Federer vs Djokovic


The chart for this match is a similar shape to that of the women’s final, with Mars (now exactly on the Ascendant)/North Node rising in Libra, except that the Moon has joined the conjunction.  This may mean that the match is a little more balanced than that of Petra Kvitova against Eugenie Bouchard.  I don’t think it likely that it will be as one-sided.  Jupiter in the chart of the event is exactly on the Midheaven, so I think the quality of play will enhance the reputation of tennis and Wimbledon!

Their playing history would show more wins for Roger, as would his playing history with all the tennis players!  But it is still worth looking at their charts in relationship:  they have a karmic tie, being Roger’s North Node exactly sextile Novak’s Sun.  They came into incarnation to be part of the big four, competing against each other, and had interacted before.  But one gets the sense that Roger and Rafael Nadal have more issues between them, cast aside for now.  Roger’s Jupiter also squares exactly Novak’s natal Neptune, so there is a fundamental difference in approach to life and faith between them.  All part of life’s rich tapestry.

What can be written that is new about these two opponents today?  The fascinating thing is that both appointed old champions as their coaches at the same time, at the beginning of this year.  So I will find myself writing about their huge support from Stefan Edberg (weighing in on the side of Roger) and Boris Becker (weighing in on the side of Novak).  This magnifies the power on both sides, and certainly explains some of Roger’s astonishing return to tip top condition.  It also provides more polarization of styles: the coolness of Edberg plus Roger’s unflappability, and the more passionate style of Boris and Djokovic.  Could this be a set up from the Universe for the greatest men’s single final of all time?  Six months into their coaching relationship, they have had time to really get their acts together.

Roger Federer

At the beginning of this Wimbledon tournament, Roger was seeded 4th and I wrote:

“Mars sextiles his Sun at the beginning of Wimbledon, so he will start out with plenty of energy and resolve.  At the end of Wimbledon there are a couple of minor personal congenial transits, but nothing indicating that this will be a special Wimbledon for him.”

I have been reviewing the situation since, especially with Roger Federer doing so well throughout the tournament, and through the encouragement of Tri, a commentator to this blog, who kept me on my toes!

So at the semi-finals I added:

“I still feel Raonic has a fair chance of getting through, but Roger does not have any real adverse aspects, so if he wins it will be “all in a day’s work”, because of the calibre of man that he is and where his consciousness is.  If Roger gets to the final, he will be strong in heart and mind at that time, with the Sun on his Mars and Venus sextile his Sun. Those are not major transits, but he will be equinanimous at that time.”

Fine-tuning for the actual time of today’s match, 2 pm, I cannot add more, other than a sextile by Saturn to his Venus has caught my eye as being a very solid and satisfactory aspect.  Could it be that Roger Federer, who has overcome many players and many astrological aspects over so many years, actually transcends astrological forces?

Coach: Stefan Edberg

Stefan Edberg has an outstanding chart, and Federer has chosen well in this respect.  Between them, they would bring a great deal of finesse and sensitive skill to a game already at the top level.  Highlights of his chart include: Mars trine exactly Jupiter (Energy, Enthusiasm and Luck); Mercury trine Uranus (quick thinking and telepathy – maybe he is able to transmit his advice to Roger from the sidelines); Mercury exactly trine Pluto (psychological perception, so his comments to Roger about his opponents could be very incisive) and Uranus closely conjunct Pluto (a powerful wild energy, which can knock opponents off their stride).  At the time he became coach, Uranus sextiled exactly Roger’s natal Sun (a significant change in his life).  Jupiter was transiting his natal Mars (new luck in his physical path)  and Pluto was exactly trine his natal  Ascendant (very profound changes physically).  There are good aspects between them, most notably Stefan Edberg’s Mars (energy) exactly trine (supporting) Roger’s Pluto (power).

Novak Djokovic

At the beginning of this Wimbledon tournament I wrote:

“…At the start of Wimbledon, he has some of those scintillating aspects: Neptune sextile his Neptune (spiritual centredness) and Neptune trine his Pluto (a deep sense of truth), so he should be starting on good form.  By the end of Wimbledon, only one of those prevails (Neptune trine Neptune) so it is possible that he may not make the final, but he will be philosophical at the end of the day.”

But then I picked him to have the best bunch of aspects of the top four!

For the semi-final with Dimitrov I added:

“Though Novak Djokovic and Andy Murray are only born a week apart, the fine difference is that at the moment Neptune is closer to a trine with Djokovic’s Pluto, which is helping him, and likely to see Djokovic into the final.”

Coach: Boris Becker

I would think  that Boris Becker is a towering figure to have standing behind you.  He symbolizes strength and force (he has Mars exactly trine Pluto in his chart).  His Sun is exactly sextile Uranus, so he has brilliance and originality.  His Moon (females) is exactly square his Nodal Axis (karma) which is why he has had such a difficult relationship history with women.  There are a lot of strong connections between their charts: In his relationship with Novak Djokovic their suns are opposite, so he would be able to complete Djokovic’s thinking, complete the circle for him.  Mars was sextile Novak’s Mercury when Boris became his coach (the appearance in his life of a male who completes and stimulates his thinking).  Jupiter sextiles exactly Boris’s natal Uranus by transit at the final, which supports a win.  It depends how important to him in his life, whether such a win would show up.


I don’t know!  My heart goes with Roger Federer, partly because his playing in this tournament has made my heart sing.  But my head goes with Novak Djokovic.  May the best man win.