World Cup 2014

I haven’t watched one football match during the world cup, but I think my husband has watched them all.  Nevertheless, some of the stories of this year’s tournament have piqued my astrological curiosity, and I thought I would look at some of them today.  I wrote about Luiz Suarez a couple of weeks ago, in case you missed it and would like to catch up.


Where did it all go wrong for our team?  At the very start of the tournament, the United Kingdom (I do not have a separate chart for England) had Jupiter on the Moon, high hopes.  Saturn was however squaring the U.K. Neptune (a set up for disillusionment).

Much of the pressure rested on Wayne Rooney, who had a reasonable transit of Uranus trine his Uranus at the outset.   That should have brought the capacity to surprise, but it seems he neither distinguished or disgraced himself.

Disappointment followed disappointment, and by 20th June England had been finally knocked out of the competition.  By then the brilliance that had failed to show its promise for Wayne Rooney (Uranus trine his natal Uranus) had faded.  And for the U.K. chart, a deep wound was showing  (Pluto square the U.K. natal Chiron).  The transits to the national chart seem to have been more relevant than the transits to that of Rooney the player.

Perhaps a look at Roy Hodgson’s chart may elucidate matters, I thought.  At the start of the tournament he too had glowing transits: Uranus exactly trine his natal Sun (brilliance) and Chiron trine his natal Jupiter (excellent prospects for success!)  By the time England were knocked out, he was still holding those wonderful transits, plus the North Node exactly trine his natal Uranus (a karmic surprise).  A sorry tale for football, and astrology.  It seems again that the chart of the nation was more relevant to the individual.  Hopefully, the astrology will hold up elsewhere in the tournament.


A heartrending passage through the World Cup story, that of Brazil.   They took an economic risk in the project to host the tournament, and found it difficult to complete the work in time.  Again, a country full of hope, but initial hopes fulfilled by getting a good way through the tournament.  Their best player  (Neymar) honoured by his success, but then badly injured, and knocked out of the contest.  Then at their very next game, an unprecedented 7 – 1 defeat, at the hands of Germany, meant not only hope destroyed, but a sense of humiliation.

At the beginning of the tournament Saturn was squaring the Brazil chart Venus (was this a portent of the sadness to come?)  At the 7 – 1 defeat in the semi-finals, Uranus was exactly conjunct Brazil’s natal Chiron (a shock wound).  Neptune was exactly square their natal Moon, too (seeing themselves as humiliated, and also some disillusionment).


Does Neymar’s chart show his brilliance as a footballer?  He has Mercury exactly conjunct Saturn (precision and application) and Mars sextile Pluto (great strength and energy), and his skill and complex dexterity may be depicted by his Mars close to  a conjunction of Uranus and Neptune.  At the beginning of the World Cup he had Jupiter trine his Pluto and Pluto trine his natal Jupiter (a peak of power), plus and minus some mixed aspects.  At the time of his injury, Mars was exactly square his Mars, which would indicate an injury, but I would not have expected it to be as severe or far reaching in its implications.


At the beginning of the World Cup Argentina had Saturn exactly trine its Sun (a steady climb).  Now at the final of the tournament, Saturn squares its Mars and Uranus trines its Mars, which could indicate a tough struggle but the possibility of a sudden breakthrough for them.


Lionel Messi Is being hailed as Argentina’s finest hope now.  His footballing brilliance chartwise is shown by Jupiter (success) exactly sextile Mars (football).  At the beginning of the tournament, his transits were glowing: Jupiter trine his natal Jupiter and Uranus sextile his Chiron, and this has been a great tournament for him.  His personal final transits do not look remarkable.


Germany have done exceedingly well in this tournament, memorably beating Brazil 7 – 1 in the semi-finals.  Their closest transit at the beginning of the tournament was Mars trine exactly their natal Mars (good transits for football!)  At the time they defeated Brazil, Pluto was exactly on their natal Neptune and Saturn exactly on their natal Pluto (a heavy cosmic test triumphantly won – they had trained to perfection!).  For tonight’s final, the same two transits apply, so provided they have kept up the overtraining, there is no reason why they should not win.


Early this morning, Mercury entered the sign of Cancer, bringing a new mental tempo: from strictly factual to incorporating emotion into mental evaluations.

This morning too, Venus trined Mars, so it could be an indulgent, sensual day.    It is a good day for exercise, body awareness and body psychotherapy.  It can be a day of pleasure-seeking, and balancing the male-female relationships in your life, as well as  balance between your own Inner male and female.  The aspect could also bode well for tonight’s final of the World Cup, as Mars rules football and Venus could add elegance to the game which has been too full of injury and foul play at times.

Mars is also conjunct the North Node today, which fits well with having such a crucial football match, but if your interests do not lie there, activity and warriorship will be strongly highlighted generally, and may apply to your own karma in some way.

Wednesday (16th) is the most important day astrologically this week.  It starts with the Sun squaring the Nodal Axis, which is generally about karmic power play.  You may find yourself in a group situation where people are jostling for power, but the aim should be the fair sharing of power.

Jupiter in Leo

The most important aspect of the week, by a mile, is the entry of Jupiter into Leo, which takes place at 10.30 a.m. on Wednesday.  Hopefully, you have processed some of  your home and family issues while Jupiter has been in Cancer for the last year.  Pat yourself on the back for any successes in this sphere  Jupiter as a planet is in great harmony with the sign of Leo, as its natural sign Sagittarius is a fire sign.  Leo allows a full expression of the exuberance of Sagittarius.  It also allows an expansion for Leos and Aries of their personalities and lifestyles, including increased foreign travel.  All signs may experience an influx of energy when Jupiter crosses the threshold into Leo.  Jupiter’s year in Leo will benefit the pursuit of the enjoyment of life, the leisure industry, creativity and new interests.  So mid week could bring a taste of the high life.

Friday (18th) sees the entry of Venus into Cancer.  Though we have lost a big player from Cancer, we have gained two everyday planets (Mercury and Venus) and so continue to monitor family issues this month.  Venus in Cancer brings warmth and love to family relationships.

There is a complex pair of aspects early on Saturday (19th) which may have relevance to you in planning the week.  First, Mercury trines Neptune, an aspect of spiritual inspiration.  But shortly afterwards, the Sun squares Mars, which is super fiery, and Health and Safety issues may need to be addressed quickly:  check smoke alarms and have the fire extinguisher ready.  The aspect which precedes it may mean you might suddenly have to go from meditation mode to high alert, but if you can combine the two you’ll be well equipped.

Overall, this week you should be buoyed up by Jupiter’s entry into Leo.  If you have a lot of activities planned for the rest of the summer, you should be super-charged in anticipation.  Jupiter in Leo is the ultimate in feel-good factor.

The week in bullet points:

  • Today – mind and emotion combine, sensuality heightened, football or warriorship on the agenda
  • Wednesday – power karma and super-enjoyment
  • Friday – More emotion
  • Saturday – meditation, followed by a leap into action