George Clooney

I have never been swooney about Clooney, but something he said this week touched my heart…

From  his role as Dr Ross in ER  (the glamour of a Piscean Ascendant trine Neptune) to his role as an Astronaut in the film Gravity co-starring Sandra Bullock, he has captivated audiences.  His Aunt, Rosemary Clooney, also had a Pisces Ascendant, but she found fame as a singer  (Venus conjunct the Part of Fortune in Taurus).

His Chart

George Clooney does not have an easy chart (though hard working), and admits to having experienced financial  hardship in his youth.   He had a strict Roman Catholic upbringing),and was interested in social issues from a young age (Moon conjunct Saturn in 11th House).  He has a serious karmic mission, which I think is gradually coming to light in the directing of films of a serious purpose (Pluto conjunct North Node in Virgo).  In this purpose, he is not afraid to be controversial (Mercury square Uranus – an aspect which also sometimes reveals dyslexia, which he learned to compensate for by charming his teachers, according to his mother).  His Mars is exactly opposite his Saturn, so everything he does is carefully measured and deliberate.   Uranus in showbiz Leo is closely trine his Midheaven (careerpoint) which has ensured sustained success in his career.


I am not a filmgoer, but I did see George Clooney’s film “Good Night and Good Luck” (2005) actually in the cinema, with my mother.  That film was about the McCarthy witch hunts.  This characterized a trend towards political film making which has expanded. The film in which he stars as an Astronaut with Sandra Bullock, “Gravity”, is up for a BAFTA award tonight, and that is possibly one reason he has been in town giving interviews.  The other is to promote the new film he has directed “The Monuments Men” which is about a group of antiquarians and art experts who hunted for art treasures looted by the Nazis in World War II.

Elgin Marbles

And now to my pet subject, which I have mentioned in past blogs, but no one ever took seriously… This week he spoke out for the return of the Elgin Marbles.  Now I have an ally in George, who knows what could happen?  This is the reason he caught my attention this week.  I was smitten with the Elgin Marbles the first time I saw them in the British Museum, but equal to that passion is my conviction that we should return them to the Parthenon in Athens.  I possibly feel so strongly about this issue because I had lives in Ancient Greece, and have never been able to understand why there is not more of a public outcry about the matter.  I am so glad George sees it the same way.  From his chart, George Clooney has a seriousness of purpose, and in his transits he has Pluto squaring his Venus, which means he is currently addressing issues that matter, even more than usual.  Pluto squaring his Venus means that he is also re-assessing his love life, and there may be a gap there – ladies…?


A brisk start to the week today with Mercury trine Mars.  Mind and body are co-ordinated purposefully in active pursuits, or intellectual gymnastics.

On Tuesday (18th) the True North Node enters Libra, so that will be a good day to take karmic stock and record your impressions.  The Mean North Node (an average measurement) enters Libra on 23rd March, and you will be able to compare the effects if you have recorded them now.  Usually, the True North Node has a more spiritual effect, and the Mean North Node a more practical effect, but both are karmic factors.  Paying attention can tell you something about your relationships and karma, and your relationship to karma, as well as the nature of karma, which could be fascinating.  I hope to write a blog about this transition in March.

The same day the Sun enters Pisces, and you may have trouble distinguishing the effects of the two reorientations of the day, which are both soft focused, subtle and spiritual.  Sun entering Pisces will be emotionally idealistic, as distinct from the intellectual idealism of the sign it will have left (Aquarius).  Our collective focus over the next month is Compassion.  In the UK we are currently weighed down by the terrible havoc wreaked by the flooding (Neptune in Pisces) and confusion over who is to blame (Neptune in Pisces also), whose responsibility it is and what should be done about it.  One thing that is clarifying is the role of Climate Change, so apology please from all the Climate Change deniers such as Nigel Lawson, who have contributed to inaction.

Wednesday (19th) brings a dampener of a different sort: Mercury square Saturn (communication slowness).  It needn’t get you down, though.  You can use it to focus on what is needed at this time, whether it is the dredging of a river, the choosing of suitable Wellington boots, or chasing up documentation, or taking time out if you are a workaholic.  This aspect is pointing out something useful, for you to do, or not to do.  If a delay gives you pause for thought, pause and think.

Thank You

Thank you Joyce Mason for your enjoyable visit as guest blogger!  But I also want to say a big thank you to all of you who gave her such a warm welcome and provided the thought-provoking comments!  With a total of 21 comments at the last count, you also provided some worthwhile reading.

The week in bullet points:

  • Today – getting things done
  • Tuesday – spiritual focus
  • Wednesday –taking time out