Jupiter opposite Pluto

This week sees the second pass of Jupiter opposing Pluto (of three altogether), a major opposition which represents the struggle for power.

In an individual’s chart, it can represent a huge desire for power and the controversial use of it: Saddam Hussein had it, as did Margaret Thatcher.

In our lives, we may have a huge inner conflict going on at this time, characterized by the House positions across which this opposition plays. The House which Pluto currently occupies will hold the greatest sway, psychologically, and exert the most force.  But the House occupied by Jupiter will put up a good fight, optimistically and with a desire for expansion.


In the world today, nothing exemplifies this opposition as much as the conflict in Syria, each side equally adamant that there will be no let up in the conflict, whatever the cost.

An Opposition aspect is an attempt to achieve balance and Oneness, but with two such planets as Jupiter and Pluto, it can be a superhuman task.  In the case of the Syrian talks this week, the UN wanted to have everyone on board, but Iran had to be excluded because of its relationship with the  Syrian government.  The stated aim of the talks is to achieve an interim government in Syria.

In the human psyche, the Opposition represents an attempt at Individuation and wholeness.  Theoretically it would be easier for us individually to achieve this than for the whole planet with all its various interests.  If you are wholly at peace, then please let us have your secret.  You can achieve peace say in a meditation, but then as soon as you start to engage with the world you can be swayed from the centre. If you are able to maintain your centre, often you don’t make sense to others.  However, the energy of the centre, of Oneness, can sometimes make a difference beyond words, and can be healing.

When a situation is as dire, and has got out of control to such an extent as the conflict in Syria, it is difficult to see what would make a difference.  Apparently the U.K. is sending one of the highest contributions of aid to the area in practical terms. The Syrian conflict has now been going on for nearly three years, and for longstanding intransigeant situations it is easy to give up, despair, lose interest or energy.  But,  for our energy of good will that we need to send to the situation there should be no let up.


After Saturday’s Mercury square Saturn you may feel you are starting out on a flat base this week.  But gradually excitement builds from today, towards Wednesday’s (29th) Sun sextile Uranus.  This could be a dynamic day, good for brainstorming ideas, trying out new inventions, original creativity, and new work initiatives.  Some new energy arrives into a situation which could be tense, itself building towards Friday’s Opposition of Jupiter and Pluto.  In fact Wednesday’s excitement could be misinterpreted amongst all the angst, and needs to be separated out, recognized for what it is, and acted upon, for it is an active and positive force.  Wednesday can be a forward and progressive day.

From there, you can move confidently onwards and upwards to the New Moon at 10 degrees Aquarius on Thursday (30th), when you can look forward to more of the same, but perhaps in more concrete or crystallized ways.  It is important to make the best use of the opportunities and gifts of these two days, to give you a foundation for working with the greater complexity of Friday’s offerings from the Universe.

Friday (31st) is the big day this week, starting with the powerful opposition between Jupiter and Pluto.  Power struggles could be momentous, each side of the struggle magnifying and amplifying and escalating the conflict.  The opposition first occurred last August, at the time when Robert Mugabe took the electoral power in Zimbabwe.

In your own life, you will need to balance your energies, and own your own power.  The key to this may be your own authenticity, something you have been practicing for a long time.

Late lunchtime, Mercury moves into Pisces, bringing a softening of mental outlook.  It may seem a subtle or imperceptible change, against the dramatic scenery.  This detail may make a difference though.  Mercury flew like a whirlwind through Aquarius, but now we’ll be opening our hearts, simultaneously as we open our minds in the face of new information coming in.

Lastly, Venus is stationary, prior to turning direct, and there will be no closing or denial of the heart by the end of the day or week.

The week in bullet points:

  • Wednesday – new ideas and initiatives
  • Thursday – new beginnings
  • Friday – power play, but compassion creeping in