Bob Crow  (1961-2014)

“You don’t get me,  I’m part of the Union”
~  The Strawbs, 1973

In one week we lost two irreplaceable left wing highly individualistic public figures.   I have written a separate blog for Tony Benn, but felt I should write about Bob Crow too.  Both were divisive figures, often demonized, but both have received praise this week from their detractors.

Bob Crow, leader of the RMT (National  Union of Rail, Maritime and Transport Workers), had such a dynamic  birth chart, it is no wonder that he was successful in his chosen profession of union leader.  He did say if he had not been a union leader he would have been a footballer (Sun sextile Mars)  or a weather man (New Moon in Gemini).  As it was, he utilized to a fine art his Negotiator Archetype (Venus  sextile Mercury).  The brilliance of his leadership is shown by Sun exactly sextile his Uranus.

The karmic balance of overly powerful unions was “dealt with” by Margaret Thatcher, and we do not need to fear “Reds under the beds” now.  I think it is time to honour the role of the unions as protectors of the working man now, and in his unique role Bob Crow is irreplaceable.

Yes he did call strikes, but the “gun to the head” was the draconian measure of removing all of the underground’s ticket offices, not to mention the scary prospect of driverless trains.  As Owen Jones argued forcefully against Andrew Neil on “This Week” we no longer need fear the “militancy” of the trade unions.

Downham Market

Downham Market railway station ( my local) has a wonderful ticket office (under threat) and a helpful station master (I will spare his blushes by not naming him) who ensures the best deal for your journey.

Downham Market, a sleepy town in Norfolk, itself was in the national news this week, its fire station having burnt down in the early hours of the same morning Bob Crow died.  Apparently, the fire station lacked a set of sprinklers…

The assistant fire officer commented in the “Lynn News”: “We usually  go to other people’s disasters and clear up the rubble. Fire happens to other people and for it to happen to us is difficult to deal with. But it is not the fire station which goes out to people’s fires, it is the engine. This is not the end of fire cover in Downham.”


It is the Full Moon in Virgo today, and emotions are running high. There is something niggling that you may be trying to get right, and which may be causing anguish.

Tomorrow Mercury enters Pisces, and the start of the week may  be muddly or chaotic – you may have forgotten where you put things in the office on Friday, and forget where you left off.  On the plus side, you may have greater imagination, may see things differently, and have a new vision of how the office could look.

Tuesday (18th) has the best aspect of the week, Venus sextile Uranus, which holds all sorts of exciting possibilities:  dynamic meetings, exhilarating romance, financial bonuses, cohesive group interaction, and telepathy, among them.

Thursday (20th) brings the Spring Equinox, the ingress of the Sun into Aries; the birth of the astrological year.  You may feel like a new born lamb emerged from its mother’s womb. New energy and initiatives are possible.

Saturday (22nd) culminates with a conjunction between Mercury and Neptune. This aspect can result in the sublime or the ridiculous: a blissed out meditative state, or confusion and clutter. Focus on the divine as you ask for the path to clarity.

You may at the end of the week feel that you have come full circle with the theme of mental focus and expansion beginning and ending the week.  You will need spiritual bi-focals .

The week in bullet points:

  • Today – emotional high tide
  • Tomorrow – fog
  • Tuesday – exciting
  • Thursday – new energy
  • Friday – seeing through the fog