POSITIONALITY – “That which orchestrates our perception.  What we perceive through the filter of our positionality is our repertoire, which is limited to what we allow in, according to the responses of the emotional body.”

~ Chris Griscom: “Ecstasy is a New Frequency”

Israel and Gaza

In any conflict, karma will not be eradicated by trying to obliterate the other party, it will only create further karma.  And any solution will have to satisfy both sides, or karma will be perpetuated, the karma of broken hearts.  Today, after a short truce, Israel and Hamas have decided to continue fighting, and the world watches helplessly by.

Daniel Barenboim

The Guardian published an article this week by the conductor Daniel Barenboim, who holds both an Israeli and a Palestinian passport, and brings together the two worlds in his Peace orchestra.  He has a unique ability to stand in the middle of the two, and have both their interests at heart.

He writes: “After decades of devastation and loss on both sides the conflict has today reached a previously unimaginable level of gruesomeness and despair.”

His Chart

What can we learn from Daniel Barenboim’s chart about working to unify two sides of a conflict?  Is it easier for people detached from a conflict to mediate, such as the U.N., or is someone deeply immersed in both cultures more qualified to pass an opinion?

Daniel has Chiron conjunct the North Node – his karmic mission (North Node) is to achieve healing through wholeness (Chiron).  He has this conjunction in Leo, the sign of Creativity and Conducting, the Performing Arts and Leadership.

The Moon rises in humanitarian Aquarius in his chart, so he has the empathy for people (Moon) whilst having some detachment in his position (Aquarius).

His Sun  is exactly conjunct Venus in Scorpio, and to do such work, you need to come absolutely from a deep place (Scorpio) of Love (Venus) for all.

Another feature of his chart which places him in the middle is Mercury right at the top of his chart, squaring his Ascendant/Descendant axis.  He is a Messenger, for both sides.

We cannot all be in the middle.  Sometimes powerful personal interests may put us on one side or the other.  But the more we look at the whole, the truer our vision will be.

Daniel concludes by saying:

“In this conflict, we are all losers.  We can only overcome this sad state if we finally begin to accept the other side’s suffering and their rights.  Only from this understanding can we attempt to build a future together.”


Tomorrow begins with a karmic theme, that of Mercury squaring the Nodal Axis.  This is about communication karma: maybe both sides of a conflict talking.  Where a planet sqaures the Nodal Axis, I find, this speaks of a group situation and need.

This follows on with Venus opposing Pluto, a painful exploration of love and loss, and part of a T-square occurring this week, involving Uranus.  There is no side-stepping a personal issue, and if you dodge this one, it will catch up with you from another angle later this week.  Do the deep personal work required, and try to reach a state of inner peace.

On Thursday (31st) Mercury enters Leo, and there is scope for drying your tears on issues of mental focus, and focussing on the joy of existence, being thankful for small mercies, and enjoying life in the moment.  We have a window to accommodate this mindset until mid-August when Mercury enters Virgo, so put your mental searchlight to attuning to that happy and creative mental vibe (if necessary listen to or watch Pharrell Williams’ “Happiness”).  Mercury is working for us on this, so don’t let it pass you by.

Friday (1st August) starts with the other leg of the T-square, Venus squaring Uranus.  This highlights divisions, schisms and estrangements, but take heart because other aspects later in the day counteract some of the harshness of that aspect.

Next, Venus trines Saturn, so something may be salvaged in relationships, a rapprochement may be brokered.  Perhaps not as full as hoped for, but it is at least a start.

If both sides come to the table, they can partake of the next aspect: Venus trine Chiron, which is healing and has the potential for wholeness.  Of course, if they do not come to the table, they cannot partake of the next stage of healing.

A Grand Trine is also created between Venus in Cancer, Saturn in Scorpio and Chiron in Pisces, so on the heart level (Venus) much can be achieved.

Finally, Mars squares Jupiter, which can bring about a celebration, high jinks, exuberance, fireworks, and emotions going over the top.  If celebrating, pay attention to health and safety factors, such as avoiding the use of fireworks altogether.

Mercury conjuncts Jupiter on Saturday (2nd) which is a sane way to end the week!  It speaks of healthy sales and business, expanded consciousness, broadened horizons, and buoyant mentality.  It is a good news aspect, which it is good to be receptive to in this day and age.

The week in bullet points:

  • Tomorrow – dialogue, and soul-searching
  • Thursday – lifting the mental mood
  • Friday – mixed feelings, but the potential for working together; celebrate cautiously
  • Saturday – holiday atmosphere, productivity, achievement, and sharing