The Voice

In its 3rd series, The Voice has come of age.  From a bold and popular start, winning viewers through its emphasis on the contestants’ voices instead of looks, through a downturn when the chair-swivelling ceased and a very shaky second series, now we have a more confident programme which has tried to iron out its weaknesses.  I loved Jessie J and Daniel O’Donoghue in the first two series, but somehow the vibe has been refreshed with the two new judges and mentors: Kylie Minogue and Ricky Wilson.  Even the battle rounds, which used to resemble a boxing ring mentality, has come to be a skilful display of individual expertise combined with genuine harmonies.  I used not to enjoy those, being of a non-competitive disposition, but there were some superb double performances last night.  I suspect a lot went on behind the scenes to try to embody a positive spirit for that process, with some contestants having to work at it more than others.  I think, too, that the standard of the contestants in the current series has been better than ever.  I felt the loss of every contestant who did not get through, both in the early rounds, and in the “battles” phase.  I am not sure when this series ends, but may take a look at the judges’ aspects nearer the time.

Tom Jones

All that hip-swivelling in his early career was too much for me, but from the swaggering stories of who he had performed with in the first series, we now see a much mellower and rather likeable elder statesman of the programme.  The “sex bomb”  image of his career was inevitable with Pluto exactly trine his Midheaven at birth, plus Venus conjunct exactly Mars – what other career could he have had?  Now he relies on twinkling his eyes instead of swivelling his hips, and that’s enough excitement for me.  He is in a process of transformation at the moment, with the Nodal Axis squaring his Pluto, and Pluto opposing his Venus/Mars conjunction.  There is a lot going on under the surface,  but I think he is learning to contain himself.

Will I Am

What a treat that we have grown to know this American superstar these last three years or so.  He has such intelligence, quick wit (Mercury trine Uranus) and energy, and sometimes it is difficult to catch his drift, but it is always worth straining to her what he has got to say.  He is also mischievous and spiritual, so eminently watchable.  I am so glad he stayed on.   He is a typical talented Piscean genius, with a mind that is everywhere.  Not only does he have an expansive and humorous Sun/Jupiter conjunction in Pisces, in a chart with no Earth planets, but he has a rich and intensely creative 5th House populated by an almost exact conjunction between his Moon and Chiron (using humour to solve emotional  pain) and Venus.

Kylie Minogue

Will I Am crossed the Big Pond to persuade Kylie,who was umm-ing and ah-ing about whether or not to join the Judging panel on The Voice, and  the Producers of the programme must be glad that he did.  From the first bars of “I Should Be So Lucky” I decided that Geminian Kyle would be lightweight, and why wasn’t she just content with an acting career?  But her heart was set on light, upbeat dance balladeering, and that is what she did.  She went on a profound journey in her life though, with romantic and health problems, which pulled at the heartstrings, and which she bore with dignity.  And now she is in a renaissance, with this new role.  She has brought life and sparkle  to the proceedings.  The Geminian element has turned to a great sense of upliftment  at sharing in her joie de vivre.  Geminians can make it look easy, taking life lightly, helped by her Part of Fortune in Leo in the 1st House. Her glamorous image comes from a close trine from Neptune to her Ascendant. Currently, Chiron is squaring her Mars, so she is working something out in connection with male energy  (e.g. an aspect of female emancipation)– and with her natal Mars in 11th House of judging panels, the three male fellow judges are helping her to work that out.

Ricky Wilson

Ricky Wilson was as unknown to me at the start of this series of the Voice as Danny O’Donoghue was at the start of the first series, but I have grown to like him just as much.  Of course, I had heard of the Kaiser Chiefs, and “I Predict a Riot”  is a powerful song, especially for an astrological blogger.  I have enjoyed his  sense of reserve and subtley, and general lack of swagger.  He proved his mettle in doing some good work in putting together some of the performances last night for “the battles”.  He has a Sun in Capricorn way of standing back and looking at the bigger picture, and his love of song comes from his Venus conjunct the Sun, plus Moon in Taurus.  He also has balance and maturity with a close sextile between Jupiter and Saturn.  His team should be in good hands, with his Chiron trine Saturn.  His band, The Kaiser Chiefs, found time to make a creditable performance on the Andrew Marr show this morning, so I was able to see him in vocal action, which always makes for more informed blogging.


Today Saturn is stationary, prior to turning retrograde, so we may have to be patient for longer in resolving certain issues in our lives, particularly since Saturn is one of the planets embroiled in April’s Grand Cross.

Venus squares Mars today, with Mars recently turned retrograde and Venus now direct.  Perhaps you remember some incident around 16th January when these two last locked horns, which involved inappropriate social behaviour, or unruly passions.

Tomorrow the Sun sextiles Pluto and all can be integrated psychologically.  This aspect can help you with both  unresolved long-term issues, and bring into line unruly passions on a deeper level

The Sun also conjuncts Chiron, which reinforces this.  You may have been wondering what the longstanding issues and unruly passions were, and they will reveal themselves and come bubbling  up to the ocean’s surface for a gasp of healing air and expression

On Tuesday (4th) Venus squares the Nodal Axis, and any residue of healing needed in relationships will have to go that bit deeper, past your early life, and your birth, into past life awareness of recurring patterns.  This particular issue or set of issues may involve repeated patterns from past lives with a group of people.  One person working on this may unlock the truth for the whole group.

On Wednesday (5th), encouraged by her deep work on Tuesday, Venus enters Aquarius with a fresh new page: The Future of Relationships.  Having set aside the past (for the moment), and working from the power of the present moment, she looks to the future of relationships and assesses what she sees.  Your Inner Goddess can reshape her vision of future relationships.

Thursday (6th) brings another change of direction, with Jupiter stationary prior to turning direct.  This may help to balance some of the Saturn retrograde perspective, as the glass which has just been deemed to be half empty, may now be declared at least three quarters full.  Watch out for some playful symbolism occurring in your life to show you this, and allow the Universe to express its humorous side in your life, the cosmic giggle.

The week in bullet points:

  • Today – backtracking, and passion
  • Tomorrow – psychological resolution, and healing crises
  • Tuesday – karmic relationships
  • Wednesday – fresh relationship perspectives
  • Thursday – cosmic clowning