Unless you were up before the crack of dawn or live outside the UK perhaps, you would have missed the early morning conjunction of Mars and Uranus today. But if sparks fly during the course of the day, you’ll know why. Tomorrow sparks could turn into a conflagration of enthusiasm, going over the top for some, as Mars squares Jupiter. Tuesday 1st May is altogether gentler, graced by a trine between Venus and Neptune which is ideal for dancing with the stars, and dreams of genius. You might be touched. Wednesday (2nd) is a Full Moon and I will let the Full Moon Survey speak for that: as Project Manager I feel that I’ve been living and breathing the subject for the last month. Suffice it to say that surrender may be the key. Thursday (3rd) brings a conjunction between the Sun and Mercury in Taurus which will assist any focus on practical and mental projects, and clarity of consciousness. Saturday (5th) twists two Mercury aspects together at the same time, and you may find it difficult to untangle them: first up is Mercury sextile Uranus which is great for innovative ideas, but then later in the day Mercury squares Saturn so that the jobsworth beurocrat tries to keep the old conventional structures in place, putting a dampener on things. You will need the ingenuity of Uranus to get round that, but you’ll also have to convince the regulators that you have kept to health and safety standards. That’s if they have stretched the rules enough to work on a Bank Holiday weekend.