Another Malaysian Airline Tragedy

In March, a Boeing 777 from Kuala Lumpur in Malaysia disappeared on its way to Beijing.  The airplane and its passengers were never recovered.  This week, a Boeing 777 from Amsterdam to Kuala Lumpur flew over war-torn Ukrainian airspace and was shot down, much of the debris scattered over a wide area, while some have been removed, possibly with the black boxes.

Chart of Malaysia

The chart of Malaysia has Chiron exactly on its Midheaven with Pluto exactly on the opposite point, the I.C., which is a difficult balancing act.  Pluto at this point in time is exactly sextile the natal Midheaven/Chiron and trine the Pluto/I.C., denoting an event of great import.  The search for the first flight became a global issue and concerted search, with China hard hit in terms of casualties, and Australia for a long time the subject of nearby ocean searches.  In the current tragedy, the tussle between Russia and the U.S. over the Ukrainian war has intensified, and there are casualties from all over the globe, but it is especially the Netherlands who are mourning the dead.

Chart of the Tragedy

The chart of the airplane being shot down by a missile shows a karmic war situation is involved, with Mars and the North Node conjunct the Ascendant.

Some of the long term transits to the Malaysian chart are still operative.  I wrote in March:

“Yet the transits for Malaysia look strong at the moment, with even Pluto trine its natal Pluto (self-empowerment).  The most suspect transit for Malaysia at the moment is Neptune opposing its natal Uranus, a transit which has a sense of the bizarre about it.”

All of that still applies.  In addition a trine from Saturn to the North Node of the Malaysian chart implies there is a sense of responsibility, which Malaysia is yet to work out.  In the weeks after the first tragedy, they were blamed for mismanagement by the relatives of the passengers.  In this situation, there may be responsibility over the issue of the flying space.  Apparently, the plane was flying there because it was diverted due to thunderstorms.


There was Ukraine, just getting on with its civil war and tussle between Russia and Europe, with the U.S. heavily involved, when suddenly someone hits a plane flying overhead killing 283 passengers, in one fell swoop the same number as the current total of casualties in Gaza from the current conflict there.  Suddenly the conflict in the Ukraine has taken on an even more macabre tone, and an even wider implication globally.  Australia and the U.K. have issued strong statements to Vladimir Putin of Russia suggesting that he pull back his ambitions there.  Chiron trines the Ukrainian Pluto, a strong message for change and the need for healing, and Mars squares its Ascendant (blood on its hands). Uranus is currently square the Nodal Axis of Ukraine, bringing anarchic karmic conditions.


Whatever Putin envisaged as his aim for this conflict, it surely didn’t include an aircraft full of passengers tragically killed in the field of battle.  Putin currently has Chiron trine his Uranus (his Uranus trines the Ukrainian Pluto). So there is a shock element here for him, but will he do the right thing?


The Netherlands are shocked, horrified and upset not only at the loss of its people, but the way the bodies have been so casually treated on the field.  The right approach to satisfy all parties is still to be decided, but some clearing has been started.  The most relevant transits to Holland’s chart at the moment seem to be Uranus squaring its natal Neptune (a bizarre shock) and the Nodal Axis across its Ascendant/Descendant axis, implying a karmic element to this event.  Who or what would the karma be with?  Its Neptune is conjunct the Ukrainian South Node (past karma, but when?), and its Uranus is square the Ukrainian Pluto (an anarchic relationship). With Malaysia, Holland has unhappy chart relations, with its Mars conjunct exactly the Malaysian Uranus (the capacity of shocks from Malaysia), and a karmic conjunction between the North Node of Malaysia and the Neptune of Holland.  There is therefore an exact karmic link between Malaysia and the Ukraine in that their Nodes are exactly reversed.  This reversal of axes pulls the chart of Holland into the fray through its Neptune (bizarreness, mystery and illusion).  There is karma of countries, but without delving into their histories, I can only point out that it is pertinent here.

Philip Hammond

Our own cabinet reshuffle this week is worthy of mention in this context, with the departure of William Hague as Foreign Secretary, and his replacement with Philip Hammond.  Sun in Sagittarius gives him the globetrotting air that this post requires, so that is a good start astrologically.  Philip Hammond has made strong utterances already to Vladimir Putin, warning that “the world’s eyes are on Russia”.  As well as an exact conjunction of the Sun and Mercury in Sagittarius (a lot of globe trotting!) he has a conjunction of his ruling planet Jupiter to Pluto (an interest in power play) which is ideal for the job.  Whether he has the gravitas or statesmanship for a job of such responsibility remains to be seen.  But something exciting is occurring for him when Jupiter transits his Uranus on 25th July (this coming Friday), which may be an international situation, or a personal event.

Another Perspective

Award winning Financial Astrologer Raymond Merriman observed that when the Ukrainian conflict first started, whoever appeared to be the aggressor would end up the loser, based on the position of Mars at 27 degrees of Libra.  Now with Mars back at that position, having spent a great deal of time in Libra, it appears his observation may be very true.


Today, Saturn is stationary prior to turning direct, which is welcome news.  Foundations you have tried to build which may have been rocky can now be relied on…

…Or can they?  For on Tuesday (22nd) Uranus will be stationary prior to turning retrograde, and could throw a spanner in the very cement that seemed so solid.  That is not to say it will, but it may.  So check your cement for spanner imprints before proceeding cautiously.

You’ll know immediately if Uranus is going to cause you problems, because soon afterwards Mercury opposes Pluto, and there may be a mental conundrum to unravel.  Communications could go awry, too.  So if your cement holds through all of that, your project may prove to be workable.  It may be that you are spinning a few plates at one time, and may have to reduce the number of plates in order to keep track.

The Sun goes into Leo later that day, and it shines warmly in its own sign.  It may have been dampened in the sign of Cancer, but Leos will certain be winning this month, and this year.  Spiritually, it supports the process of individuation, so it is good for Jungians and creative artists such as mandala experts.  We have had positively tropical hot temperatures, and thunderstorms, this last week in the U.K. and that pattern may continue throughout the coming week.

Thursday (24th) brings two welcome aspects: first Venus trines Neptune, which is inspired for the Arts, such as music and dancing, and also for spiritual love.  The second aspect is a conjunction between Jupiter and the Sun in early Leo, which favours travel, playfulness, sun-seeking, holday-making and creativity.  Any leisure activity would be blessed by their combined rays in Leo.

Friday (25th) may see Philip Hammond blossom in his new role of Foreign Secretary, so it is lucky for some.  For others (especially Mercury-ruled Geminians and Virgoans) it may be a day of mixed fortunes, with Mercury first squaring Uranus (surprises or shocks) then trine Saturn and Chiron (mental plans and foundations favoured, and healing outcomes).  Mercury in Cancer forms a Grand Trine in water with Saturn in Scorpio and Chiron in Pisces, so it is a good day for water sports and walks on the beach, or the resolution of emotional issues.

Meanwhile, Mars is leaving Libra, so hopefully you resolved some relationship issues or conflicts over the last six months.  On Saturday (26th) it moves into Scorpio, and in some ways gets tougher.  The gloves are off the Inner Warrior, and we all need to stand our ground and draw our boundaries, and resist external dictators.  Mars stays in Scorpio until mid-September.

But the week ends on a high, if you find New Moons to be a positive force in your life.  The New Moon takes place in Leo at 3 degrees, close to the Sun/Jupiter conjunction, and should be a wholly positive experience.  It takes place at 22.42 Hrs in the U.K.  Enjoy!

The week in bullet points:

  • Today – the best laid plans…
  • Tuesday – the spanner in the works, and communication headaches.  Later sunniness…
  • Thursday – sublime
  • Friday – mixed messages but some headway in emotional issues
  • Saturday – intensification of warriorship; later joyful new beginnings