Ariel Sharon, War and Peace

Ariel Sharon, a hawk in Israeli politics, died yesterday after being in a coma for 8 years.

This will inevitably be a very subjective account, because I was born in Israel, and the memories evoked by Sharon’s moments in history were always seen through the lens of a pacifist.

He started out, as many early Israeli politicians did, as a member of the Haganah, an underground paramilitary force associated with the early struggle  for Israel’s independence. Someone recently pointed out to me that in order to be a good peacemaker or diplomat it is advantageous to have been a warrior. This was in response to my denial of my own inner warrior.

His Sun Sign of Pisces has me baffled, until I look at his genius as a military strategist.   His Sun is situated in his 11th House of group application, providing leadership as it exactly sextiles his Midheaven.  Mars in the 10th House emphasized a military career.

He played an important part in all the early wars, including the Six Day War of 1967.

It was during the Lebanese War of 1982 that I took notice of him.  I was torn apart by the massacres at Sabra and Shatila in the Lebanon, and the separation of families, which he was understood to have responsibility for. Up to that time my heart had been with the CND movement, but I was looking for a reason for my head to also join CND. It came to me in a flash that I wouldn’t wish the bomb on my worst enemy. I then became a card carrying member of CND, collecting subscriptions in Watford.

At the time of the Sabra ad Shatila massacres, Mars was triggering his natal T-square of Neptune, Moon and Mercury.

Yitzhak Rabin –  now there was a peacemaker I could follow!  But he was assassinated by a fanatical Jew. The peace process, which had gathered hope in the days of Sadat, also assassinated, was knocked down… Henceforth hearts hardened on both sides of the divide: the Israeli and the Arab / Palestinian side .Henceforth, too, the Israelis would only choose the hawkish leaders, such as Sharon and Netanyahu.

At a very sensitive time in the history of the peace effort, Sharon inflamed tensions by going to the Temple Mount in the Old City of Jerusalem, forbidden to Jews.  This was an inflammatory act for the Arabs and Palestinians.  At this time Mars was opposing his Sun (he was in warlike mode) but at the same time, Mars was trine his Midheaven (a deliberate political act).
He gained power through this act, going on to become Prime Minister.  Whilst in power, in May 2003 he endorsed the Road Map to Peace put forward by the U.S. after almost a lifetime as a hawk, there seemed to be a softening, a change of heart. Saturn was sextile his Neptune at the time.  He authorized the pulling out from Gaza.  He considered pulling back Israeli settlements on the West Bank (something Nethanyahu has never considered).  Symbolically, I think it significant that beyond Mars in his 10th House is Venus, the potential for a more peaceful approach.

And then in December 2005 he suffered a stroke, and a change of fortune resulting from a transit of Uranus to his Sun which also sextiled his Midheaven.  A further stroke leading to a coma ensued on 4 January 2006.  I believe his soul was in conflict, and also that he was kept alive for political ends.

Louise L. Hay’s given probable cause for coma is:

“Fear.  Escaping something or someone.”


As the week begins you may be flying in all directions, as a result of Saturday’s busy aspect line up.

Tuesday (14th) is a day to coolly and rationally assess your karma, with Mercury squaring the Nodal Axis. There will be a lot of communication in the ethers, and people will be pulling out  their Inner Teacher, giving you the benefit of their opinion. Everybody will be looking round for someone to teach, or be accosted by somebody else’s Inner Teacher. “I say, I say, I say!” Will be the refrain, in the hope that someone will be prepared to put up that inner listener. In the ensuing cacophony ideally we will each become our own guru and inner listener.

Coming up to Thursday (16th) we are working our way towards a Full Moon at 25 degrees Cancer, one of the most emotional Full Moons of the year. It may seem that everybody is very self-centred and wrapped up in their emotions, but it may be a good time to draw your emotional boundaries and just work on your own stuff.

Venus squares Mars in the afternoon so there may be some emotionally immature behaviour, such as a double entendre you’d rather not hear.

Finally on Friday (17th) some sanity! Mercury sextiles Uranus and there is a good rapport between the higher and lower mind, yours and everybody else’s. Future vision will be sound, telepathic networks working well, inventions and inventors blessed! A more sure footed path to end a mildly uncertain week.

The week in bullet points:

  • Tuesday – Inner Teachers rampant
  • Thursday – high emotion, and emotional immaturity
  • Friday – sanity, and good ideas