Last night a group of diverse stars, performing as one, triumphed in the Britain’s Got Talent contest.  It took me by surprise…I had been wondering all week whether a constant parade of fat bellies in the semi-finals was a new trend manifesting the triple conjunction of Jupiter-Neptune-Chiron in Aquarius.  What else happened last week?  A reminder that we have Pluto in Capricorn to contend with, in terms of the subterranean activity of the Korean nuclear testing.  The act itself was Pluto in Capricorn in nature, and the energy and emotion behind it a negative twist on the triple conjunction, i.e. bombastic action based on a lack of regard for the rest of the world: the arrogance of Jupiter, the paranoia of Neptune, and the wounding of Chiron.  The emotions of the triple conjunction (which is still around, though moving back stage a bit) are difficult enough for groups to contain, though it is very much a group-orientated aspect.  For the individual, such as Aries Susan Boyle to contain, it can be too much, and several times last week from several quarters I noticed the phrase “I am fit to blow” or “fit to burst”.  Before tackling the week’s aspects, I’d like to draw attention to a comment in last week’s blog which underlines the connection between the triple conjunction and the Galactic Centre (26 degrees Aquarius and 26 degrees Sagittarius).  It seems fitting that the triple conjunction could be a key to the Galactic Centre (symbolically our core process) and vice versa.  If one of the pitfalls of the triple conjunction is the inflation of the ego, it seems appropriate to ponder the relationship between false ego and our authentic core.  Mercury turned direct this morning, and that’s good for pondering but not deep processes.  It’s more about getting on with paperwork, essays, coursework, detailed work and other left-brain activities.  I am sure you have some piled up, somewhere.  Mars is also leaving Aries for Taurus tonight (UK time), so direct action will be replaced by slower movements.  Activism will give way to non-violent resistance.  It’s good news for Venus-ruled Taureans who don’t like to be rushed: they will now be able to set the pace according to their own biorhythms. Tuesday (2nd) looks to be the most pleasant day of the week, with the pace again set by Venus which sextiles the Jupiter-Neptune-Chiron conjunction.  It’s a good day for extravagant expressions of love such as over-the-top marriage proposals, and for musical performances and arts festivals.  Any international initiatives can be based on diplomatic relations (though you can lead a horse to water, but you can’t necessarily make him drink).  Thursday (4th) also looks promising, in a complete change of mood, with Mars trine Pluto.  This is a more energetic aspect, bordering on the coercive (which is where caution is required), but much can be achieved.  The use of energy, will or force can be successful, but needs to bear in mind the karmic boundaries of all concerned, and soul agreement needs to be requested and granted, e.g. if giving absent reiki healing to someone who is not in a position to give verbal permission.  I’m afraid Friday (5th) is a cut-your-losses type of day, with Sun squaring Saturn.  “Let go” may be the mantra to apply, particularly in relation to actions which seemed to work on a physical level the day before, but where now the emotions are not rallying to back up the actions.  Again, you can lead the horse to water…We end the week, on Saturday (6th) with the entry of Venus into her own sign of Taurus.  More Venusian energy accruing now, and a relief for Venus who has valiantly battled her way through Aries, more rough-and-tumble than her natural terrain.  Slow and steady wins the race at the end of this week.  A sigh of relief for the battle-weary.