2014, when Pluto reaches his Venus (feelings) by transit.

Climate Change

The aid effort has raised huge sums from the public and contribution from the  government in Britain, and it will of course take years for the area to recover.  Supplies are only just now getting through, over a week after the typhoon.  One of the questions raised is how much the phenomenon is due to climate change, and how responsible we are as a species if so.  I don’t think the general thrust of responsibility for the welfare of the planet is helped by climate change deniers such as Nigel Lawson, who waded into the argument again on Question Time this week, as Jupiter was plumping up his natal Pluto (power).  In his chart he has a loose conjunction between Mercury and the North Node, giving him a vested interest in the karma of weather.


Today may feel a little intense, especially for Taureans, with a Full Moon in their sign at 25 degrees.  Though Taurus is a practical sign, there’s no ignoring the emotional issues surrounding you now.  You may somehow be co-ordinating  the emotions of a group.

Tomorrow Mercury conjuncts the North Node and karmic information may come your way.  If you are not into karma, then just information to be interpreted in your own way.  Weather karma may be involved, as this conjunction was around during the typhoon in the Philippines.

Tuesday (19th) is a helpful day: First Chiron turns direct, enabling healing pathways and connections to open up, or re-open.  The Mars sextiles Jupiter, so if you have spare energy there’s a huge opportunity to express it, such as sporting choices, training for the Olympics, or just as a cheering, ululating and whooping spectator.

On Wednesday (20th) Mercury trines Chiron which favours the combination of conventional and alternative healing.  Words may soothe and heal, and healing initiatives can take hold.

Thursday (21st) brings a sextile between Mercury and Pluto.  Healing motions and breakthroughs which have been set up this week can go deeper and address core issues.

Friday (22nd) is a stabilizing day, with the Sun entering Sagittarius providing a little buoyancy, and Venus sextile Saturn providing a quiet dignified tone in relationships.  This favours commitment and loyalty.  If you are co-ordinating a group of people, it is a good day for herding cattle both literally and figuratively.

The week in bullet points:

  • Today – emotion peaking
  • Tomorrow – karmic information or weather
  • Tuesday – helping aspects
  • Wednesday – healing
  • Thursday – more help and healing
  • Friday – stabilizing