From my postbag:

You reviewed the year last week – I presume you will be doing a forecast for next year in your next blog”


Dates for your Diary:

January 31st : Jupiter opposite Pluto – power play

February 26th: Jupiter square Uranus – over-excitement

April 15th: Lunar Eclipse (Full Moon in Libra) – relationship wobble

20th: Jupiter square Uranus AND Jupiter opposite Pluto! – momentous change

21st: Uranus Square Pluto No. 5 – enactment of changes

29th: Solar Eclipse (New Moon in Taurus) – a turning point, especially for earth healing

May 24th: Jupiter trine Saturn – a good day for balancing

July 16th: Jupiter enters Leo – exuberance

September 25th: Jupiter trine Uranus – happy surprises

October 8th: Lunar Eclipse (Full Moon in Aries) – opposing interests

23rd: Solar Eclipse (New Moon in Scorpio) – turning point in the things that matter

December 15th: Uranus square Pluto No. 6 – penultimate tension spike in the series of 7

United Kingdom

January 31st/1st February – Uranus sextiles UK Ascendant on the csup of the 11th House – A breakthrough in relations.  Favourable changes.

February 9th: Pluto from Capricorn in 8th House squares natal Chiron in Aries in 11th House of the UK chart – Tough negotiations – possible difficulties regarding our membership of the E.U.

March 26th:  Chiron from Pisces in 10th House trines natal Sun in Sagittarius in 7th House of the UK chart – Healing relations – harmony in negotiations, which may refer to internal relationships such as Unions.

April 3rd/4th: Chiron from Pisces in 10th House trines natal Mercury in Sagittarius in7th House of the UK chart– treaties ratified.  There may be something helpful for the N.H.S. in this.

June 13th: Jupiter in Cancer in David Cameron’s 10th House transits his natal Part of Fortune = Some fortuitous twist for David Cameron which may raise his profile.

July 23rd: Jupiter Return for David Cameron in his 11th House – Social success for him, maybe reunion with an old club.

August 15/6th: Jupiter transits David Cameron’s Moon in Leo in 7th House – He would feel in epic mood.  Friends surround him.  Good family news.

September 18th: Scottish Referendum: A solid day for Alex Salmond, with a shock for David Cameron.  Favourable change in some ways for the UK with Uranus trine its natal Sun/Mercury, but also schism and trauma in that Pluto opposes its natal Pluto.

October 1st: Saturn transits David Cameron’s Neptune in Scorpio in his 2nd House.  Depressing financial news, which may be initially covered up.

November 25th: Saturn in Scorpio transits natal Venus in 6th House – Some sadness, such as the passing of a notable figure.  More stress over the N.H.S. and more cuts to the Arts.

The Price of Fish – a Domestic

Hubby has Moon in Aries, Ascendant in Scorpio and Mars square Uranus, so he does erupt from time to time. And erupt he did, right in the middle of the Grand Cross on New Year’s Eve.

“You are not even charging the minimum wage!” he accused.  “I am sorry, it is just not acceptable” he said crossly, but laughed as he tends to do when talking about something serious.  He is a Gemini.  It confuses my mother.

Further bad news: “I would rather you did the housework, for that rate.” (Note: this is the worst thing you can say to a Sagittarian).

“You can blame me if you like” (he winked).  So I am.

After a sleepless night, I decided the next morning I would put my prices up, for the first time in years.  All existing commissions will be honoured at the current rate, and the new prices don’t start until February 1st, if you want to get your orders in.  After February 1st, all prices for my services will go up by £10.  The quest for the true relationship between the material and the spiritual continues in my head.

Please note that my regression and future life progression prices are unchanged


If you saw the funny side of things on Friday with the opposition between Mercury and Jupiter, you’ll appreciate the joke even more deeply today with Sun opposite Jupiter.  The Sun opposite Jupiter can give rise to a new positive philosophy of life.  Someone I know who has the opposition in their natal chart is a supreme optimist, even in the face of hardship.

Tomorrow Mercury is sextile Saturn, and this fosters a constructive relationship with the mental and the practical, helping to build on the optimism of the previous day.

Mercury conjuncts Venus on Tuesday (7th), so that is a brilliant aspect for diplomacy, heart to hearts, writing and broadcasting with heart, or lounging in coffee bars trying out the new gingerbread cinnamon lattes with biscotti (if your teeth are not past them).  I do happen to have a Coffee Pod date in my diary then, but my teeth are not up to biscotti.

Mars squares Jupiter on Wednesday (8th), and energy and enthusiasm abound and magnify each other.  Spiritually, this aspect can propel you into other realms and dimensions of light.

Saturday (11th) is the busiest day aspectwise.   It merits a timetable (U.K. time):

10.44 am:  Venus sextiles Saturn – commitment is on the agenda in relationships.

12.24 pm: Sun conjuncts Venus – Lovey Dovey in relationships, and artistic and musical endeavours flourish.  Money matters also shine.  There may also be a prospect of lovely lunches.

13.39 Hrs:  Sun sextiles Saturn – Lovely desserts, or certainly just desserts.  After dinner coffee and mints provide the chance to establish sensible future plans.

21.35 Hrs: Mercury enters Aquarius –  A new vibe, new ideas, mental renewal and refreshment.

If you are out and about socializing in the evening, you might be trying out a new nightclub.  If you are staying  in, create a new Saturday night ritual now that the Strictly Come Dancing and X Factor season is over.  Try a new TV channel.

In the Forward  to Anne Jirsch’s new book (“Create Your Perfect Future”) Paul McKenna refers to the mind as your “genius biocomputer”.  Try substituting that term whenever you think of or talk about your mind (Mercury) for a week, and see if it makes a difference.

The week in bullet points:

  • Today – think positive
  • Tomorrow –consolidate
  • Tuesday – literary
  • Wednesday – overflowing your normal boundaries
  • Saturday – busy day; commitment; love; planning; new thoughtforms