Malaysian Airlines Flight 370

Given the safety of air travel nowadays, the disappearance of this flight is a total mystery.  The safety record of that airline (Boeing 777) is excellent.  There was no warning of messages from the crew, and it was a sudden event.  Oil slicks were found in the Gulf of Thailand, but who knows if they are linked?  Several countries have taken up the search, and a current theory is that terrorism is involved, with the discovery that two passengers were travelling under stolen passports.  There were 277 passengers on board, and 12 crew members.  Venus was still exactly square the Nodes on the day it happened, suggesting a collective karma requiring co-operation of several nations to help to solve the mystery.

Flight Takng Off

The plane took off from Kuala Lumpur airport just after midnight in the early hours of 8 March 2014 (local date).  The chart shows Neptune at the foot of the chart (shaky foundations).  On any given day there always such possible “wobbly” moments, but most of them do not result in dramatic events.  What emphasized and amplified this was an exact conjunction of Neptune and the I.C. (Imum Coelum, nadir).  Neptune also emphasizes that there is a mystery involved.


The chart of Malaysia is involved as the airline was a Malaysian airline, taking off from Kuala Lumpur, so it is probably the most important country involved.  Yet the transits for Malaysia look strong at the moment, with even Pluto trine its natal Pluto (self-empowerment).  The most suspect transit for Malaysia at the moment is Neptune opposing its natal Uranus, a transit which has a sense of the bizarre about it, perhaps even a Bermuda triangle effect, but although close, it is not an exact transit at this time.  There is also a close but not quite exact square between Sun/Chiron and the Malaysian Ascendant.

Flight disappeared

The flight lost contact at 1.22 a.m. and was reported missing some time later.  Current theories indicate that the plane may have even turned back slightly.  So far there is no trace of what happened, and experts say it may be a long time before the truth is known, from previous experience of such incidents.  It is thought that the plane was in the vicinity of the Gulf of Thailand when it disappeared.  At the time the plane lost contact, the Sun/Chiron conjunction (wounding) was at the foot of the chart squaring the Ascendant, and conjunct the Imum Coelum.


Thailand is one of the countries searching for the missing plane, and is very much in the spotlight as the territory where the plane may be found.  At the time of the disappearance, Neptune was exactly opposite Thailand’s own natal Neptune – again the bizarre, and mysterious at work.

Oil Slicks

Two oil slicks were found by Vietnamese searchers off the South coast of Vietnam.  These may or may not prove to be linked.  The chart of the disappearance taken for the location of the oil slicks does not have a strong correlation.


The South coast of Vietnam is not too far off from the Gulf of Thailand, and the Midheaven of the disappearance chart is exactly sextile the Moon in the natal chart of Vietnam.  So there is some public interest and relevance here, at least for Vietnam.  The Neptune (mystery) of the disappearance chart also squares the Ascendant of Vietnam.


Two thirds of the passengers (and therefore two thirds of the grief carried) were from China, and it was scheduled to land in Beijing at 6.30 a.m., a landing which did not take place.  The chart of the hoped for landing,  which tragically did not materialize has the Sun/Chiron wounding conjunction rising, and conjunct the Ascendant.


The transits for China shows Neptune (confusion) opposing  its natal Saturn (loss and grief) at this time.  The mystery continues, and in the meantime our hearts go out to all those suffering loss from this event.


There are three aspects this week.  Two are trines, and one is a square, so we are winning.  Two involve Mercury, one of each aspect, so Mercury types Geminis and Virgoans will be balancing.  Two aspects involve Saturn, again one of each type of aspect, so Capricornians too will be balancing.  The Sun and Mars will be involved in trines, so Leos and Ariens may be winning.

The square occurs on Tuesday (11th), and that is Mercury squaring Saturn.  That aspect occurred recently, before Mercury turned direct, and brought the need to pay attention to problems in communication and how they could be solved.  You may by now be fully conversant with the problem, and though Mercury and Saturn are in square, Mercury is at least direct now, so an opportunity may occur to put right what you have known for a while needed addressing.

The good news aspects occur later in the week, first with the Sun trine Saturn on Thursday (13th).  Sun trine Saturn may not sound very exciting, but is good for achieving the donkey work or laying foundations, or making long term plans.  It may not be the exciting part of progress, but it is the beginning of progress.

Then follows the second trine on Friday 14th, with Mercury trine Mars, which is no weightier than the first trine, but will seem as though progress is being made, because so often when people are doing things it looks like they are making progress.  So it is a brisker day, and can build on any work or foundations sensibly laid the day before.  If the work has not been done on Thursday, the work may be flimsy, superficial or lightweight.  But the two days together, properly focussed,  can result in work built to last.  So Friday is a day when people will be whizzing around looking busy and some of that will be productive, often depending on how much has been thought through.

Mod Cons

Last week two commenters requested innovations, which I put to the Tech Dept.  These were the facility to alter your comments if you incur a typo, and the facility to be informed if a discussion you participate in is continued by other commenters.  Our Tech Dept has now provided both innovations.  Take a bow, our man behind the scenes!

The week in bullet points:

  • Tuesday – seems deflating, but plough on
  • Thursday – serious hard work pays off
  • Friday – busy doing