Peaches Geldof – Extract

This week it was announced that Peaches Geldof did have heroin in her system when she died last month.  Fresh faced Peaches  departed suddenly and inexplicably from our world on 7th April 2014, leaving behind two very young sons.

She often spoke of the overwhelming effect her mother’s death had in her life.  In her chart,  Chiron (wound and healing) were at the beginning of the sign of Cancer, that degree and sign emphasizing the mother.  Chiron points to the wound, but also the manner in which it may be healed (becoming a mother, which gave her some respite) and also the means by which you can then go on to help others (writing about motherhood in the media).  Sadly, other processes cut through that healing.

She was born for broadcasting, with Mercury conjunct the North Node in the 5th House of Self-Expression, and a life of glamour too was indicated by a conjunction of Venus with the Sun in Pisces in the same House.

Peaches’ depressive tendency is shown by an exact conjunction between Saturn and Neptune.  Pluto was transiting this conjunction, testing it to the limits, at the time of her death.

Deborah Orr writing in the Guardian yesterday emphasized her Idealism, and that she could never come up to her own ideals.  That is a trait of her Piscean sunsign.  Pisces is ruled by the unbounded (in terms of consciousness) planet Neptune.

With Saturn exactly conjunct her Neptune, she did try to confine herself to systems which were disciplined: dieting, Scientology and attachment parenting among them.  Sooner or later the bonds burst and the soul tries to break free of restrictions.

Between her and her mother was a strong force, a square between Paula’s Pluto and Peaches’ Mars. Could this aspect have exerted a force from beyond the grave?

She presented a normal picture to her friends and family in her last weekend alone., which made her death difficult to prevent.

We have no birth date for Peaches’ husband Thomas Cohen. Her children Astala and Phaedra will be affected by their mother’s tragic early death, but we do not know how their wounds will play out.  Astala, the elder son, was born under a New Moon which will give him some resilence, though his chart is more stressed in relation to his mother.  Phaedra had an easy bond with her, and also a bond with Paula Yates, in sharing a birthday. The two boys both have Mercury conjunct Uranus, and will enjoy a close mental companionship.  Let us hope that they, like Tiger, can be absorbed into the wide extended family, receive positive nurturing, and be protected from the media….

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The Sun trines Pluto today, a good day for reviewing deep psychological processes, whether or not you have active plans for this Bank Holiday weekend.

On Tuesday (6th) the Sun sextiles Jupiter, another fun filled day (I hope).  The Bank Holiday may have put a spring in your step, and for instance inspired a regime of nature walks.

Wednesday (7th) continues the upbeat progression, with the Sun sextile Chiron.  Possibilities of healing bring hope and new ways of managing things.

Mercury enters Gemini just after lunchtime that day, which will be a relief to Geminis and Virgoans especially those who may have felt their mental processes to have been wading through mud during its sojourn in methodical Taurus.  They can zip around now, as is natural for them.  For the rest of us we’ll be brighter mentally, too, and may be able to clear some red tape.

As with last week, we have a more challenging Saturday scenario.  Last week Saturn opposed Mercury which may have brought some mental stuckness, and this coming Saturday Saturn opposes the Sun, which may make manifesting our creativity a more challenging process.  But any delays or frustrations or blocks may contribute to the end result, which will emerge more tried, tested and genuine.

The week in bullet points:

  • Today – deep psychological exploration
  • Tuesday – fun (I hope)
  • Wednesday – healing; zippy thought
  • Saturday – slowed down creative processes