Kvitova vs Bouchard


2 pm today when the match is due to start, under cover of Centre Court if it continues to rain, sees Libra (tennis) rising with Mars/North Node (a karmic battle!) close to the Ascendant.  Certainly each of the two ladies is going to fiercely contest this title.  Petra Kvitova as a former holder of the title of Wimbledon champion, and Bouchard as a determined and confident “newcomer” to the top echelons.  The final is always fiercely played, but these two are very strongly motivated in this unique opportunity, with some of the older guard out of the way.

In the comparison of charts between Petra Kvitova and Eugenie Bouchard, the weightier planets overall weigh in for Bouchard.  Kvitova’s Mars is heavily involved, as in the picture of the match chart: Kvitova’s Mars sextiles Bouchard’s North Node/Pluto – could be Petra’s fight of her life in a sense.  Eugenie’s Neptune conjuncts Kvitova’s Saturn: Kvitova may try to play it straight but Eugenie’s Neptune may pull rank and bamboozle.  The strange thing is that they are both Pisceans, i.e. Neptune ruled.  So there could be a lot of inspiration and imagination in this match.  Transitwise it may be the battle between Chiron which transits Kvitova’s Sun, and Neptune which transits Bouchard’s Sun (both exact conjunctions by transit), and there again Neptune (Bouchard’s transit) could pull rank.

Eugenie Bouchard

I first wrote about Eugenie Bouchard on Tuesday afternoon in an update:

“Eugene Bouchard has a twin named Beatrice. Eugenie is a Piscean, with Sun conjunct Saturn in that sign, so serious and deep. Her Sun/Saturn conjunction is opposite her Chiron, so she does not have an easy path, yet there is a journey towards healing and wholeness, and a wide consciousness. She also has Mars conjunct Mercury in Aquarius, so she is fleet of mind and foot. Her Pluto exactly conjuncts her North Node, so whatever she will do in her life will have profound meaning. The Nodal Axis is currently squaring her Uranus, which brings surprises. But by the end of Wimbledon, Jupiter trines her natal North Node/Pluto conjunction. We could be looking at the winner, and the winning transit.”

Much has been made in the press this last couple of days of her relationship with our Laura Robson.  Looking at her chart comparison with Laura’s they have an intense and to some extent difficult set of interlinks:  Their “estrangement” is shown by Eugenie’s Uranus (estrangement) exactly conjunct Laura’s Mars (self-esteem).  Laura’s Saturn opposes Eugenie’s Moon, so they may have fed into each other’s teenage angst.  Laura’s Uranus is exactly conjunct Eugenie’s Neptune (a complex interaction – plus Laura’s Pluto conjuncts Eugenie’s North Node (definitely a heavy relationship from past lives).  Her relationship with Laura Robson is irrelevant to this final, but for the fact that some members of the audience might be holding resentment over this item of publicity, so the viewing audience may not be so much behind the “underdog” as she would be against the former title holder.

Apart from the Neptune transit to her Sun mentioned above, Saturn trines her Venus (a personal consolidation of some sort), the Nodal Axis squares her Uranus (surprises, possibly upsets) and Jupiter trine her Pluto (all power and triumph to her elbow).  So all not entirely plain sailing.

Petra Kvitova

I correctly predicted Kvitova’s triumph in gaining the title in 2011:

“Imaginative Piscean Petra Kvitova has some solid planets in Capricorn which help her focus.  Her nerves could get the better of her at the weekend (Mars squaring her Mercury), but her inspirational streak is likely to be her most helpful factor with Neptune trine her natal Jupiter at the weekend….”


“I redeemed my Wimbledon blogging reputation slightly yesterday at the Ladies Singles Final, by remarking that Sharapova’s aspects were not too good, and that Kvitova (who won) would be inspired. “

Last Sunday I updated my comments:

“Petra Kvitova is upbeat at the moment, and just beat Venus Williams to a place in the second week of Wimbledon.  She has a good set of transits at the moment.  Saturn is trine her Sun, which is very steadying.  Chiron is on her natal Sun, which is healing.  Neptune is on her natal Mercury, which can be insiring.  And Chiron is trine her Pluto. Which is very profound.  The latter aspect highlights the sheer strength of her natal Sun-Pluto exact trine.  The only fly in the ointment is Saturn on her natal Pluto, but I think she is handling that.    All these transits remain with her until the end of Wimbledon, and are joined by an opposition of Jupiter to her Mars, which may just be enthusiasm about winning Wimbledon.  She is a definite contender for the title.”

So she is now through to the final, and her current transits (there is an hour before the match starts, as I write):

Saturn trines her Sun exactly (she should put in a solid performance) and Chiron transits her Sun (she is on a healing journey at this time).  Neptune conjuncts her Mercury (normally that would be mental confusion, but Neptune is her ruling planet, as a Piscean, so you could see a wide consciousness there, maybe some shots that make you think “where did that come from?”!).  Jupiter opposes her Mars, so at some points of the match she may make unforced errors, trying to focus, exaggerating wide of the mark).  Saturn conjuncts her Pluto (psychologically she may be working through some heavy issues at the moment) and Chiron trines her Pluto.  That could work for her if she is really working through her issues.


I have to go with my statement of Tuesday about Bouchard:

“The Nodal Axis is currently squaring her Uranus, which brings surprises. But by the end of Wimbledon, Jupiter trines her natal North Node/Pluto conjunction. We could be looking at the winner, and the winning transit.”

I will update this blog later, to write about the Men’s Final