My Father

On Friday 22nd November we said a fond farewell to my father, who was 90 years old last January.  He had died when the Uranus-Pluto square at 9 degrees of Aries-Capricorn was exactly transiting his natal Sun-Pluto opposition in Capricorn-Cancer.  He was the gentlest of Capricornians, and his Humanist send-off went beautifully.

John F. Kennedy

It was an interesting confluence this week to be celebrating 50 years of Dr. Who (23/11/63) at the same time as the 50 year anniversary of the assassination of John F. Kennedy, a popular TV time and space show arising timewise from the ashes of one of the most devastating moments in U.S. History.

The most asked question after “Who shot JFK?” has always been “Where were you when you heard of his assassination?”  I remember seeing the shocking event on television as a13-year old.  At our family gathering on Friday, I was reminded of a story. about my uncle, my father’s brother.  He was once asked by a New York cabbie “Where were you when you heard that John F. Kennedy was shot?”  He quickly retorted “Why?   Am I a suspect?”

At the assassination of John F. Kennedy, Pluto (the assassination) was trine by transit to his North Node (karma), suggesting an unavoidable end.  Saturn (loss) was also trine his Venus (love), separating him from the family he loved and the nation who loved him.

The Chart of 22 November 1963

The shock of the event of 22nd November 1963 is shown in an exact T-square between Mercury (an event of worldwide media coverage), Uranus (shock) and Chiron (crisis and wounding).  In addition, Saturn (a sad event) was conjunct the Ascendant in Aquarius.  Venus was also conjunct Mars, depicting poignancy over a charismatic figure.  The Moon was positioned in early Aquarius, again emphasizing the element of the unexpected.

Dr Who

The birth of a new sci-fi programme, Dr Who, the next day has its Moon positioned in late Aquarius, and in this case we are seeing the excitement of a futuristic venture.  The conjunction of Venus and Mars brings intrigue and stimulation into the mix.  Saturn is not at the Ascendant, but at the Midheaven, possibly showing solid foundations for what was to be an enduring institution about a Time (Saturn) Lord.  The Mercury-Uranus-Chiron T-square finds a different role.  The shock factor is still there, in Mercury square Uranus.  Perhaps Chiron is fulfilled in a more healing role, that of satisfying a need in the human psyche to be terrified of daleks. Toy daleks were de rigueur in the 1960s household, and maybe Chiron opposite Uranus is their astrological calling card.


The Sun squares Neptune today and you could be forgiven for feeling a little lost on your path.  You may be at a crossroads, or be letting go of a 3-month phase of your life, and may not be sure of your next step or orientation.

On Tuesday (26th)  Mercury conjuncts Saturn and in contrast your mind will be focused, certainly on what you need to do now – you’ll have a plan.  There may be practical affairs to attend to, as distinct from the lackadaisical air on Sunday.  So it’s soft focus on Sunday and hard focus on Tuesday.

Moving on to Thursday (28th) overall it’s a good day, starting early.  Though Venus opposes Jupiter (the most harmless of oppositions), Mercury also sextiles Venus and trines Jupiter, so this can be seen as a sparkling line-up.

Mercury first of all sextiles Venus, so begin the day with creative writing (or just writing as in Julia Cameron’s morning pages and her book “The right to write”).  Diplomacy (persuading the cat to wait until you have eaten breakfast) and Café culture also work as a template for the day:

“In the dime stores and bus stations
People talk over situations
Read books, and repeat quotations
Draw conclusions on the wall”

~ Bob Dylan

Secondly, Mercury trines Jupiter, and sales, travel and study are favoured: wheeler-dealing combined  with charm will work today.

Finally, at Noon Venus will oppose Jupiter.  Someone may have seen through the surface charm, or you may have laid it on too thickly, but the two parties should be able to smile about it, and share a chuckle.

Saturday (30th) brings a trine between the Sun and Uranus.  More sparkle today, though of a different hue.  Do something out of the ordinary that day – it should be successful!  Telepathy, group work, Astrology, electrical engineering and time travelling are all supported by this trine.   With Sun and Uranus in Fire signs, a spot of firewalking would be good to try.  I signed up for a session 20 years ago, but my daughter wouldn’t let me, so I can’t actually speak from experience.

The week in bullet points:

  • Today – soft focus
  • Tuesday – hard focus
  • Thursday – social sparkle
  • Saturday – electric