As Mercury sextiled Saturn in the early hours of this morning in the U.K., and Mars entered Gemini, and I was fast asleep, and did not receive an enlightening dream, all I can do now, blogging in hindsight, is to offer the re-alignment of breath consciousness.  But I have resolved to cover next Sunday’s early-morning aspect in this blog to avoid the same problem next week.  Mercury and Gemini are associated with breathing, and so it would be as well to get in synch with these early morning aspects to carry you through the day or the coming mild and mellow week, in which there is an emphasis on Mercury aspects.  Saturn’s sextile to Mercury does not exactly restrict the breathing, but it does control it, so you need to first take a few deep breaths in order to start to re-set the breathing.  Then allow the breath to fall into a natural rhythm, which may be slightly slower than usual in tune with Saturn’s influence. With Mars’ entry into Mercury-ruled Gemini, there may be a temptation throughout the day to slip into fast or shallow breathing, or even hyperventilation, but just bring the breathing back to the Mercury sextile Saturn rhythm if that happens, if you want a relaxed, lazy Sunday.  The new issue of Breathe magazine was out this week, and it is the last issue edited by Robert Moore, who has been at the helm since 1984.  I started subscribing in 1987.  The cover title leads on “Physical Immortality” this month, and as always the subjects covered fascinate.  He tells us there is a “subtle change in some people’s approach to Breathwork…I had the sense of more respect for following how a person is already breathing instead of them having to adopt a prescribed form.”  To read more, get your copy of this historic issue.  Also, if you have been involved in rebirthing and breathwork, and would like to take over as Editor of this magazine, it is looking for a new Editor.  Tuesday (14th) brings a conjunction of Sun and Mercury.  Ah!  A conjunction.  I have a predilection for these, and might have a whole one for breakfast that day.  This conjunction in particular I have found to be perfect for writing poetry.  It is in the sign of Cancer, so if you do write poetry, or blank verse, you may find that it falls into more of a natural rhythm than usual.  Remember to breathe throughout the process, too.  On Thursday (16th) Mercury trines Uranus, which is an excellent aspect for aligning the higher mind with the lower mind, the right brain with the left brain, and receiving and transmitting telepathy and channellings.  If you do not want to confine all the action to your head, then other ways of expressing this trine would be to have some electrical re-wiring done, or to attend or host a workshop, a book group, or a self-help group.  There may be a surprise breakthrough or innovation concerning communication, the media or the world of I.T. in the news that day.  For some of us, we will be happy and content for our computers to work smoothly and without situations of panic.  People who are comfortable around technology will be free to put their mental energies to more creative use.  On Friday (17th) Mercury enters Leo, and the prevailing mental energy will change from sentimental (Mercury in Cancer) to dynamic and creative, with the added thrust of debate and discussion and the slight edginess of competition.  Mentally, people will be trying to score points off each other, unless they have worked through their sibling rivalry issues.  If the sibling rivalry issues have been worked through (with rebirthing or psychotherapy, or if you are an only child) the mind is free to explore its own creativity and to shine and excel in its own right.  This theme can continue right through to the early hours of the following Sunday morning (19th), with a trine between the Sun and Uranus bringing together a heady mixture of communication, innovation and creativity.  I hope to explore that in greater detail next week, when we will also be preparing for the changes brought by the forthcoming solar eclipse and New Moon.