Events moved very quickly in Independence Square, Kiev, yesterday.  President  Viktor Yanukovych had been forced to declare an election for May 25th (the balancing trine between Jupiter and Saturn), the previous President Yulia  Tymoshenko was released from prison and urged the rioters to carry on, and  Yanukovych  fled the scene, his whereabouts currently a mystery.  By the time I have written this blog, I will be out of date.

This morning’s Observer leader observed:

“Amid the drama of the last few days, and the whiff of revolution, it is worth voicing caution, however about what the future holds.  Ukraine has witnessed revolutionary scenes before that failed to bring much political stability.  The recent revolutions of the Arab Spring have shown that stormed palaces, packed squares, absent police and and an intoxicating sense of liberation from an old guard do not necessarily deliver better political systems, at least in the short term.”

Ukraine Chart

Ukraine was formed during the dissolution of the Soviet Union in 1991, and is now the largest state in Europe.  It was certainly founded in hope, with the Part of Fortune on its South Node, and Mercury exactly conjunct its Mercury, a conjunction which excels in trade.

Viktor Yanukovych

Victor Yanukovych became President of Ukraine in February 2010, from his post as Prime Minister.    In his chart he has Venus trine Mars/Neptune (love of luxury, and the ability to manoevre mysteriously) bisected by Pluto, which adds force to his personality and actions.

The chart for his Presidency is important because it marks a new  phase for Ukraine.  Another new hope (Sun conjunct Jupiter) but  also the possibility of more corruption (Chiron conjunct Neptune. Mercury conjunct Neptune).

Viktor Yanukovych has a deep karmic bond with the Ukraine from past lives (his Sun conjunct  exactly the Ukraine South Node).  But there is corruption within the very fabric of this relationship, with his Neptune exactly square Ukraine’s Neptune,  and the potential for destructiveness (his Pluto exactly square Ukraine’s natal Pluto).  When he took over the Presidency, the Sun was exactly conjunct his Jupiter and exactly trine his Uranus.  Mars was exactly trine his North Node, granting a karmic favour of leadership and force.  But Pluto was exactly opposing his Uranus, so it would not have been an easy transition to power.

At this time (yesterday’s transits) Pluto was exactly squaring Yanukovych’s Mars (time for forcible ousting).

Yulia Tymoshenko

Yulia Tymoshenko was a previous Prime Minister of the Ukraine, also found to be corrupt, and had been imprisoned during the Presidency of Yanukovych.   During that time she went on hunger strike. Yanukovych’s Pluto squares her Mercury (keeping her incarcerated) but her Pluto opposes his Jupiter (she had the last laugh yesterday).  Yulia has a big power trine of Jupiter and Pluto, bisected by another outer planet, Neptune.  However, her influence may not be enough to play a part in the new (dis-) order, as she has many detractors in the opposition movement, from her days in power and corruption (she has a wide conjunction between Mercury and Npetune, and a difficult opposition between Mars and Saturn).

Still, release must be sweet for her, and was achieved under an exact trine between transitting Mars to her natal Chiron.  That  is the healing element of her liberation, but more classically in terms of luck and liberation transiting Jupiter trines exactly her natal Neptune (her faith restored in life) and Jupiter also sextiles exactly her natal North Node (a karmic reward).  Thus we see the power of her natal Jupiter-Neptune sextile at work in her life.

In her relationship with the Ukraine, there seems to be a thread of disruption: her Jupiter opposes exactly its Uranus, and her Uranus squares exactly its Uranus.  Thus she is appearing during the revolution, but may just be s symptom or symbol.

Vladimir Putin

It is interesting that just as he has the Sochi Winter Olympics under his belt, Putin’s influence in the Ukraine via Yanukovych has been disrupted.  Putin must be dismayed at the oment because Pluto is exactly squaring his Sun, which is an intensely difficult transit for him personally.  It is as though the power in the Universe is saying no to his personal hopes.  Transitting Saturn is also exactly squaring his natal Pluto, which is another no from the Universe.

European Union

The European has good trading links with Ukraine:  their Mercuries are exactly trine, Europe’s Mercury is exactly trine Ukraine’s Jupiter, and Europe’s Jupiter exactly sextiles Ukraine’s Venus (the potential for warm relations).

The leader in the Guardian last Thursday  stated that this crisis is deeply significant for Europe, stating: “Ukraine has gone from being a story of trouble in a distant place to being an issue which could profoundly affect all our futures.”   The transits to the European Union at the moment, are reasonably buoyant however, with Neptune trine its Neptune (spiritual alignment) and Uranus trine its Uranus (constructive changes), so maybe the effect will not be as damaging as described.

Barack Obama

The same Guardian leader explains why the current events are important for Barack Obama, and his difficult relationship with Vladimir Putin: “That has implications for arms control and for American diplomacy on Syria and Iran.  Co-operation between America and Russia has slipped badly, but what remains is still a requirement for an orderly world”.

Transits to Obama’s chart at the moment are mixed, but he does seem hamstrung karmically, with the Nodal Axis exactly squaring his natal Jupiter and Mercury


The Sun conjuncts Neptune today, so there is a spiritual tone at one end of the spectrum, and a confused tone at the other, and in some cases there may be a fusion of the two.  There may be a focus on alleviating suffering. Water is again the focus, and not forgetting the victims of the UK flooding, and further back in time the Fukushima tsunami in Japan, and its subsequent widespread pollution of the waters.  It is a good time to meditate on water based issues, and to send out healing.

On Tuesday (25th) around tea-time in the UK, Venus sextiles Saturn so love allies to loyalty.  You can support the potential of existing relationships at this time, such as the care of the elderly.

The same day we have the first of two major aspects: Pluto sextile Chiron.  If you are involved in healing, either as a practitioner or as one who is receiving, and whether physical or mental health is involved, it is a good day to bring everything together holistically.  There is a chance of a shift in understanding, practice and healing results.

Wednesday (26th) brings the other major aspect, in the shape of Jupiter square Uranus, an aspect of big surprises or big shocks.  There may be more major developments in Independence Square, Kiev, for Jupiter square Uranus likes and fuels a revolution.

On Friday (28th) Mercury turns direct, which will bring Hallelujas from some quarters.  Learn what you needed to learn from this last bout of retrograde action.  A friend of mine always says it brings an upgrade after glitches.  Certainly events in my life taught me to trust the process more.

Finally on Saturday (1st March) Jupiter trines the Sun, so there may be another Halleluja, as you may feel luck and help are on their way.

The week ends later that day with Mars stationary prior to turning retrograde, so cars may stall and dogs may refuse to budge.  Then when Mars does turn round, there may be issues to resolve with dogs and cars between now and 20th May, which is when Mars turns direct again.  Men of course also come from Mars, so we will all be working with integrating male energy, self-assertion, and warrior energy, as well as the car and dog issues for a few weeks to come.  No doubt there will be more to say on the subject, sometime soon.

P.S. There is also a New Moon at 10 degrees Pisces this morning (1st March), to encourage a new beginning for your dreams

The week in bullet points:

  • Today – spirituality and confusion
  • Tuesday – love and loyalty, physical and psychological healing
  • Wednesday – high spirited revolution
  • Friday – communication restored
  • Saturday – New beginnings, luck, and stalled cars and dogs