The Potential Finalists of Strictly Come Dancing

Abbey Clancy, wife of footballer Peter Crouch, has the sort of chart which indicates she could turn her hand to anything..  She was born on a New Moon, can always make a fresh start.  She also has Mercury conjunct Neptune (dancing feet) trine her North Node (an ability to lead the dance, if not teach it)  She has a wide repertoire, from gentleness (Moon conjunct Venus) to extreme passion (Mars conjunct Pluto).  Her partner Aljaz Skorjanec does not have an available birthdate.  Her aspects for next weekend’s final are not promising, helpful or supportive, but she may overcome that with outstanding talent.

Natalie Gumede, who played a villain in Coronation Street, is another outstanding talent.  The strengths in her chart are energy (Moon conjunct Mars in Scorpio, and Sun in Aries) and a sensitive nervous system which can play out the subtlety of various roles (Mercury trine Uranus). Her partner Artem Chingvintsev has done well in past series of Strictly.  It’s another good pairing for him, with his Jupiter sextile her Neptune (inspiration and dancing) and conjunct her Pluto (power).  It could be a lucky pairing for both of them.  Pluto will be on Natalie’s Jupiter, which could be very powerful for her, though it may also indicate that she will have to soon address the health issues which have cropped up. Mars will be trine Artem’s Mercury, so he could get some satisfaction.

Sophie Ellis-Bextor, singer and daughter of Blue Peter presenter Janet Ellis, has an elfin face which could be from another planet (I can’t detect which one at present).  She is extremely elegant, and has the dancer’s signature of Sun trine Neptune.  She also has great energy and quickness: Sun and Mars in Aries, and Jupter trine Mercury/Mars (the ability to take on new tasks with enthusiasm).  Her partner Brendan Cole has not been so lucky or enthusiastic since the first series of Strictly, when he won the contest with Natasha Kaplinsky.  His “bad boy” image funnily enough comes from his conjunction of the Sun and Chiron, which wants to do things his way – in the past it got him into hot water with the judges.  There are some stormy interaspects between him and Sophie, but they may have risen above them and ploughed the energy into the dance. Saturn will be conjunct Sophie’s Uranus next weekend and Jupiter square to her Pluto, so she may be disappointed, though I think she has enjoyed the challenge and opportunity.  Whatever happens, Brendan will see it as a triumph as Jupiter will be on his Mars and the North Node on his Uranus.

Patrick Robinson who played a Consultant in Casualty, is the last man standing in the competition. He has evolved well through the process, and has Neptune (the planet of dance) conjunct his Sun/Mercury and trine his North Node.  He was born to boogie, but has had to grapple with  some anarchic energies first: Pluto conjunct Uranus and Mars exactly square Uranus).  He is incident prone, and injured his hand at some point in the competition, but has gone from strength to strength.  He is partnered by Anya Garnis, for whom there is no birth date available.  He could produce some powerful (Pluto square his Jupiter) and electric (Uranus trine his Mars) performances at the final.

Susanna Reid, the news broadcaster and television presenter (Mercury sextile Venus) has a lot of inner emotional discipline (Moon in Taurus conjunct Saturn) and has worked hard throughout the series.  She is a gung-ho Sagittarian, and has shown that over the top enthusiasm shared by fellow Sagittarian Bruno Tonioni, both irrepressible…Her partner Kevin Clifton who has made his debut on this series, has great natural elegance with several planets in Libra.  There is a deep tie between them, as his Pluto trines her North Node.  Susannah will be having a ball next weekend (Jupiter sextile her Moon) but things may not go to plan for her (Uranus square her natal Mercury).

One of them will be eliminated tonight!


If it’s your birthday today then like me you may be having a spiritual retreat unencumbered by aspects, followed by the annual visit from the in laws. If it is not your birthday then it’s freewheeling until Tuesday.

Tuesday (17th) brings a Full Moon in Gemini, highlighting the principle of communication. There may be a major dialogue going on in your life, depending in where this Moon falls in your chart. I have it in the second house of finance, and there is always a dialogue on this subject with the hubby at this time of year!

This Full Moon may be an agent of change, because Uranus soon after goes stationary prior to turning direct.

Saturday is the Winter Solstice when the Sun enters Capricorn, winter begins, but the nights begin to shorten. It is a completion for me, as the last in the series of the Zodiac Masterclass will materialise hopefully at the appointed time. Each article in the series has been accompanied by a mandala from Barry Stevens’ colouring book painted by Sarah Berry.  If you are stuck for a last minute Christmas gift,  is well worth printing them out, putting them in a folder, for someone who is a fan of Astrology.

In the evening Venus goes stationary prior to turning retrograde  so have your arts projects wrapped up by then, e.g the final rehearsals for your Christmas panto, the final stir of your pudding mix, the final firing of your ceramic craft gifts.

Christmas Competition

We now have four entries for the Christmas competition (what would your Inner Child like in its Christmas stocking?) which ends on Christmas Eve.  The prize is a Year Ahead guide.  If you would like to make an entry, or vote on the existing entries, be my guest!  The entries to date are:

  1.  Socks
  2. A lovingly made wooden toy
  3. A rainbow and a star
  4. World peace

The week in bullet points:

  • Tuesday – heightened communication issues, then progressive change
  • Saturday – celebrating the winter solstice, then relationships re-examined