Aftermath of the Cardinal Grand Cross

Will you remember the Cardinal Grand Cross as a crisis, or a shift, or in other ways?  Was our experience as expected, or different from our expectations?  Was the magnitude of the event more, or less, significant than anticipated?


On a global scale one would expect an event or events which potentially involve the whole world when the Grand Cross extends to four corners of a chart.

This week in the Middle East, President Assad of Syria declared he would hold an election, Hamas and Fatah realigned in the Palestinian world, and in Israel Netanyahu declared the peace process buried – all unhelpful directions, but not flashpoints as such.

This leaves the simmering situation in the Ukraine as the most relevant feature of the Cardinal Grand Cross globally, and though it was menacing, but not at a peak of activity, there was talk of a third world war among the rhetoric this week.

The issue did not reach a peak, neither was it resolved.  It has been an issue for two months leading up to the Cardinal Grand Cross, and possibly may continue for more than two months after it.

It is time to take another look at the charts involved. A lot has happened since I last broached the subject, when the uprising in Ukraine first occurred:


At the time of the “Ukraine Spring” Uranus was squaring the Uranus in the chart of Ukraine.  Rebellion to the extreme!  The disruption soon escalated, and Putin intervened militarily to reclaim Eastern Ukraine, and the Crimea.  The whole issue goes back to the birth of Ukraine itself, and the dismemberment of the USSR.  Putin seems to have a desire to re-write that history.  During the Cardinal Grand Cross, Pluto was on the Neptune of the Ukrainian chart, with the other three arms of the Grand Cross squaring and opposing it, thus describing a state of confusion.

Russia and Putin

At the time of the Ukrainian Spring, Pluto was transiting Russia’s Uranus, an extreme provocation or temptation for Russia.  During the Cardinal Grand Cross, Mars and Uranus had come to square this point, fanning the flames of the original event.  Let us hope it is not another Cold War, the original of which lasted for many years. When the Ukrainian crisis started, Pluto was square Putin’s Sun, and Saturn was transiting Putin’s Pluto: big issues of power for him, but no one can see into his mind.  He seems in love with power, but what is his motive?  And how far will he go in its pursuit?  Putin’s Sun (his individuality, and quest for personal power) was last week transited by the Pluto leg of the Cardinal Grand Cross, with the other three planets squaring and opposing his Sun.  You could say he was fully engaged with it, or even the centre of attention.

U.S. and Obama

At the time of the start of the crisis, Pluto was opposing the U.S. Sun, and Mars was squaring its Pluto, both aspects of danger.  President Obama is doing his best to contain the situation, and to avoid provoking Russian and Putin, while standing firm and promoting sanctions.  At the stage of the Cardinal Grand Cross, as with Putin the Sun of the U.S. chart is inextricably involved with the four arms of the cross, with Jupiter instead of Pluto on the Sun. At the inception of the crisis, the North Node was trine Obama’s Venus, and this week Neptune was opposing Obama’s Pluto, taking him on a journey from calm karma to psychological confusion.

EU and Angela Merkel

The European Union started this conflict in a strong position with Uranus trine its Uranus, and Neptune trine its Neptune.  It would have been holding the cards, but for a square from Uranus to its Sun, so it was caught on the back foot in some ways.  As the financial leader of the EU, and with her country Germany dependent on Russian energy, Angela Merkel had Neptune opposite her Venus at the beginning of this story (a question of trust over gas, which is represented by Neptune).  Saturn trined her Uranus, giving her steadiness, but squared her Pluto (which emphasized the seriousness of the situation and its possible consequences). Mars and Uranus are currently in supportive aspects to her Ascendant, so she can stand up for her interests if needed.

UK and David Cameron

The United Kingdom looks more detached to start with, having some easy aspects.  The exception was Uranus square its Pluto, involvement in an intractable and potentially hazardous situation, among more upbeat scenarios such as the reported growth of our economy.  During the Grand Cross, the United Kingdom chart was not involved with the key planets, especially in comparison to other countries and personalities.  The same is true of David Cameron’s chart.  I included them in my survey out of interest, but it is interesting that they prove not to be key players astrologically.


If the position of Mars, lingering long in Libra is the key to the timing of this crisis, it returns to the original position of 27 degrees Libra in July (21st/22nd).  If the Cardinal Grand Cross is the key to the conflict, it may resolve a month earlier (where the Grand Cross would be the peak).  Let us hope it is not another Cold War (which seems unlikely), the original of which lasted for 44 years.

In our Personal Lives

The Cardinal Cross brought crises for some, and the aftermath brought some resolution and healing for others.  I have briefly analyzed the experiences reported to me, and here are the results!

20% of us were bystanders, or enablers, for a group experience, focused on the crises of one or two others.  The outcomes appeared to be healing, which arrived just after the Cardinal Grand Cross action.

20% of us experienced a shift, just after the Cardinal Grand Cross  action, in issues of long standing difficulty (timescale: months).  It is possible that the Grand Cross had thrown a long shadow beforehand.

20% experienced severe crises, especially at the finale or crescendo of the T-square between Mars-Pluto-Uranus.  Of this category, 10% experienced relief after the Grand Cross ended, while for the other 10% the crisis signaled the beginning of a journey.(timescale: months).

10% experienced stress during the Cardinal Grand Cross, with celebratory outcomes immediately afterwards.

10% experienced a stressful situation coming up to the start of the Grand Cross, a crisis right at the beginning of the process, and relief after the Grand Cross.

10% experienced gradual relief over the period, where the tension and stress, and health problems had occurred just prior to the Cardinal Grand Cross or a couple of months beforehand, and there was slight and gradual improvement in the situation during and after the period.

10% took the bull by the horns and were able to work with the situation, using astrological understanding, to welcome new forms into their lives.

Did your experiences fall into this category, or would you describe them differently?


Today the Sun is sextile Neptune, so it is a good day for experiencing your Spirituality.  Meditation or a walk in nature are possible avenues for connecting with your Soul, and reaping its riches.

Tuesday (29th) is an Eclipsed New Moon at 8 degrees Taurus.  This may be a new beginning, especially if you have Taurus rising or have a planet at 8 degrees.  Those who were especially affected by the first Uranus-Pluto square in June 2012 may experience this intensely, for that first square of the two planets took place at 8 degrees.  Eclipses can take up to 6 months to show their full effects, which can be turning points.

The same day, Mercury trines Pluto, and you won’t brush off the effects of the day lightly.  You will analyze them deeply.  You will be able to find the significance in the slightest manifestation of the day.

On Wednesday (30th) Mercury sextiles Jupiter, and Geminis and Virgos should make hay while the Sun shines, as their planet Mercury has a more difficult aspect at the weekend.  It is a good day for sales, business, learning, and travel.  Enjoyable conversational exchanges are to be had by all Sunsigns!

Saturday (May 3rd) brings an opposition between Mercury and Saturn, so by then careless talk can cost lives!  Have you been bragging, or been careless about broadcasting someone else’s secret?  Be aware of the consequences of speech, and the karma of thought.  Be more circumspect, and more sensitive about other people’s sensitivities and information.

Finally, on the same day, Venus enters Aries, and we can be more honest and open and warm in the expression of our feelings.  It may seem like a contradiction next to the previous aspect, but the task is to differentiate between thoughts and speech, which need to be disciplined that day, and expressions of love which can be unbounded and authentic.

The week in bullet points:

  • Today – Spirituality rules
  • Tuesday – new beginnings and profound thoughts
  • Wednesday – fun
  • Saturday – be careful what you say, unless it is an expression of love