At tea-time in the U.K. today and lunchtime in the U.S. and dreamtime in Australia we have a Full Moon in Sagittarius, opposing the Sun in Gemini.  If it is going to be a powerful Full Moon effect for you personally, you will already be feeling it and therefore know about it.  It’s the culmination of the three major spiritual festivals according to the tradition of the Lucis Trust, which is based on the teachings of Alice Bailey.  The first festival is Easter Full Moon, then follows Wesak Full Moon which is linked to the Buddha’s birthday.  This current Full Moon is known as the Christ’s Festival or World Invocation Day.  The seed thought for meditation for the Sagittarian Full Moon as given by Alice Bailey (through the Tibetan) is: “I see the goal.  I rech the goal and then I see another”.  Apparently this Full Moon is a transmission of Good Will and used by the Forces of Restoration (headed by an extra-planetary being called the Spirit of Resurrection) to transmit the energy of reconstruction to humanity.  People vary so much in their sensitivity to the Full Moon, and to each individual Full Moon, but there is always something to be resolved at this time because it is based on an opposition.  Today is the first day of a new week, and the first day of the rest of your life, so after the Full Moon there will be a sense of “done that, now it’s time to move on”.  Tomorrow, Monday 8th, Venus trines Pluto which is a profound aspect in terms of relationship, feeling, art and music.  If you are back at work after the weekend, you can put your heart and soul into what you do.  Tuesday (9th) marks an opportunity to examine and evaluate the progress of the triple conjunction of Jupiter-Neptune-Chiron in your life, because Mercury (the planet of mental focus) makes contact with the Neptune-Chiron component of the conjunction by a square.  This will highlight the illusory nature of what has taken place or been created, and therefore by contrast also highlight what is real.  It will highlight too what has been healed and what still needs to heal.  You may have insight into the meaning of recent events, and if you have been engaged in a project you may see why it was created and how much was as a result of ego, and how much was of true service.  At the same time, Mercury sextiles Uranus (7 minutes beforehand: 9.46 pm in the U.K).   This is the easier bit, showing how there are surprise benefits in the turn of events, and possible other-worldly interventions in order for these events to come to pass (noo…noo…noo…noo…noo…noo…noo…noo…E.T. phone home).  If you are driving back home after an evening out, you may see a U.F.O.  Yes, literally, there were U.F.Os over Cambridgeshire last week, and let us not forget the jelly fish crop circle in Oxfordshire.  Is there some sort of message here about academic competition?  So, to recap, if you are driving back home after an evening out, you may see a U.F.O. creating a crop circle.  The early hours of Wednesday (10th) highlights another feature of this Jupiter-Neptune-Chiron climate, with Uranus semi-sextile Neptune.  Uranus has been semi-sextile with the conjunction, posing a challenge to it, and adding even more complexity to the proceedings.  The Guardian quoted Francine Blake of the Wiltshire Crop Circle Study Group this week who said: “This year started much earlier.  There’s one every day now.  It is very intense already.  I have never seen such complex designs in rape in all my years of studying this subject.  Usually, the season starts with a nice little pattern, a tri-petal flower or such like, one or maybe two in rape if we are lucky.  But this year they are big, complex and numerous right from the start.”   This phenomenon may be down to the triple conjunction.  Going back to the aspect to Uranus, it has taken on the role of arbiter, reserving the casting vote on things, and retaining its right to spring last-minute surprises.  You may be watching U.F.Os, or you may be fast asleep, but something may register in connection with the role of Uranus, the wild card, in your life at this time.  Accompanying music: “Maybe Angels” by Sheryl Crow.  The continuing theme of the decoding of the triple conjunction continues later that day with Mercury squaring Jupiter. Minds will range and roam freely, maybe  a little too freely, interpreting the events of the day.  Some people will feel the urge to literally travel to find out the truth, e.g. crop circle investigators will decide that the virtual reality is not enough.  This aspect will also urge us to see where we have exaggerated the truth in relation to big plans recently, therefore by contrast enabling us to reach a perspective.  If like me you don’t take a step without reading this blog, there are no more aspects and the rest of the week is your own.