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Draw from the Universal Heart

When there is an Infinite Supply of Love

Nothing can shake you.

~ Lana

Written 15/7/96, New Moon in Cancer

Valentine Week

As it is Valentine’s week, I thought I would look at Love in its many shades.  Other planets can show Love, but I will focus on Venus in combination with the other planets.  This may have application if you have the combination in your own chart, or in Synastry (comparison and compatibility) with another’s chart.   I have include the 4 Greek versions of Love, Eros, Storge, Philia and Agape.

Ten Shades of Love

Here are 10 planetary shades of Love (seems a bit meagre) with several sub-categories under each which would increase the count to about 50 shades.  I have included types of relationship, and qualities in relating.  We meet all kinds of people throughout our lives: Maybe you have experienced many of these varieties of relationship.


Venus in aspect to the SUN:

Love for the Self

In your birthchart: Love for the Self, an essential requirement

Qualities: Warmth of Heart, Magnanimity, Generosity

In Synastry: Shared interest in the Arts and performance, centred on the Beloved; the love and admiration of a Fan

Problematic: Narcissism


Venus in aspect to the MOON:

Love of a Parent for a Child

In your birthchart: Love of a Parent for a Child

Qualities: Tenderness, Gentleness, The Divine Feminine, Love of the Goddess

In Synastry: Love of a Parent for a Child; tactile expression such as massage; the Greek Storge (familial love)

Personal: Love of a Grandparent for a Grandchild is another nuance, and I realized (mind-blowingly) while writing this blog that my three year old Grandson has his Venus exactly conjunct my Moon, so our relationship exactly fits the classic description.


Venus in aspect to MERCURY:

Brotherly Love / Sisterly Love

In your birthchart:  Communication with Love

In Synastry: Mental companionship; counselling and mentoring; Platonic Love

Special Category: Love for a Pet.  Love for a Pet can also come under Moon with Venus, as often there is a parental fondness as part of the relationship.


Venus in aspect to MARS:

The Lover

In your birthchart: Magnetism, Sensuality

Qualities: Balancing male and female sides; Combining Opposites

In Synastry: Flirtation; the Greek Eros (romantic love)

Problematic: Addiction to Love

Famous Example: Giacomo Casanova


Venus in aspect to JUPITER:

Unconditional Love

In your birthchart: Love for Humanity, Love of God; inclusive love, loving everybody.

Qualities:  forgiveness; overlooking any shortcomings

In Synastry: The Guru-Disciple relationship; boosting self-esteem and confidence

Colour: According to Linda Clark and Yvonne Martine in their book “Health, Youth and Beauty through Colour Breathing” Salmon Pink is the colour for Universal Love, if you would like to project that.  My poem, above, written in 1996, is on this theme.


Venus in aspect to SATURN:

Love of the Child to the Parent

In your birthchart: Commitment; Responsibility; Loyalty

Qualities: Respect; Caring for the Elderly; Loving the apparently unloveable (opposite of the Lookism in our society today)

In Synastry: Looking after each other in old age; Love for one older (or interchangeably for someone younger)

Problematic:  Isolation


Venus in aspect to CHIRON

Karmic Love

In your birthchart: The desire to Heal

Qualities: The Miracle of Reunion, e.g. for adoptees

In Synastry:  Past-Life links

Problematic:  The aches and pains of love

Famous Example:  Adele has Venus conjunct Chiron in her birthchart and was able to produce two best-selling albums from the creativity inspired by the pain of Love and a special relationship which touched her deeply.


Venus in aspect to URANUS


In your birthchart: Friendliness, Networking; unusual or progressive ideas about relationship

Qualities: Magnetism; Charisma

In Synastry: Incredible Meetings; Acquaintanceship; ((( Group Hug )))

Collective bonding of a Group; Feeling the Love in the room; the Greek Philia (friendship)

Problematic: Detachment; aloofness; strangeness; estrangement


Venus in aspect to NEPTUNE:


In your birthchart: Spiritual Love

Qualities: Transcendence; Charity; Idealism in Love; the Greek Agape (selfless love)

In Synastry: Merging; idealized love; Devotion

Problematic: Lack of boundaries; yearning; love put on a pedestal; co-dependency; secrecy; elusive or unrequited love

Famous Example  The Poet John Keats had the conjunction of Venus and Neptune in Scorpio and pursued an impossible, idealized love he was not able to realize in his lifetime.


Venus in aspect to PLUTO:


In your birthchart: Dramatic transformations in relationships

Qualities: Passion; in touch with our deepest Psychology

In Synastry: Soul-engaging; Cosmic Love (in common with Jupiter), which overflows earthly boundaries  (but further afield than Jupiter)

Problematic: Stress through destabilization; marks the intensity of the beginning and the Ending of love affairs; Obsession; Stalking.


Mercury trines the North Node on Tuesday (11th)  which brings some support to our collective karmic mission.  Mental strength  and useful information is available to understand dilemmas we face collectively, such as the current flooding in the U.K.  Individually, it is a good day to look into your past lives, e.g. through regression, or having someone read the Akashic Records.

On the same day, the Sun squares Saturn.  You may feel defeated or despondent and need to lift yourself out of victim mode if so.  Don’t beat yourself up; beat the blues by recognizing the causes of it, dust yourself down and find the courage to start all over again.  You may be feeling that progress is slow, but if you look back at your path you will see incremental steps have been taken.

On Thursday (13th) Mercury retrogrades back into Aquarius from Pisces, and you may be able to look coolly again at your current dilemmas.  It is important to both recognize your feelings, and to be able to see the issue from other angles.

For Friday (14th) Happy Valentine’s Day, with a Full Moon in Leo. It will be a highly charged emotional Valentine’s Day, with expectations rising all day, for the Full Moon occurs just before midnight. It’s the sort of Valentine’s where the teasing lover will organize a mystery tour or a treasure hunt lasting all day, and the end gift had better be worth it!

Well it may be worth it, because the early hours of Saturday in U.K. time (16th) has a passionate trine between the Sun and Mars. This is dynamic especially for men, and male bonding.  Girly females may have been astonished to find power tools and football match tickets as their Valentine gifts, though, so maybe not everybody will win.

Saturday will be active and energetically helpful whatever activities you pursue, so it may be a good idea to set your goals at the beginning of the week and arrange them for Saturday.

Saturday evening brings a conjunction between the Sun and Mercury at 27 degrees Aquarius. If you have been busily engaged during the day, you can capitalize on the results in the evening. By then you may have run out of physical steam, but your head will be crystal clear and firing on all cylinders. It’s a good evening for socializing and networking, but also for focussed concentration and creative writing such as Haiku.

Joyce Mason Guest Blog

If you have not yet read Joyce Mason’s marvellous guest blog about her Astrological crime novel “The Crystal Ball”, please find it below or click on the link in the top right hand side of this blog.  It is not too late to record your impressions in a comment, or ask Joyce a question.  I leave my comments box open, and it adds to the information in the archive.

All Love to my readers this week!

The week in bullet points:

  • Tuesday – Karmic information; slight despond
  • Thursday – comparing the emotional and rational sides of a situation
  • Friday – emotional high tide
  • Saturday – male bonding; stunning minds