Theresa May vs Michael Gove

 I had hoped to steer clear of British politics for a little longer, but the spat between Home Secretary Theresa May and Education Minister Michael Gove has dominated the headlines since Wednesday, when a letter written by Theresa May was made public, criticizing lack of action by Michael Gove on security against extremism in schools, after he had criticized her record on the same issue in a wider context.

Theresa May

 Theresa’s chart shows Saturn conjunct the North Node (a serious responsible life purpose working through politics) squaring Pluto (her struggles have a life or death quality to them).  Mercury sextiles the North Node/Saturn conjunction, so she is able to concentrate her mind and apply it to concerns which are important to her.  Her Sun in Libra sextiles Uranus, and she is capable of thinking outside the box.  Her Jupiter opposite Mars shows a fiery side, but there is also an interest in healing situations (Sun trine Chiron) and diplomacy (Mars in Pisces and Sun in Libra) which may show up later in life.  She has been tipped as the next Tory leader, but her health is of some concern (she recently revealed that she has diabetes).  She recently lambasted the Police, feeling strong with Pluto sextile her natal Mars and Jupiter sextile her natal Jupiter.

Michael Gove

 Michael Gove has a strong chart, and like Theresa May, has endured in a cabinet post since the Tories came to power under David Cameron in 2010.  He has never been a teacher, but has been in charge of education policy, introducing measure after measure of policies which hark back to his own childhood.  The latest of these this week is a suggestion of punishing parents for children’s misdemeanours.  I think his awareness of psychology is fairly superficial.  He has a studious chart, with 5 planets in Virgo and the Moon harmoniously placed in Taurus, so that he is secure in his own childhood memories and plays them out through trines to his Virgo planets.  He is also a warrior, with a powerful Mars in Scorpio exactly sextile Pluto.  Mars is also conjunct Neptune, so some of his warriorship is subversive, but then so is Theresa’s, with her Mars being in Pisces.

There is power karma between them, with Michael Gove’s Sun (power) squaring Theresa May’s Nodal Axis (karma).

David Cameron

 Libran Prime Minister David Cameron must arbitrate between these two bulwarks of his administration.  I don’t think he would want to lose either of them.  He has a lucky karmic link with Theresa May (her North Node trine his Jupiter and sextile his Ascendant) and a sympathy with Michael Gove from a longstanding friendship (his Neptune is conjunct Gove’s Neptune/Mars conjunction and therefore also sextile Gove’s Pluto).  Karmically, they are old mates from ancient battlefields, and Cameron may feel he owes Gove something, unconsciously.


 I would not like to choose between them!  Michael Gove has a very tenacious chart, but equally Theresa May is a very strong woman.  The spat may well be smoothed over, having been triggered most likely by a show of strength from some of Theresa’s current transits (she also has Saturn currently sextile her Jupiter).


The Sun squares Chiron today, so you may be wrestling with a problem or healing issue, trying to work out how to put a square peg in a round hole for instance, solving a dispute, or putting into practice a healing regime.

Tomorrow Venus trines Pluto which is good news for finding diplomatic solutions, or solving relationship problems.  Any art or music will be profound in its expression.

Towards the end of the day, Neptune is stationary prior to turning retrograde, prompting a review of your spiritual path, and some retracing of your steps.  It is a chance to rectify any lapses, red herrings or culs de sac.  Perhaps you have seized upon a new teaching and need to de-programme some of it.

The end of the week is tricky, and although Fridays and Saturdays are often the focus of social activity, a quiet retreat may be easier to negotiate.  I am not superstitious about Friday 13th, and I do not have trouble with the emotional tension of a Full Moon (which is in Sagittarius that day) but these in combination with Venus opposite Saturn could bring a lot to process that day.  Tension could be rising or incidents occurring the night before, on Thursday evening, for just after 4.a.m. on Friday 13th Venus opposes Saturn and the Moon opposes the Sun.  This could bring some sadness, e.g. a well loved figure could pass away on the world stage.

Saturn also trines Chiron that day, bringing some stabilization and healing to difficult situations.

However, on Saturday (14th) Mars squares Pluto, which can bring aggression to the fore.  Keep away from spats with colleagues.  If you show your hand or reveal your Inner Warrior, you may need to be sure you can handle the consequences.

I have pencilled out Friday and Saturday in my diary, and the Customer Service desk will be shut.  But I hope to bring brighter news next Sunday.

The week in bullet points:

  • Today – problem solving
  • Tomorrow – deep isnights
  • Friday – sadness and tension
  • Saturday – confrontation