Monsieur Francois Hollande

President Hollande of France has been trying to keep his private life from intruding on his public life, with the alleged revelation of an affair with a French actress going back 2 years.    The British media wonder whether the French are traditionally more relaxed about the private lives of their public figures.  He is a Leo Sunsign, with a Gemini Ascendant (the desire to keep more than one string to his bow).  He loves to be the centre of attention politically, but with Moon in Capricorn likes to keep his women private…He has a complex exact T-square between Uranus, Chiron and Neptune.   But his Mars square Venus shows perhaps some emotional immaturity and lack of sensitivity in relationships.  He has Mercury on the I.C. (Imum Coelum), suggesting that he finds security in the rational.  Apparently he likes to keep his mind compartmentalized.

In this current scenario the French people have shown slightly more interest than usual in their premier’s private life.  That the current revelations have not been entirely damaging to him is down to transiting Uranus trine his natal Mercury and transiting Neptune trine his natal Saturn, two protective trines.  However Pluto is approaching his natal North Node, and reality may bite when this transit peaks in late February, and when Uranus squares this point mid-April of this year.

Segolene Royal

He wasn’t always so fickle.  For 30 years his partner was fellow politician Segolene Royal, with whom he has four children.  Her Ascendant is conjunct with Hollande’s Midheaven, so they had a long and active political life together.  Her Jupiter in 5th House of children reflects the large family they had.  She has Venus conjunct Pluto in her 7th House of Marriage, which portrays a huge upheaval of a significant relationship.  In their synastry, they had a very practical working partnership based on  a double whammy of Segolene’s  Mars closely sextile Francois’ Saturn, and Francois’ Mars exactly sextile Segolene’s Saturn.

Valerie Trierweiler

Journalist Valerie Trierweiler was described by Francois Holland as the love of his life, and installed as First Lady when he was elected President.  She has in her chart a depressive exact opposition between the Moon and Saturn, which may have been triggered by recent events, which necessitated  a spell in hospital.  She also has Mercury square closely Neptune, which can bring mental overwhelm at times.  There is also some woundedness from past lives with her Chiron square her Nodal Axis.  The two of them are (or were) dynamic together, with her Mars sextile exactly his Uranus, her Jupiter exactly square his Sun, her Jupiter trine exactly his Moon (thank God the French have exact birth times), their Jupiters exactly sextile, and  her Uranus trine exactly his North Node.  They would have felt able to conquer the world together, in their initial connection.  Sadly though for Valerie, Julie Gayet may have been already in the wings even as she was installed as First Lady.  This current crisis has hit Valerie’s Mercury (mind) from a squared Saturn (depression). Jupiter is currently sextile her Pluto. So she will be receiving help.

Julie Gayet

Enter the picture second mistress, actress Julie Gayet.  She has a strong destiny, with Pluto exactly trine her North Node, and Uranus exactly trine her Midheaven (surprise changes of fortune and life direction).  She has Mars exactly square Uranus, so there is always a lot going on in her life.  And she has Mercury conjunct Saturn, so may also be no stranger to depression.  Her Venus trines Hollande’s Saturn, so there is some loyalty there, between them.  His Moon-Jupiter opposition favourably contacts her Ascendant, so living together may be successful.  Her Neptune trines exactly his Venus, so it would be easy for him to put her on a pedestal.  Would that pedestal be that of First Lady?  She has some favourable aspects at the time of the revelation, suggesting she may have been personally pleased or relieved that the knowledge became public.  Neptune, the planet of scandal, was squaring exactly her own Neptune, so confusion in her life was also happening.

February 11th

What are the prospects for the date he has given for sorting out the status of First Lady, when he goes to Washington?  By then, Pluto will already be on his North Node (it’s a long transit), so it will be a momentous time for him, in terms of decision and destiny.  Uranus will be trine exactly Valerie Trierweiler’s Ascendant, so a time of change for her.  It occurs on her 9th House cusp, so one could not rule out an exciting foreign trip for her.  Mars will be trine Julie Gayet’s Moon, so she may be putting a lot of energy into domestic affairs.  But Neptune will be trine her Venus, so idealized love will still be high on her agenda, inwardly at least.  It will be interesting to see what arrangement Hollande comes to.


What of the all important relationship between Hollande and France?  His Uranus trines exactly its Mars, so he may eventually stimulate the economy.  But his Saturn exactly conjuncts its Jupiter, so in other respects his policies may be demotivating.  Both the Jupiter and the Mars in the French chart are in the 10th House of reputation, so he may have some impact in this way.  The time of the scandal, and therefore the impact of the scandal, on France is also mixed.   Saturn transiting the 10th House of reputation creates an exact T-square with France’s own Uranus-Pluto opposition.   National characteristics are being analysed, and may be changing.


The Sun enters Aquarius tomorrow, which coming after Friday’s Mercury sextile Uranus, may consolidate a fresh new outlook,  and regimes. Be guided by your intuition (as always) and honour any new ideas which have come to you in the last few days, for  they may be presentiments of the future.  You may be entering a new era or area of work.

On Wednesday (22nd) these ideas may be tested out, with Sun squaring the Nodal Axis. The questions are: how sound are they karmically? What power play is taking place? Is one person hogging the limelight?  You need to aim towards a karmic balance.

On Friday (24th) Mercury trines Mars, best aspect of the week, with an emphasis on activity and mobility. If you have been held back recently, here is a window for moving two steps forward. It’s a good day for travel, whether on your bike or in your car. Make the most of it.

Did you spot the subliminal messages there?  Saturday (25th) brings almost a reversal, with Mercury square Saturn. One step back. Trains may be delayed, communications blocked. Be patient. If your train is delayed by an hour, you are entitled to compensation. Bring your compensation form ready with you, so that you can spend that hour constructively. Otherwise it will remain unfilled until the next crisis, when you will remember…it”s all too easy to forget the lessons once the crisis has passed.  Saturday’s message is learning from experience.

The week in bullet points:

  • Tomorrow – brave new outlook
  • Wednesday – karmic power play
  • Friday – best day for progress
  • Saturday – temporary setback