The big news today is Mercury’s entry into its own sign of Gemini, which is good news for Geminis who can express themselves fully and freely and be themselves, and good news for journalists and broadcasters who will have a steady stream of stories lined up and ready to roll.  For the rest of us, we may be able to clear our heads, and eperience fewer senior moments for the duration of this transit (which lasts until 3 July).  If you are still having senior moments, then try the Japanese tree supplement ginkgo biloba, combined with ginseng for concentration.  That, with Mercury in Gemini, should hopefully do the trick.  So the next couple of weeks is favourable for any work on the mental plane, such as sketching out a learning plan, writing short articles, and light conversation accompanied by tea and spelt toast.  Visiting relatives is also favoured under this transit, so a family get-together or catch-up is likely, particularly between siblings.  Tomorrow Jupiter is stationary, prior to going retrograde.  Foreign travel may be put on hold, suspense over exam results, u-turns on philosophy (e.g. by governments) – anything of a Jupiterian nature starts to contract after its unprecedented expansion over recent months, Jupiter being part of the triple conjunction of Jupiter-Neptune-Chiron (it was only a matter of time before I would mention the T-word).  However, triple conjunction plans and hopes continue to be consolidated.  They are just going into a different phase. Boundaries have been set, and plans re-drawn to take account of progress made or financial stringencies.  In early July, Jupiter will re-join Neptune and Chiron at 26 degrees Aquarius, and Uranus will still be wielding its influence acting as a counterpoise at 26 degrees Pisces, so we will see an encore of the original triple conjunction at the end of May.  With all four planets retrograde by then, it will be different – an inbreath after the outbreath.  If you are involved in a large-scale construction, you will be entering into phase two of the long and complicated process.  That is looking ahead somewhat, but you may be able to glimpse the next part of the vision and its significance tomorrow when Jupiter turns retrograde.   Wednesday (17th) is also important for assessing and refining progress, with the Sun trining Neptune/Chiron and squaring Uranus.  Last week was decisive for some, as Uranus semi-sextile Neptune allowed disengagement where necessary.  For instance, if you had lent your energies temporarily to the development of large-scale community plans (Jupiter-Neptune-Chiron) you may have sensed that you had come to the end of your soul’s contract with it.  Or you may have needed to retreat to work on your own healing.  If the plan is your plan, you will want to see it through, but if it is someone else’s plan, then your energies may be needed elsewhere or even in your own back yard.  Wednesday may be the time for that disengagement, with the Sun squaring Uranus.  However, you may keep a spiritual link with the group or an interest in the progress of the plan (Sun trine Neptune).  More of the healing significance of what is taking place may also be revealed at this time (Sun trine Chiron).  Complex structures are being built for the future, and groups are coming together now, but an individual may also be needed to attend to more than one group at a time.  Some people will be holding the energy of one group, and others moving between groups and projects.  There will be more dismantling at a later phase when the Saturn-Uranus opposition becomes exact again, but at this time it is several degrees wide and taking a back seat in the reconstruction process.  And so, on to Thursday (18th) when the Sun trines Jupiter and you can let your hair down, enjoy the fruits of your labours why don’t you.  Life can’t be all serious working at astrological aspects all the time, honestly.  It’s a relatively untrammelled aspect (although still tied to those other planets admittedly) but brings out the playful side of it all, the lighter side of life, the cosmic giggle.  Take time out from committee meetings, and plan some leisure activity or relaxation, communal or otherwise (you may need some space).  There may be a sense of anticipation in the air on Saturday (20th), the final day of Spring, with some gorgeous aspects to come right at the beginning of Summer.