Mary Berry

As you stir your Christmas pudding mix in preparation for the big day, you may be asking questions, such as:

Why did Mary Berry pop out of a cake last Sunday during Strictly Come Dancing?

Why is Lana blogging about her today?

A: I just thought I would write a lighter topic this week.  Also, Paul Hollywood’s birth date is not available.  Mary is popping up all over the place, having written her autobiography (Recipe for Life), and been featured yesterday in the Guardian questionnaire.

What is her enduring appeal?  She has the resilience and energy of Sun in Aries, and its directness and simplicity, a real English rose (she was brought up in the quintessentially English city of Bath).  Aries is not traditionally associated with baking, but we do not have her birth time and Ascendant, which could sway her towards baking (a Taurus or Cancerian Ascendant would suit the profession).

She has amiability (in her Moon/Jupiter conjunction) and diplomacy (Mars in Libra – see Saturday’s aspects).

The Sun in her chart sextiles Chiron, so she is a healing antidote to her more intense screen partner Paul Hollywood.  Chiron does exert pressure on her Mercury/Saturn however, so she would have experienced mental strain in her life.    Mercury conjunct Saturn can be associated with struggles at school.  Her questionnaire reveals:

To whom would you say sorry and why?

A:  A headmistress I really didn’t like.  I didn’t work at school, but if I went back, I’d be just the same.

What has been your biggest disappointment?

My exam results at school, but it was all my own fault.

Her baking talent, and the force of her personality, are likely to be due to a conjunction  of Venus at the beginning of Taurus (baking) and Uranus at the end of Aries (an out of the ordinary talent, plus social skills combined with Venus).  She has also been praised for her sartorial (Venusian) elegance.

When the Great British Bake Off was launched on 17 August 2010, Mary was ripe for the opportunity, with Jupiter exactly transiting her Sun.  Her partnership with Paul Hollywood has been described by The Guardian as the best ever TV judging partnership.  A nice lady…


Today Chiron squares the Sun, and the day may start with a healing crisis to be solved.  You may be oversensitive to something or someone, and may need to turn the volume down on that issue in order to look at it calmly.

Tomorrow the Sun semi-sextiles Pluto, a minor aspect, but one which a proportion of people could be sensitive to.  This aspect could help us focus on the deep emotional causes of problems. You may found out, for instance, that it is not you who is eating the cream cake, it is your undernourished Inner Child craving comfort.

You can make a new start on Tuesday (3rd), perhaps re-direct that Inner Child and instil a countercraving of satsumas by Christmas by which time the Inner Child will be happy for the stocking to be filled with satsumas, walnuts and figs.

The day is quietly upbeat: First a New Moon in Sagittarius.  Hope can spring eternal.  If you can hitch your own personal aims (e.g. decluttering) to a global issue (e.g. ethical recycling) the healing solutions will penetrate the different layers of your own psyche and satisfy Gaia.  The subheading of the Cygnus Review magazine says it all:

“heal your body, feed your soul, free your mind, love your planet”

It’s a New Moon of big goals, promising much, and delivering some.

In the afternoon Mercury sextile Mars assists you in efforts to get things done, be it decluttering, or vigorous exercise and fitness regimes, or vigorous broadcasting.  Travel will also be zippy.

On Thursday (5th) Mercury enters Sagittarius early in the morning, and the prevailing mindset moves from an investigative and intense application, to a more buoyant, optimistic and anticipatory open-mindedness.  Maybe you are looking forward to Christmas, the New Year, an imminent birth, but whatever it is, you’ll find it easier to look forward.

Friday (6th) evening brings a square between Mercury and Neptune, and that future vision may have lost some of its shine, looking foggier.  You need to fine tune your senses, and separate illusion from reality on the mental plane.  On the way, you may be mesmerized by some of society’s conditioning or media persuasion.  “Not Moi”, you may confidently reply, as you rush out to John Lewis in search of a wonderland populated by sweet bunny rabbits…Travel may be complicated today, or communications confused.  Double check with the other party the bottom line, especially if a statement can be taken two ways.

On Saturday (7th) Mars enters Libra in the evening, and you’ll be treading a fine line between self-assertion and diplomacy.  The Peaceful Warrior is the perfect Archetype for Saturday, and indeed Mars is making a longstay in Libra until late July 2014, which may bode well for the Iranian nuclear deal.  This placement takes us through the season of peace and good will.  You will be willing to stand up for your rights, but will also want a win win solution all round.  Christmas shopping will be enhanced as you sincerely search for the right present on behalf of the right person.


Finally, I am re-thinking the Inner Child’s Christmas stocking: satsumas, walnuts and figs seem a bit of sugar and fat overload…Any offers for the best present for that Inner Child will be entered into a competition, which closes 24 December.  The winner will receive a Year Ahead for yourself or someone of your choice.

The week in bullet points:

  • Today – attempts to heal
  • Tomorrow – getting to the root of the issue
  • Tuesday – new beginning for you and the planet, then a spurt of energy
  • Thursday – mentally upbeat
  • Friday – losing the plot a little
  • Saturday – the re-awakening of the Peaceful Warrior