Cardinal Grand Cross

Preparations – Part 1

The Grand Cardinal Cross takes place between 20th-23rd April inclusive, and will be very intense.  It is composed of 2 oppositions (Mars opposite Uranus and Jupiter opposite Pluto) and four squares (Mars square Pluto, Pluto square Uranus, Uranus square Jupiter and Jupiter square Mars).  World events are likely to reflect this set of interlocked problems (such as the problems between Russia and the rest of the world over the Ukraine), and you may have noticed crises building in society or your own personal circles.  So I have devised some preparation, in two parts.  The situation can be looked upon as an opportunity for everyone to get their act together.  I will be doing regressions and future life progressions in the Watford area during that time, and I feel like that will prove to be taking the bull by the horns.

General principles

You need to strengthen the function of each arm of the Cross.  For example, if you have a weak Jupiter principle, you may lose sight of the Hope you need for the task.  If you can balance all four psychological principles as represented by the four planets involved, you will be creative rather than responsive to events. Take my Quiz below to find out where your strengths and weaknesses lie, and what you need to work on or develop before 20th April:

Are you fit?

Add your score as you go along.  If you do not know the answer, give yourself 1 point for the benefit of the doubt.

General Questions:

Do you have a Grand Cross natally? Score 5 points for Yes

Are you observing a build up of crisis or crises in your personal life? Score 5 points for No

Have you been working with Astrology for 5 or more years?  Score 5 points for Yes



Are you an Aries Sunsign, Ascendant or do you have Mars Rising? Score 5 points for a Yes

Is your natal Mars well aspected? Score 5 points for a Yes

Do you consider the Inner Warrior to be one of your Archetypes? Score 5 points for  a Yes



Are you a Sagittarian Sunsign, Ascendant, or do you have Jupiter rising? Score 5 points for Yes

Is your natal Jupiter well aspected? Score 5 points for a Yes

Do you consider yourself a lucky person generally? Score 5 points for a Yes



Are you an Aquarian Sunsign, Ascendant, or do you have Uranus rising? Score 5 points for Yes

Is your natal Uranus well aspected?  Score 5 points for Yes

Do you cope well with change? Score 5 points for Yes



Are you a Scorpio Sunsign, Ascendant, or do you have Pluto rising? Score 5 points for Yes

Is your natal Pluto well aspected?  Score 5 points for Yes

Have you been in Psychotherapy or followed a Spiritual Path, i.e. are you used to working on yourself?  Score 5 points for Yes


Grand Total


Add up the totals for each section individually, and then the Grand Total:

If your overall score is 35 or over, this may be a good shift for you, but you may still need to work towards the full score of

If your overall score is between 5 and 35 you still have a good chance of a reasonable transition with a little work

If your overall score is 5 or under, stay at home and chill out

Instructions and Homework

Depending on the score for the individual sections, where there is a section  with one score of 0, there is a need to work on that principle or planet, according to the suggestions and antidotes below.

General poor function:

If you know someone with a Grand Cross in their natal chart, observe how they manage it

If you are involved in a crisis, meditate for an overview

If you are a bystander to a difficult situation building up, try to look at the whole and perhaps work with the individuals involved

Go back to your favourite Astrology textbook and feel the foundations of the planets and signs noted above, until you are confident you can handle them

Read “Gaia” by James Lovelock

Mars poor function:

Read “Assertiveness for Earth Angels” by Doreen Virtue

Read Dan Millman’s “The Way of the Peaceful Warrior”, or re-read it if you have already done so

Increase your level of  daily exercise slightly, for physical fitness, with your favoured activity, such as Qijong.

Jupiter poor function:

Read uplifting literature or re-read a favourite Self-Help book

Read “The Luck Factor” by Richard Wiseman

Strengthen your philosophical streak, by reading a philosophical work, such as by Alain de Botton, which relate philosophy to modern living

Strengthen your Inner Child, by playing, on your own or with a child or grandchild

Read a good Joke book

Uranus poor function:

Read “Embracing Uncertainty” by Susan Jeffers

Interact with your networks, strengthening group consciousness and interaction

Do one rebellious thing every day to accustom yourself to the consequences of your actions

Pluto poor function:

Meditate with the aim of bringing into balance the four principles, and centering yourself

Create or work with a mandala to achieve wholeness

Practise your spiritual path more regularly

Gaze at your navel

Connect to the Divine through prayer

Coming Next Week – Part 2


On Monday (14th) you have a chance to flex your muscles prior to the Cardinal Grand Cross with a mild square.  This square of Mercury and Jupiter tends to produce over-stretching of resources, especially mental and geographic (e.g. travelling) resources.

By the evening, with all the mental stimulation, your antennae will be twitching with information from other dimensions, with a conjunction of Mercury and Uranus.

At 23.48 Hrs in the U.K., only 33 minutes after Mercury conjunct Uranus, and only 12 minutes before midnight, Pluto turns retrograde, and our psyches may take a turn, or revolve to an earlier state.  Issues we thought we had resolved may need another layer of examination.

In the. early hours of Tuesday (15th)  Mercury is trying out the Cardinal Grand Cross for size, gathering information prior to the involvement of Mars.  This time it squares Pluto, and you may feel temporarily confused about your reality.  Something you thought was true may be in doubt, for instance.  Consider that both realities may be true.

Later, you awake, rise and shine on Tuesday to an eclipse, so preparation the night before would be helpful.  If you wake in the night from the Mercury-Pluto square, have yourself some chamomile tea and lavender on your pillow in order to have a complete sleep cycle in between, before the Full Moon.  That way, through your dreams or through deep sleep, you may access the deep wisdom of this Full Moon in Libra, which may bet attuned to relationships, your relationship with yourself, or artistic or musical expression.

On Wednesday (16th ) Mercury opposes Mars late morning, and tension and irritability may bring frayed tempers or nerves.  Again that window asleep may have proved crucial to how you perform in the day.  If circumstances allow, go back to bed and re-set your nervous system.  Otherwise, stay away from fractious types.

Friday (18th  ) brings some welcome and light relief from the pre-Cardinal Cross angst.  Venus trines Jupiter, and you may have a pre-planned or impromptu celebration, or an enjoyable social occasion to look forward to. There is a chance to let your hair down and relax in the company of friends and loved ones. This aspect takes place in the early hours of the morning, so its benefits may have extended to the evening before, i.e. Thursday night.

Mid-morning brings another favourable aspect towards Venus, a sextile with Pluto.  Someone you met socially might prove that they are not just a pretty face, in fact they may just have a diploma in counseling, and you can counsel each other.  Role play the Cardinal Cross, and you will really be making the most of this warm and non-frivolous aspect.  Anyone having a diploma in counseling should make good use of this morning.

If you have followed the suggestions for Part 1, you’ll be nearly ready and limbered up for the exercise and tasks of next week.

The week in bullet points:

  • Monday – expansion, then original thinking; a psychological volte-face
  • Tuesday – drama
  • Wednesday – brisk and fractious
  • Friday – relief and breakthroughs