Wimbledon 2014

I have made a separate blog for Wimbledon, so that those who are interested can easily find it.  So click on the link to the right or find the blog immediately below this one.  As in previous years, I hope to provide updates throughout the tournament.


Tomorrow Venus enters Gemini, and you may feel lighter and freer, especially if you are a Taurean or a Libran (i.e. Venus-ruled).  If you are an uninhibited type, you might loosen up and talk about your feelings..  If uninhibited,  you’ll be even more open and friendly.

By Wednesday (25th) you’ll need to draw in your horns and re-draw your boundaries.  Mars opposes Uranus which is incident-prone, if not accident-prone, and unless you are a dedicated warrior at the coal face, or a member of ISIS fighting in Iraq, you may want to keep out of the fray.

After licking your wounds and leaving behind the dramas of mid week, Friday (27th) brings a fresh outlook with a New Moon at 5 degrees Cancer.  This is an excellent time to re-build bridges in family relations or in the garden, or refurbish the home in a one day makeover.  If you know what House this falls in, in your birthchart, this will provide further insight into its application.  For example, it falls in my 3rd House of Blogs, and I anticipate writing a Wimbledon follow up blog, written with an influx of sensitivity and emotion based on some viewing!

We are experiencing some lovely summer weather here in the U.K. at the moment, so enjoy the strawberries and cream if you are here.  If elsewhere on the globe, hope your weather is fair.

The week in bullet points:

  • Tomorrow – Social
  • Wednesday – Incident-prone
  • Friday – New Beginning