Venus entered Gemini this morning, and consequently I have been blogging since I got up, so I am hoping to keep this one brief, not to bog down my blog so to speak.  So the day may be characterized by a flurry of social communication, and multiples of the usual forms (hence I have 3 blogs).  “Extras” would be a good theme for the day, e.g. an extra person for lunch, and generally extra trimmings throughout the day.  Mars also squares Chiron today, so health and safety factors also need to be taken into account, including bruised egos.  Take arnica for the ordinary bruising, and soul-searching for the other kind.  Mars forms two more squares tomorrow (Monday 6th) so there is more expression of exuberance and possible remedies to hand.  First Mars squares Neptune, so the health and safety issues may be connected specifically with oil and water.  Drink plenty of water, but not too much.  Allow your imagination some rein, but not too much: your energies could be sapped, or you could put your energies into unrealistic goals.  Grounding may be needed as an antidote.  Where you could go into overdrive is  in the ensuing square of Mars to Jupiter. It would have been enough on its own, but the accumulation from the effects of the previous two squares could lead to energies going over the top, e.g. overheating of the physical body or over-zealousness for a cause.  After reaching boiling point, simmer gently.  Bach flower Rescue Remedy or a more subtle and skilled use of flower essences would be definitely recommended.  A balanced mind, body and spirit is required to bring out the best from the aspects of Tuesday (7th).  On that day, first Mars sextiles Uranus, which may see some electrical and mechanical issues of the last week resolved, and new ideas burgeoning.  And the eclipsed Full Moon in Capricorn occurs soon afterwards (9.21 a.m. in the U.K.)  The emotional focus will be that of restraint, order, seriousness and responsibility.  It’s a good time to look at your life direction and to accordingly re-align plans for the future with current conditions in mind.  The goal posts may have been moved since you last looked.  The Sun sextiles Saturn on Thursday (9th) so serious examinations need to take place, and you may need to knuckle down to work (especially if you are still laughing about antics which took place under Mars square Jupiter on Tuesday).  Friday 10th brings around again the momentous conjunction of Jupiter and Neptune, which last configured on 27 May (how could you forget it?)  It may be phase two of the effects of the conjunction in your life (the more fluffy part of the triple conjunction of Jupiter-Neptune-Chiron conjunction), so capitalize on the benefits, and deal with the complications as best you can.  At the risk of flogging an old joke, for fans of the Customer Service Desk, not only is there now soothing blue carpet laid on, but my mother-in-law has kindly handed down no less than 3 bells for our use.  On the down side, we have one door still out of operation, no curtains and nothing to sit on…there is always phase 3.