There was a time in my old neighbourhood when all the women in our street sported a Farrah Fawcett hairstyle (Moon rising in Cancer, the essence of femininity) and all their men had the Kevin Keegan haircut (we had the same hairdresser)…Aah! Those were the days…And the life and death of poor Michael Jackson, who maybe could not face the hurdle of 50 upcoming concerts, was always defined by the planet Pluto.  At birth, Pluto was conjunct his Sun, in the early 80s when cosmetic surgery started to show Pluto was conjunct his natal Jupiter-Neptune conjunction, and at his passing Pluto was trine his natal Pluto, beckoning him perhaps to a more final reinvention.  This week’s rhythm is slow, slow, quick, quick, slow.  Nothing happening, then everything happening.  Underwhelm followed by overwhelm.  The “quick, quick” days are Wednesday and Thursday (1st and 2nd July).  If you are the contemplative type, plan to do nothing on those days!  If you would rather seize the day, then plan an activity for each event: On Wednesday (1st July): Jupiter semi-sextile Uranus (test out new constructions); Uranus Stationary, prior to Retrograde (test out electrical wiring); Venus square Chiron (suss out what you need ot heal next through your feeling nature); Mercury trine Chiron (apply the appropriate affirmation through your mental focus); Venus square Neptune (gently question your nearest and dearest about their feelings); then (these are all in sequence by the way) Mercury trine Neptune (re-draw plans to include all the lessons of the day and all the sensitivities of all who are involved).  Phew! Is that a world record for the number of aspects in one day?  It is the most aspects for a day I have had to blog in two-and-a-half years.  If that to-do list works for you, then for Thursday 2nd July try the following: Mercury trine Jupiter (try long distance travel or communication, and sales), but have a fall-back plan because the next aspect can put a spanner in the works.  Mercury square Uranus (turn back before you have reached the point of no return, as there may be a hitch in communication, travel and sales).  You may spot a loophole in the fine print before you sign on the dotted line.  You may ask why bother in the first place, but there is something in the process for you, e.g. you may make an important new acquaintance, who may be a kindred spirit but not a suitable business partner.  Expand your consciousness to see the bigger picture.  Even the hitch may have a purpose.   Venus also squares Jupiter that day, so keep social manners appropriate, e.g. no inappropriate laughter or inappropriate touching.  Read the body language correctly.   And it’s a day of contradictions because Venus also sextiles Uranus, so there may be a surprise social benefit.  You’ll find, despite earlier suspicions otherwise, that you really are in the right place at the right time meeting the right people.  It’s just your social manners that might be inappropriate, but they may overlook that.  You’ll probably be exhausted by Friday, when there is only the movement of Mercury from Gemini into Cancer to contend with.  Communication will have arrived at a more empathetic level after the initial awkwardness of the previous day.  Saturday is the test of meaningful communication, with Mercury forming an opposition to Pluto.  Someone will demand the truth.  If you are travelling that day, be vigilant, for there may be difficult passengers or scenarios.  You may need to play Samaritan and listen to a sob story for instance.  Tip of the week comes from my friend Laura, who started last night’s telephone conversation by (correctly) accusing me of being overly fond of conjunctions.  She then went on to say about the current triple conjunction of Jupiter-Neptune-Chiron (one of my all-time favourites): “If we are attached to ideas or forms as to how our lives should be, the triple conjunction is likely to produce illusion and self-deceit.  If, however, we are open to new ideas and possibilities – each according to the house in which the conjunction falls – then we are likely to receive a subtle but powerful inspiration – You can quote me.”