The forthcoming Cardinal Cross in April has left Astrologers scrabbling about for some good news.  The shift of the North Node into Libra is one such nugget, as to have had both the North Node and Saturn in Scorpio these last 18 months has been karma-intensive to say the least.  North Node in Libra is easier, but it does entail doing some work on our relationships.

North Node in Libra

The True Node entered Libra in February, and the Mean North Node entered Libra last Sunday, so we are safely in the era of North Node in Libra.  The North Node is not difficult in itself.  Just as with new life, new love, and hope springs eternal… the concept of Karma, which it represents, it can be positive, but in its previous sign of Scorpio (it retrogrades through the zodiac) it can increase the angst and paranoia.  These have not disappeared overnight, but North Node in Libra is a softer option and less of a battle.  It favours working on relationships, and may improve the Arts, including the musical arena, and changes in Law.  Changes need to be enacted with progress in mind, and evolution.  These are different from some of the harsher and more seemingly destructive changes which are still going on under the banner of the Uranus-Pluto square, and the coming Cardinal Cross.  The North Node stays in a sign approximately 18 months, and the karmic tone of this new shift is Co-operation.

Last Week

Gay marriage was made legal in Britain on Saturday, with a perfect trine between Mars and Venus.  This looks like a manifestation from North Node entering Libra.  According to future life progression transcripts, relationships will be changing in the future, and new social forms of relationship likely.  So the next 18 month may be a key period for such changes to emerge, as it will be another 18 years before the North Node enters Libra again.  People may enter, and disappear, from your life to change your perception of what relationships could or should be.


Chris Griscom wrote in her seminal book in 1988 (“Ecstasy is a New Frequency”): “We are going through a profound change emotionally.  For example, how many of your relationships are working right now?  Relationships have not been working for the past 3 or 4 years.  Why?  Because we’re doing something wrong?  No.  Because we are speeding up.  We are quickening just as fast as we can, because now is our time.  We need to embrace this understanding, not from “Oh no, here it comes” but from “Hmmm, let’s see what we are choosing,” so that we can dance with the great integrity and wisdom and skill that we have on a divine level.” She wrote this 26 years ago, and we are still undergoing profound change in the nature of relationship.  We still have high expectations for relationship, and for most people relationships are of the utmost importance in their lives.

Relationships are Eternal

We are constantly working on relationships which go back centuries, even millennia.  Past life regression work is very helpful to understanding where you have been with a relationship, and Future Life Progression can help you to see where you are going with a relationship, in the Future.  These are two ways of working with North Node in Libra.


I billed today’s New Moon in Aries as “new life, new love, and hope springs eternal…”, so I hope that is how you are finding this Mother’s Day.  I was at a loose end a couple of times this week, and watched “Lambing Live” with Kate Humble, which really brought me up to the basics of what is meant by the Sun in Aries.  It’s an Aries version of “One Born Every Minute” which is another programme I like.  I never cease to be overcome with the wonder of seeing new birth.  You may be giving birth to something new today, and may marvel at the process of creation and new life. You may see green shoots where you didn’t expect to find them.

On Tuesday 1st (April Fool’s Day) someone certainly will have the last laugh as the Sun squares Jupiter.  Not too much harm done by pranks, but some laughter inappropriate with this aspect.  The human spirit may be irrepressible, which is mostly good.

On Wednesday (2nd) the Sun conjuncts Uranus, and the Universe certainly has a surprise up its sleeve, humorous or not.  Sharpen your Intuition the night before, and programme your dreams to be one step ahead, and you will be in the flow.

Thursday (3rd) starts well, with a steady trine between Mercury and Saturn. You may have recovered well and sensibly from any surprises the day before, and even formulate plans in your mind as to how to proceed.  This aspect occurs at 3.03 a.m. in the U.K, on 3rd, so the number 3 may be lucky for some.  Again you may have to work with this aspect in your sleeping, dreaming or insomnia time, but it will be good to get ahead.

Have everything ship shape and Bristol fashion by 9.22 a.m., for the Sun squares Pluto at that time, and you may have to re-schedule due to extra demands on your time, energy and resources.  Keep it free in your diary, or book a pampering aromatherapy session or something relaxing.  Something comes up urgently for processing, and you need to keep the space fairly clear.

Lastly, Venus enters Pisces on Saturday evening, and from a detached feeling perspective (Venus coming from Aquarius) feelings become more emotional until early May while Venus is in this sign.  Therefore throughout the Cardinal Cross (approximately third week of April) we will be experiencing our feelings with tears closer to the surface.  I need to remember the Kleenex tissues for my regression clients.  Someone brought their own this week, luckily.  It may not be too late to take out shares, just for the month.

The week in bullet points:

  • Today – New creation
  • Tuesday – Fooling around
  • Wednesday – Surprises
  • Thursday – Plans made and unmade
  • Saturday – Deep feelings