Eurovision Song Contest – 2014

I enjoy every nuance of the Eurovision Song Contest, and have done since watching Pearl Carr and Teddy Johnson, and the Allisons, in its early years as a young girl.  I enjoy the painful songs, the attention-grabbing costumes, and the edge-of-your-seat voting.  I even travelled to Duesseldorf in my early 60s to see Blue lose and cheer on Jedward.  Half the population, including half the population of our household, cannot fathom its appeal.  But I make no apology for today’s blog on the subject – I think the blog subjects choose me, rather than the other way round!


Before the break up of the Soviet Union, the voting section used to be much more pleasurable, and based more on the merits of the songs than geographic blocs, though they did exist.  Our Eurovision entry, by Molly Smitten-Downes last night I initially felt to be a little twee, despite being a hippy myself.  But she did a sterling job, and it was clear that the U.K. has no allies and is not part of a bloc.  We finished 17th, behind some very lack-lustre songs.

Russia and the Ukraine

The relationships between the various charts of countries would remain the same from year to year, but sometimes luck in Eurovision or other contests are shown in the transits to various countries’ charts.  And while sometimes there are minor tensions between the European countries, none have been as dramatic as this year’s question of whether Russia and the Ukraine would vote for each other.

Mariya Yaremchuk, representing Ukraine said: “I don’t want to think about Russia or any other country.  I  think only about Ukraine.  I want to be worthy of Ukrainians who deserve a better future in Europe.”

Meanwhile, the Russian twins who were performing received boos from the audience, and Russia condemned the Austrian entry, the bearded drag queen Conchita.


So what did actually happen in the voting politically?  So many of the Eastern European bloc actually did vote for the popular performances from Austria, the Netherlands and Sweden, that at one point Graham Norton was driven to remark that the voting had been quite reasonable and non-political.  At the very next vote, he was proven wrong, and forced to retract.

Ukraine gave 8 points to Austria, 10 points to Armenia and 12 points to Sweden, voting to some extent outside the Eastern bloc.

Russia gave 8 points to Armenia, 10 to Azerbaijan and 12 to Belarus, keeping it in the family.  Neither Ukraine nor Russia voted for each other.

Only Ireland gave our Molly a substantial vote: 8 points.  Malta, a rare country which usually supports the U.K., gave their big points to Romania, Austria and Italy.

Molly and the U.K.

We’re children of the universe, don’t you know
Dancing on the edge of time and it’s ours to own
Just children of the universe”

~ Molly Smitten-Downes and Anders Hansson

Molly has a no nonsense chart, Sun  exactly conjunct the North Node in Aries (she is a leader) near Jupiter for  Opportunity.  She also has Moon conjunct Mars though it is not known whether her Moon is in musical Taurus or communicative Gemini.  Her Venus (musicality) trines inspirational Neptune.  Her performance and costume were impressive, and she sang from the heart a song she believes in.

She came 17th, which is better than our usual placements further down the board…

Conchita and Austria

The winner Conchita Wurst (“the bearded lady”) from Austria delivered a strong ballad with a powerful voice.  Her statement after winning included the sentiments of peace, freedom and unity.

Conchita is a Plutonian: she has Sun very closely conjunct Pluto in Scorpio, trine her North Node (karmic mission).  She could not be more Plutonian if she tried.  Her chart shows an intense and determined character.

In her natal chart, she also has Moon conjunct Venus (intense femininity), Mercury sextile Saturn (a seriousness of message), unusual sexual expression (Mars square Uranus), Saturn conjunct Uranus (a desire to break the moulds of society).

Transiting Neptune was sextile her Neptune last night (in tune with her spirituality).  Mars was transiting her Moon/Venus conjunction and expressing her femininity (though we do not have her exact Moon position).  Pluto was supporting her to the hilt: It was sextile her Sun and natal Pluto.

For Austria, there was a transiting Jupiter Return (luck) trine its natal Venus (musical expression).

But Pluto was extremely prominent in Conchita’s natal chart and transits, and Pluto definitely won it.  So it was not about novelty or the surprise of the unusual, which would have been a Uranian emphasis.  It was about psychological depth and truth, and authenticity.  Conchita seemed genuinely surprised that people took her to their hearts, and that she was listened to.

She was quoted as saying: “The beard is a statement to say that you can achieve anything, no matter who you are or how you look.”


Venus opposes Mars early today, another indication that a drag queen with a beard might have won last night’s Eurovision song contest.  The combining of the male and female is a theme, in ways antagonistic to some, but for others an act of unity.  Sensuality rules in the morning.  Mary Plumb of the Mountain Astrologer has written a whole article dedicated to this opposition, and here is the link if you want to explore it further:

One thing may lead to another today, and you may find yourself in the grip of the square between Mercury and Neptune, mentally ensnared or enslaved, like a fly in a spider’s web (I have been watching insects too much with my grandson lately).  Maybe a television programme or Facebook has you mesmerized…  You may find it difficult to think straight, especially if you have been to the pub before lunch.

Tomorrow’s Mercury trine Mars is a great contrast.  You’ll have sobered up and had a good sleep and your nervous system will be well co-ordinated, and efficiently in charge of Office chores.  Travel will be brisk, and manoevrability impressive on the sports field.

On Wednesday (14th) Jupiter trines Chiron, which can have successful outcomes for healing, e.g. alternative approaches or philosophical ideas along those lines, especially early in the day.

Late in the afternoon, Venus squares Pluto, and there may be difficult scenarios around relationships and coming to terms with aspects of the past, or phobias (which may be past-life related).

Tension is being heightened towards the Full Moon in Scorpio at 19.16 Hrs. in the U.K.  There may be tussles over money or material concerns, possessiveness and ownership issues.

Thursday (15th) is calmer with a lovely sextile between Venus and Mercury, designed to overcome writer’s block, handy if you are writing a novel, a speech or a poem.  Writing and literary output will flow.

Later in the evening Mercury sextiles Uranus, and if you think you have done well polishing off the novel,  writing the speech all in one go, or receiving inspiration for the poem in an instant transmission, you’ll surprise yourself, finding out you have hardly started.

Your mind will have been stimulated, and now explodes with new ideas, firing from all cylinders.  Best plan for a late night – there is no point trying to sleep and wrestling with insomnia.  Get all your ideas down on paper or on your i pad, so that you can implement some of them another day.

And there’s more!  Shortly afterwards, and just before midnight, Venus conjuncts Uranus.  You may be socializing late, and hopefully congenially.  Meetings will hold a spark, and strangers may be intriguing.  If you are being creative, your creations will incorporate great originality.

For the third week in a row, Saturday (17th) will bring a difficult aspect, in this case Mercury squaring Chiron.  An awkward problem could bring a headache (or migraine), and health may require attention.  Travel won’t be easy either.  You may find you have to change your mindset in order to make headway.

The week in bullet points:

  • Today – themes around male and female; confusion
  • Tomorrow – brisk and efficient
  • Wednesday – expansion and healing; relationship problems; emotional tension
  • Thursday – excellent for communication and originality; interesting meetings
  • Saturday – awkward