21 April 2014,  19.21 Hrs in the U.K.

This week sees the fifth of seven squares between Uranus and Pluto, which began in June 2012 and will end in March 2015, the penultimate occurring in December.

Although we are over halfway through the process, this week’s square will be extra concentrated, by virtue of being a component (the most powerful component) of the Cardinal Grand Cross.  So instead of affecting two areas of your chart, it will be more comprehensive in its reach, i.e. coordinating 4 areas of your chart, and world charts.

At the beginning of the process, in June 2012, we were aware that it would entail the dismantling of institutions, and this has really proved to be the case.

Looking back at my blog in 2012, here are some useful ideas which still apply:

Identifying the Square

First you need to identify the action of the square in your life, if it is not glaringly obvious.  Basically two different energies in two different areas of your life have been building up a storm.

[by now you are likely to know what the issue is]

Knowing your Chart

If you know which areas Pluto and Uranus are currently transiting, it is easier to make sense of how they are affecting you, and your nearest and dearest.

Not Knowing your Chart

If you do not know which areas Pluto and Uranus are currently transiting, you may be able to sense which area is being affected by Pluto energy, and which area is being affected by Uranian energy.


The area containing Pluto is the more passive but psychologically demanding area, and the area in which you will by acceptance and absorption achieve the most work over a long period of time.  (Pluto and Capricorn the sign it is transiting are both slow and deep-seated).


The area containing Uranus will be the ignition or trigger for events and the surprise factor, as well as the rebellion.  It will make more noise and be more active (Uranus and Aries the sign it is transiting are both active and volatile).

Degrees of Involvement

If you have a planet or planets at 13 degrees of a sign, you are more likely to be involved in events, and the effect of the square will be enhanced.  You may feel some benefits to the square if Uranus or Pluto are trine one of your natal planets, or at least a mixed influence.

The Global Picture

At the beginning of the square, these issues were highlighted:

 “You may have an idea of how clashing forces in your life are squaring up.  In the world situation, it relates to the dilemmas and intractable complexity of the Euro (to bail out or not to bail out), the Syrian Question (to intervene or not to intervene) and the climate issue (climate change or climate change denial).”

The problems of the Euro are still rumbling on, but the preoccupation in the U.K. has turned to issues about immigration, the rise in popularity of UKIP, and the possibility of a referendum if the Tories win the next election.

The Syrian question is even more dire.  It was the main story on the front of the Observer this morning.  The article begins: “The desperate residents of a besieged  district of Damascus are expected to run out of food today, leaving 18,000 people facing starvation and leading relief agencies to declare the  crisis ‘unprecedented in living memory’ “: An acute  reflection of this unprecedented Uranus-Pluto square and Cardinal cross.

Climate change has I think proved itself more starkly over the last two years, with the U.K. particularly hit by flooding  over the last year.  There is still a reluctance to act on behalf of politicians.  Controversy surrounds the practice of fracking to obtain shale gas here in the U.K. but is in widespread use in the U.S.  Our one Green M.P. Caroline Lucas, was recently cleared in relation to her involvement of a demonstration against fracking, and has vowed to fight on.  I personally don’t think that on this tiny island we can afford to have fracking or nuclear stations, and am in favour of wind farms.  The sight of them always gives me hope for the future.

The increase of poverty caused by the economic collapse (and I don’t believe government assertions about recovery) have made problems more acute for many families, and it is to the credit of the Christian church that the cause has been taken up.

The U..K. Coalition government is dismantling the NHS, and that was a feature of my blog a few weeks ago.  One wonders how it is going to be put back together.

On the world stage there is a new brinkmanship involving Putin and Russia, the U.S. and  Obama, the EU and Angela Merkel, and the Ukranian people themselves in a civil war.  This is of course a prominent feature of the Cardinal Cross, which will be the subject of a later blog today.  The recent Malaysian plane disappearance and the South Korean ferry disaster may also be features of the Cardinal Cross, of which Uranus squaring Pluto is a quarter of the picture.


Yes the Uranus-Pluto square has proved to be destructive, and many problems are still stuck, with very little sign of green shoots, repairing, or new structures emerging.  But there are new attitudes emerging, some of which may eventually prove constructive, such as the Occupy movement, and the tendency for people now to be feeling enough is enough.   Some countries around the world are starting to initiate democracy where there has been oppression and the suppression of women.  At the same time, in countries where stability and democracy have been established, there is a questioning of whether democracy and capitalism are working.  It all still feels to be a process still in transition, with everything still in the melting pot.  Now, more than ever, we need to be constructive in our personal choices, including our choice of thoughts.