The story of the two Bushes is not a new theme, and has been chronicled and analysed by Astrologers over the years.  With troops being recalled from Iraq, it seems that the karmic cycle which began when the North Node left Aquarius and entered Capricorn at the time of the First Gulf War (late 1990, early 1991) has come full circle round the zodiac.    The three main characters of this karmic tale are the archetypal villain Saddam Hussein, the elder President George H. Bush, and his son George W. Bush.  What astrological features befit these three for their roles in the story?  Saddam Hussein had Jupiter exactly opposite Pluto, a psychodynamic of overweening hunger for power.  The Senior George Bush has Mars on his South Node (the sign of a past-life connection with warmongering) but with the steadying and more mature balance of Saturn sextile his North Node and trine his Mars.  He would look upon his role as “doing what’s necessary”, but his natal Sun is exactly conjunct the Mars of the U.S.A. chart, so either way (personally and presidentially) war was on the cards.  And, as history would play out, his presidency would see the initiation of a war cycle.  That George W. Bush was gung-ho about his karma and everybody else’s  may be due to his natal Uranus conjunct the North Node and trine his Jupiter.  This North Node/Uranus conjunction links in karmically with the key charts: it is conjunct Saddam Hussein’s Chiron and the U.S.A Mars and his father’s Sun.

The well-known story of the First Gulf War started with Saddam’s annexation of Kuwait in August 1990, when Jupiter was exactly conjunct his natal Pluto and opposite his natal Jupiter, obviously shored up by the full hilt of Jupiterian energy to his natal opposition.  The world watched with bated breath through Operation Desert Storm in January 1991, when Mars was squaring George Bush Senior’s Nodal Axis (again, destined for war).  The U.S. (as part of a U.N. endorsed force) was in saviour role to Kuwait: the Jupiter in its chart sextile exactly the natal Kuwait Pluto.  Eventually, the situation simmered down, and was left simmering for years in the subconscious mind of his son George W. Bush Junior.  When he came to power, this karma was re-activated, setting the stage for the Second Gulf War of 2003.  He enlisted the help of the sympathetic U.K. Prime Minister of the time, Tony Blair, through the magnetic attraction of Tony’s Pluto being exactly conjunct with George’s Venus.  The extra karmic and compulsive element was provided by Tony’s Pluto sextile George’s North Node.    In the chart of the Second Gulf War (20 March 2003) Pluto was exactly conjunct George Bush Junior’s South Node.  It was therefore an obsession that George could not ignore, to go to war.  Operation Shock and Awe was instigated, the successor to Operation Desert Storm designed to finish off what his father had started.  Now at this point in time, as the North Node returns to O degrees Aquarius, a karmic cycle is complete.  The three main players have been removed from the scene.  The chalice of the new karmic cycle has been passed to Barack Obama, whose North Node at 27 degrees Leo is now opposed by the triple conjunction of Jupiter-Neptune-Chiron, symbolizing the complex clearing up job he has to do from the old cycle, and the new nuclear-bearing protagonists with which he has to deal.  Happy Independence Day!