I have come across at least 4 “biting” stories this last week, which ties in with last week’s Mars opposition to Uranus.  Most prominent was the story of Luis Suarez teeth accidentally colliding with Chiellini’s shoulder.   Biting is not uncommon in toddlers, so Piaget if he were alive might have said he was fixated at the biting/toddler tantrum level.

Luis Suarez

In his chart, his skill as a footballer is shown by Mars exactly sextile his natal Mercury: extremely good co-ordination and quickness.  Mars is conjunct his North Node, so colours his karmic mission to achieve athletic prowess.  There is some underlying sadness, with Venus exactly conjunct Saturn, although this conjunction is in the enthusiastic sign of Sagittarius.  Chiron is also exactly sextile his natal North Node, which might hint at healing, once he works through his biting issues.  I doubt he can sell himself as a healer through biting.  His Moon is in Scorpio, so this may be the emotional sting, or bite, trined as it is with Jupiter making it very enthusiastic.

Uruguay and England

He seems to have played a crucial role in the destiny of his birth country in the World Cup and the country he currently plays in, as a Liverpool player in England.  Pluto sextiles Suarez natal Sun, so he would be very passionate and dramatic about his nationality.  His Jupiter squares his birth nation’s Ascendant, so he can go over the top in relation to his tie with his motherland.

England and Uruguay were placed in the same group in the initial rounds of the World Cup tournament 2014.  Suarez scored a goal against England when the two teams met, which was crucial in knocking England out of the qualifying rounds.  Suarez has some great natal interaspects with the United Kingdom chart (while we are still in union with Scotland) but there is a dangerous square between his Mars (biting) and our Pluto (definite ouch factor) which can surface from time to time.

He was then hailed as a great asset to his home country team, but the bite at the end of the match with Italy earned him a four month ban from football.  So he was unable to prevent his team Uruguay from a defeat yesterday again Columbia.

Chiellini and Timing

This was a karmic bite!  Or so says the Astrology…for transiting Mars was exactly conjunct Suarez’ natal South Node.  Perhaps it was a set up for him to deal with his biting habit from past lives (literally).  Mars was also exactly trine his natal Chiron which may have helped his footballing success at the time, but it is possible he could not help himself, as he was expressing a deep wound of his own (Chiron).  In the context of the Mars-Uranuz opposition of last week, Uranus is positioned at Suarez’ North Node, which indicates a drastic change of circumstances. His natal Pluto is exactly conjunct Chiellini’s natal Saturn, which may indicate a fated quality to their interaction.  Finally, the victim, Chiellini, had a transit at the time of Neptune (the bizarre) squaring his natal Chiron (wounding).

The Astrology is very clear that it was almost unavoidable that Suarez bit, but the time has come for him to do something about this habit, and I hope FIFA can book him into some sort of suitable rehab.  There must be experts in the subject.


The weather may be damp (in the U.K.),but spirits should be high today.  There is a chance of a spiritual shift, with the Sun trine Neptune, from early in the morning.

But as the day progresses, and towards early evening, Venus squares Neptune, and some aspect of your spiritual perspective may be deceptive.  Someone may not be all they seem, for this evening aspect especially concerns relationships.

Tuesday 1st July is a day some of you have been waiting for, as Mercury turns direct after 3 weeks in retrograde motion.  Hopefully, communications and computers can operate more smoothly.  Contracts can be signed and processed.  Stuck situations may now start to move.  All these activities can be consolidated mid week.

After midweek you may be increasingly uncomfortable with a situation that is developing.  For on Friday the Sun opposes Pluto, and it’s not a day to chance your luck, unless you’re taking part in a tennis tournament and are scheduled to play that day, in which case you may have as much luck as your opponent across the net.  If you find yourself immune to doom laden soothsayers, and are fairly upbeat, you may find yourself supporting someone close who has not been able to rise above the day’s aspect.  We, and you, can overcome.  A little rain may fall, but the sunshine will follow the rain.

The week in bullet points:

  • Today – spiritual uplift, then a test of illusion
  • Tuesday – a sigh of relief in communications
  • Friday – some tough tension to work through