The rain stopped play yesterday for all but a handful of matches at Wimbledon yesterday.  What a difference a week makes!  I had my annual strawberries last week, but it doesn’t seem right to eat them in this grey weather, and while Wimbledon is at a hiatus.  Hopefully the Sun will be out again tomorrow, and play will resume.  Certainly the schedules are now lagging behind.  Here are 8 more tennis charts to ponder:

Stan Wawrinka

With Mercury exactly conjunct Venus and the pair trine exactly Uranus in his natal chart, Wawrinka would have considerable talent for writing and broadcasting, maybe later in life.  Mercury trine exactly  Uranus makes him fleet of mind and foot.  He also has Mars exactly square Jupiter, which gives him a great deal of energy and enthusiasm, a strong “bounce”.  As we approach the midpoint of Wimbledon, Mars opposes his Mercury-Venus conjunction, so he may slip or sustain an injury, but at the same time Mars sextiles his Uranus, which should sustain him through the tournament.  By the end of Wimbledon Jupiter trines his Saturn, so he could have staying power, and may make the final.

Maria Sharapova

Maria Sharapova won the French Open tournament, despite transits putting her under pressure from Mars.  She had Neptune sextile her natal Neptune, which brings spiritual poise. As we come up to the midpoint of the tournament, Jupiter adds brightness to her prospects by providing a trine to her natal Venus.   By the end of Wimbledon Mars will be sextile her Saturn, which should work well for her as she was not bothered by a difficult Mars transit in the French Open final.    She is due to meet Kvitova in the next round.  They are well matched, and whoever wins that match could go on to win the tournament.

Jo-Wilfried Tsonga

In 2012 I wrote:

“Tsonga is a tough opponent, and may well endure to the final.  Natally he has an opposition between his Mars and Saturn which runs in conjunction with his North Node and South Node axis.  Like Djokovic, Murray and Bhagdatis he was born in 1985!  A good vintage year for tennis players.

Jupiter is currently trine his natal Saturn, sustaining him in the tournament.  It squares his Sun by the end of the tournament, so he could overreach himself in the meantime.  Good spirits, but perhaps more overshooting or inaccuracy than usual.

Petra Kvitova

Petra Kvitova is upbeat at the moment, and just beat Venus Williams to a place in the second week of Wimbledon.  She has a good set of transits at the moment.  Saturn is trine her Sun, which is very steadying.  Chiron is on her natal Sun, which is healing.  Neptune is on her natal Mercury, which can be insiring.  And Chiron is trine her Pluto. Which is very profound.  The latter aspect highlights the sheer strength of her natal Sun-Pluto exact trine.  The only fly in the ointment is Saturn on her natal Pluto, but I think she is handling that.    All these transits remain with her until the end of Wimbledon, and are joined by an opposition of Jupiter to her Mars, which may just be enthusiasm about winning Wimbledon.  She is a definite contender for the title.

Milos Raonic

Milos has 5 planets plus the North Node in the sign of Capricorn- a steadfast line up for a tennis player.  His Venus is exactly trine Pluto, giving him a strong presence on and off the cour.  Mars trines his North Node closely, so it is important for him to attain and sustain a peak fitness.  His serve is highly praised in the tennis world, and that may be a product of his Mars-North Node trine.  Jupiter transiting his natal  Chiron has been a feature of getting to this stage.  Transits for the beginning of week two do not look so promising, with a square from Mars to his Venus.  But if he can get over that hurdle, he has Jupiter sextile his natal Mars at the end of Wimbledon (all power to his health, fitness and energy) and Jupiter also transits his South Node )a re-match from past lives!).  His chances are fair, I would say.

Angelique Kerber

Angelique Kerber beat Victoria Azarenka  at the end of last week to gain a place in the second week of Wimbledon. Like Milos Raonic, she is a steadfast Capricorn Sun sign (and Moon sign too).  She does not have an easy chart, and may have inner struggles, with Saturn conjunct Uranus both opposing Chiron.  Her sporting prowess may be down to Mars in Sagittarius plus Jupiter sextile her Chiron.  She also has the Sun sextile her North Node, giving her leadership qualities.  Pluto is sextile her natal Pluto at the moment, which means she is coming into her power at this time.  By the end of Wimbledon, Jupiter will also oppose her Sun, so she will be happy to have  reached her potential in the tournament, but I don’t think that it is her time to win Wimbledon.  I think she will be pleased with her performance and how far she reaches.

John Isner

John Isner has the Sun in determined Taurus, and Mars conjunct Gemini in fleet footed Gemini.  That proved to be a recipe for taking part in the longest ever match at Wimbledon, agains Mahut in 2010.  Taurus is an unusual sign for a tennis player, but it does have endurance.  He has Venus conjunct Mercury which is good for writing and broadcasting, but not as exact as Stan Wawrinka’s conjunction. His match against Lopez has been postponed during this rain-soaked patch in Wimbledon, but the delay may help him recoup, as Jupiter trines his Saturn currently. However that helpful trine has waned bu the end of the tournament, and I do not think he will go much further in the competition.  Despite his respite he may be beaten by Lopez, who has a stronger interaspect in their relationship, and whose Jupiter is currently trined by Uranus.

Aliza Cornet

Seemingly out of nowhere has come Aliza Cornet, who beat Serena Williams yesterday in the upset of the first week.  She did apparently previously  beat her in the semi-finals at Dubai, but has surprised herself by getting into the second week round at Wimbledon.  Who is she?  She is an Aquarian, with a preponderance of planets in Capricorn.  She is artistic (Sun conjunct Venus and quick thinking (Mercury conjunct Uranus).  Much was made of her ability to vary the play (Mercury-Uranus disruption) in order to prevent Serena from staying in rhythm.  She is playing with great depth at the moment, with Pluto transiting her Neptune.  The North Node (karmic reward) is also sextile her Mars (athletic prowess).  At the end of the tournament Chiron sextiles her natal Saturn, which is satisfying but not especially uplifting.

I will be back in a few days with an update, reviewing other tennis players and emerging figures.