Happy Summer Solstice!  Just after dawn in the U.K. the Sun entered the sign of Cancer, and summer became official.  The Part of Fortune today is in the 12th House, which denotes that it is the inner process which will bring you joy today.  At lunchtime, Venus will be conjunct Mars, and the inner alchemy between the expression of male and female can be glimpsed, or experienced.  Whatever you are hoping for today, the inside story is crucial.  The outer dance always flows from the inner dance.  If the outer dance looks right, and you are not feeling it, then it’s not real for you.  But if the inner dance is right, the outer can reflect that or may follow in future.  But the now within is what counts.  So getting the now right now is possibly on your to-do list for today.  Right now we are taking up carpet ready for the imminent arrival (in up to 2 weeks) of the new carpet for the Customer Service Desk, which got a little worn since I started this blog.  That will also count as phase two of the Jupiter-Neptune-Chiron conjunction at ours, phase one having been successfully completed.  Today and tomorrow may see a changeover phase, focussing on the completion of an old project or the end of phase one, and the start of a new regime or phase two of a larger plan.  Tomorrow has two consolidatory aspects: Venus trine Saturn and Mars trine Saturn, followed by a defined new beginning (Cancer New Moon).  Venus trine Saturn brings meaning to relationships, and artistic and musical experiences.  Even difficult relationships could uncover the gold of loyalty, commitment and shared supportiveness.  Mars trine Saturn favours getting the job done, even jobs which seem hum drum, such as taking up old carpet.  If you get such issues out of the way by the evening, you can concentrate on the delight of the New Moon in the evening (19.35 Hrs in the U.K., 1 degree Cancer).  This New Moon favours home projects, such as carpet re-laying.  In an earlier version of this blog, I was still in Gemini mode mentally from yesterday, writing about Twitter.  Twitter strikes me as a very Geminian preserve, a wor(l)d of lite bites.  Although its Sun is in Aries (born on 21 March 2006) its ruling planet Mars is in the middle of Gemini.  I discovered this week that I have two followers on Twitter.  This was conveyed to me through my inbox.  It was a surprise to me, as a few weeks ago I did try to join Twitter, but didn’t think I had succeeded.  I am, however, a member of ipeace, and after listening to an evening of peace and anti-war songs from a delightfully vibrant 71-year old Julie Felix last night, I invited her to join.  She had recently sung “Forever Young” at David Frost’s 70th birthday party, and is a Geminian herself, the sign of eternal youth.   So far so good, and Tuesday (23rd) is time for a little drama, brought to you by Pluto opposing the Sun.  In the pecking order of transits, Pluto always has the final say.  Jupiter, Neptune, Chiron, all very fine and dandy, but if a project doesn’t cut the mustard with the very outermost planet, Pluto, then it may not hold.  Pluto holds the life (and death) cycles, and is the very barrel we scrape psychotherapeutically.  And while Pluto is in the sign of Capricorn now, everything needs to pass its test of being sustainable and ethical, both personally and planetarily.  So if your film doesn’t pass the censor, this is the reason.  But don’t let that deter you, for you do get extra marks for intention.  And if you fail to complete a task, all is not lost, because the work you have put in may get re-used later.  Just glance down at the cutting room floor, and make sure you have salvaged what you need.  The last aspect of the week occurs on Friday (26th) and it is another challenging one, Mercury square Saturn.  If you encounter difficulties in communication or travel, you may start to wonder whether Mercury is still retrograde, and on realizing that it is in forward motion, may start to question the whole phenomena of Mercury only causing problems when retrograde.  After all, communications can go right when Mercury is retrograde, and communications can go wrong when Mercury is travelling forwards.  Homework for the week is to polish your inner quicksilver Mercury.  You need to be in your eternal now Mercury, for communications to always work for you.