Up until the 1990s there were many books about spiritual guides, and then in the early 1990s a plethora of books sprang up about Angels.  One of my favourite books about guides was updated to include Angels.  It’s an uplifting subject for reading, and I began to have a few experiences of my own.  One of the members of my meditation group was able to see Angels, and  used to regale us with detailed descriptions of them.  I have often wondered how the great art masters of yesteryear came to compose their paintings of Angels, and how clearly they saw them in their mind’s eye.

Emanuel Swedenborg

Emanuel Swedenborg was born in 1688 in Sweden, and for a considerable part of his life was a Scientist and inventor, but had a wide range of interests.  In the 1740s his spiritual sight began to open up, and in the mid-1740s he had a major spiritual awakening, and saw hosts of Angels in his visions, also communicating with planets.  Swedenborg was an Aquarian, with his ruling planet Uranus exactly conjunct his Moon (unusual visions).  This conjunction was conjunct his I.C. (Imum Coelum), so he had an unusual foundation for his life, which became more fundamental after his spiritual awakening.  His Neptune (spirituality) was trine his Chiron (healing) and it was soon after his Chiron return in mid life that he was able to access this healing pathway.  His North Node was exactly sextile his natal Neptune, indicating that Angelic communion was part of his karmic mission.  His Mars (physical vision) was trine exactly with his Ascendant.  At the time of his Spiritual Awakening, Uranus was transiting his natal Mercury (the opening up of his mind to higher consciousness) which is a once in a lifetime transit.

Doreen Virtue

Doreen Virtue is a prolific writer on Angels, with CDs and Oracle cards a-plenty In the shops (as well as online).  Another is Diana Cooper (not quite so prolific), but her birth date is not available.  Emanuel Swedenborg was Christian in his focus, but Doreen is non-denomenational, which places her Angel work firmly in the New Age category.  She qualified in Psychology originally, and some of her early books are about diet and eating disorders.  It was on an early taped meditation about Angels that I first heard her refer to her career as an “Angelologist”, not a word I had heard before.  To make Angels the focus of your life’s work must be enjoyable, I thought.  She has a considerable presence on Facebook,  recently including a daily diary.  But the current focus of her work, from her most recent book, is Self-Assertiveness for Earth Angels, which ensures that none of us gets trampled upon.  When I first saw Doreen’s birth chart many years ago, I looked at her triple conjunction of Jupiter, North Node and Neptune conjunction, and thought: “There goes the chart signature of an Angelologist!”  However, I do know others born around the Spring of 1958 who have the conjunction, and have chosen to do other things for a living.  It is still rare to be an Angelologist.  She has Mars (physical vision) trine her North Node and Neptune (karmic mission plus Angels).

Lorna Byrne

By the time Lorna Byrne’s first book came out in 2008, I felt I had read enough books about Angels and considered I had the t-shirt.  I was wrong, but I resisted reading her books until recently.  Lorna is an Irish mystic from birth, who saw Angels from the time she was a baby.  For someone like myself who does not see Angels, her detailed descriptions of them are a treat, and make you feel as though you are seeing them.  She brings them to life more vividly than other writers. It would be wonderful if she or someone else produced a book of illustrations of her visions.  She has a particular emphasis on Guardian Angels:

“I am continually amazed at the number of people who doubt they have a guardian angel.  Many are happy to accept that other people might have a guardian angel, but doubt that they have one themselves.”

Her third book, brought out in the middle of the era of the Uranus-Pluto square, focuses on the need to recognize the Angel of Hope, who she describes thus:

“The Angel of Hope doesn’t look like any other Angel I have ever seen.  He looks like a massive flame.  Within this very bright flame I am shown a faint human appearance, which is masculine, and a beautiful dazzling emerald green colour, holding a torch – like an Olympic flame.  The brightness of the Angel of Hope looks different to any other Angel; I think this is because it’s a light within a light.”

Lorna came from an Irish Catholic background, and because she was withdrawn as a child, always seeing and communicating with Angels,  she was considered to be “retarded”, and left school at 14.  She married and had four children, but her husband Joe was dogged with ill health and died young, leaving her to bring up her children as a single parent.  It was revealed to her when young that she would one day write books about her experiences, but for the most part needed to keep silent about what she saw.

Lorna’s Sun and Mercury in Aries (the sign of physical vision) are largely unaspected, pointing to a highly individual path and vision.  Her Sun does however exactly sextile the asteroid Chiron (healing) and squares by three degrees the Nodal Axis  – again marking out her karmic path singularly.

Her fourth book “Love from Heaven” is due to be published on 24th April, just after the Cosmic Cross which includes the next square of Uranus and Pluto, so it will be most timely.  I have pre-ordered a copy.


All three of these Angelologists have Neptune (Angels) aspected to their North Node (karmic mission).  Swedenborg had Neptune exactly sextile his  North Node,  Doreen Virtue has Neptune two degrees away from her North Node, and Lorna Byrne has Neptune sextile her North Node within 3 degrees.  The healing applications of Chiron are prominent for all three, too.  Emanual Swedenborg had Chiron trine his Neptune, with the North Node sextile both, in between them.  Doreen Virtue has a trine between her Chiron and Jupiter, three degrees apart, and Lorna Byrne has an exact sextile beteen her Sun and Chiron.


A splendid first aspect for the week arrives on Wednesday (26th) when Mercury trines Jupiter.  Sales and business plans are blessed, as is travel, communication and education.  Use any preparations you undertake that day as a launch pad, setting the tone for the rest of the week.

Friday (28th) has another constructive aspect in the form of Mercury sextile Pluto.  Though Wednesday’s  proceedings would have been informative, Friday’s takes information to a deeper level, perhaps taking into account causation, or psychological motives.  If you sketched out a plan of action on Wednesday, you can connect the dots or colour in the outlines on Friday.

Saturday (29th) brings another aspect to Mercury, this time a conjunction with Chiron.  Here the focus will be on healing, and solutions should follow on sequentially from any mental crises.

Next Venus trines Mars, which is good for kindling romance, or balancing the male and female sides of the psyche, occurring in the evening (U.K. time).

If you meet an attractive stranger at a party, be aware that only two hours later, with Venus going on to square Saturn, they could break your heart, and disappear leaving only a glass slipper, even before midnight.  In other words, do not set too much store by an early evening attachment, as its loss could be keenly felt all too soon.

It seems like a melancholy way to leave the week, so let’s take a sneak preview at the next day (Sunday 30th).  There we see a New Moon in Aries: new life, new love, and hope springs eternal…

The week in bullet points:

  • Wednesday – freewheeling
  • Friday – benefits from a deeper look
  • Saturday – healing thoughts, pleasure followed by let down, but tomorrow is a new day