Holby City and Casualty

(sound effect) “Nee naw! Nee Naw!”

On the New Moon in Aries, Connie Beauchamp transfers from Holby City to Casualty.

On the Uranus-Sun conjunction, Holby City had its most shocking storyline ever!  The fiancé of Jac Naylor’s baby’s father died.

The two hemispheres of my brain have now been able to fuse.

Meanwhile, in real life…


GP Service

Family and friends are finding it hard to obtain appointments with their G.P’s…We were told recently that the GP system is on the verge of collapse. New Chair of the Royal College of General Practitioners (from December 2013) Dr Maureen Baker said the family practitioner service was “under severe threat of extinction” on 23rd March 2014.


On 1st April, in a speech on his first day as NHS England’s chief executive, Simon Stevens, highlighted the financial problems faced currently.

Royal College of Physicians

This week too (4th April) Sir Richard Thompson (President of the Royal College of Physicians) has stated that the  overload on doctors dealing with 70 patients where they should only be dealing with no more than 20, hence endangering the service they provide, likening medics to “scalded cats”.


Historically, Labour is the party which created the NHS and traditionally cares about it.  Under the  New Labour governments of 1997-2010, whatever else their failings, they managed to keep the NHS ticking over and reduced waiting times.

The Two Bevs

Lord Beveridge and the Welfare State

William Beveridge is credited with creating the Welfare State, through the Beveridge Report.  He was a Piscean, a fitting sign for the level of all-embracing care involved in such an institution.   He also had a very close conjunction of Neptune and Chiron, which I call a “crucible of healing”, plus a humanitarian karmic mission of North Node in Aquarius.

Aneurin Bevan

Along came the charismatic Aneurin Bevan, born exactly a Nodal Axis cycle later (18 years apart), with his North Node in the first degree of Aquarius, one degree from Beveridge’s, and as Health Minister he implemented Beveridge’s requirements and his karmic mission, creating the NHS.  Bevan had a satellitium (cluster of planets) in Scorpio (also a sign related to health and healing), including Sun conjunct Chiron (the Inner Healer, or the Wounded Healer).

Bevan’s Saturn (practicality) was sextile Beveridge’s North Node, and Bevan’s Ascendant was trine Beveridge’s Chiron (Healing).

Chart of the NHS

The NHS is a caring Cancerian institution, with a cluster of planets (satellitium) in Gemini squared by Mars in Virgo.  This highlights the need for communication, and high standards (Virgo) and the constant stress of its working environment.  The current disruptive reorganization of the NHS, whether it will prove necessary as the Coalition claim, is shown by the transit of Uranus squaring the Sun in the NHS chart and Pluto opposing the Sun.  In other words, the NHS is very much caught in the crossfire of the Uranus-Pluto square, which enters another phase shortly.


Under the Coalition, there has been a deliberate dismantling of the NHS, under the banner of reorganization.  One suspects that the government does not care passionately enough about its fate.

Jeremy Hunt

Jeremy Hunt was made Secretary of State for Health in September 2012. Is the NHS safe in Jeremy Hunt’s hands? If actions speak louder than planets, he has not shown thus far a caring for the Institution.  However, after looking at his chart there is a mixture of influence (Chiron trine Neptune on the plus side, and Chiron conjunct Saturn on the minus side) and for the time being, I have to give him the benefit of the doubt, to be fair.

The Coalition, has underfunded the NHS and failed to give it the priority it deserves, I feel. We are in danger of losing it, and need politicians who really believe in it.  We need another Bev!


Mercury enters Aries tomorrow, and we’ll be thinking more logically and leaving behind the imaginative approach and sometimes woolly thinking of Mercury in Pisces.  You’ll be concentrating on matters at hand, which signals a good first day of the week back in the Office.  Accounting is also favoured, though for most of us the income tax yearly calculations should be in by now, the deadline behind us.  If there is any immediate come back or problem arising, we should be able to deal with it immediately.

Tuesday (8th) brings an opposition between the Sun and Mars, so it will be action packed, on the verge of being manic.  You might feel the pressure to perform in some way: maybe someone expects a punishing programme of productivity from you.  You may start to automatically comply, until you realize it is counterproductive, and not in your best interests to work under those conditions.  Be wary of aggressive or bossy types.  You need to re-establish your own natural rhythm.

Lastly, on Saturday (12th), Venus is conjunct Neptune, a mood as far away as you can get from that of Tuesday’s opposition.  This is about expressing your sensitivity through the Arts and relationships, which may include a high degree of romanticism.  The awareness could also be highlighted about the plight of sea creatures, such as the whales and dolphins.  Such campaigns have recently had some success, and certainly Saturday’s aspect will sustain the opening of hearts.

The week in bullet points:

  • Tomorrow – Focussed thought
  • Tuesday – strife
  • Saturday – peace and inspiration