Fixed Stars of the Week

I haven’t written about the Fixed Stars for some time, but they can enrich our experience of the week, when we look at their input as the steady backdrop to the ever revolving influence of the planets of our Solar System.

When I first came to Norfolk, I did some intensive star mapping, and later ran a meditation group for two years based on the Fixed Stars, so they have a special place in my heart.  As the stars from the constellations, they appear to be fixed, but their positions move very slightly over the centuries.  Some Astrologers use a 13-sign zodiac, incorporating one of these constellations, Ophiuchus, but in truth you could if you used all the constellations, have an almost infinite zodiac backdrop, which would take a long time to interpret every week.


Bernadette Brady’s ”Book of Fixed Stars” gives the traditional meanings for the Fixed Stars, and “Starlight Elixirs” by Michael Smulkis and Fred Rubenfeld gives channelled information, of a more positive nature than the traditional interpretations..

This week’s Fixed Stars:

Our Sun aligns with each Fixed Star on the same day every year, so if it is your birthday on one of the following dates, you have a special affinity with that Fixed Star.

Tomorrow –

Kochab, the beta star from Ursa Minor

Bernadette Brady does not give an interpretation for this fairly minor star, though it was one of the pole stars from 1500 BC to 500 AD.

“Starlight Elixirs” tells us that this star is useful in processing past life information, and also future destiny:

“This star can assist people in grounding information from their past lives.  This is a way in which one becomes more comfortable with one’s past lives, as if these lives are running concurrently or parallel to one’s present life and can affect the person in positive ways.  The ability to accept this easily, feel good about the information, and take it in by actually owning it and really knowing it, this is far beyond a verbal or intellectual process.  This can generate a deeper sense of power within the individual.”

Acubens, the alpha star of the sign Cancer

Bernadette Brady informs us that:

“Ptolemy states that the stars of the claws of Cancer are of the nature of Saturn and Mercury.  Robson indicates that the star is connected to liars and criminals.”

Starlight Elixirs emphasizes the Cancerian values of home and family:

“In this star you see some of the more generalized tendencies of Cancer that have a symbolic effect on people such as a willingness to express and work out family issues, to understand the nature of the home, and to create this more clearly.“

Wednesday –

Dubhe, the alpha star from Ursa Major

Bernadette Brady informs us that:

“Ptolemy states that Dubhe is martial in nature.  Ebertin refers to this star as “nasty” and very much like a destructive Mars.  Rigor is a little more positive, indicating that gives a certain psychic ability or at least the power to overcome one’s enemies.”

Starlight Elixirs indicates that this star is about the use of heart energy:

“These stars can strengthen the ability to project energy from the heart that can be healing, warming, and regenerating.  This energy can be directed with greater consciousness into the person themselves, another person, the world at large, animals, gems or plants.“

Friday –

El Tarf the beta star of the sign Cancer

Bernadette Brady does not document El Tarf individually.

Starlight Elixirs gives its application as better communication within a family, and especially in relation to children in their teenage years.


As well as the Sun’s alignments with the Fixed Stars above, Mercury (which is close to the Sun this week) is also aligning with these stars,  These contacts will increase the mental application of their influence:

7th: Thursday, Mercury aligned with Kochab and Acubens

8th: Friday, Mercury aligned with Dubhe

9th: Saturday, Mercury aligned with El Tarf

So in my portrayal of the week’s aspects, I will bear these in mind.


Mercury squared Mars this morning, only a minute after midnight, so you may have still been up when it took place.  You may be feeling a little fractious, irritable or wonder if you got out the wrong side of bed today.  Your dreams may have been restless, or you may have had too much preying upon your mind to sleep properly.  Consider re-programming yourself at some point today, with a siesta or a meditation, or a little gentle yoga.

On Tuesday (5th) Saturn trines Chiron, an important aspect.  Healing avenues may be very constructive, both conventional and non-conventional forms of healing, and both working together.

Venus also squares the Nodal Axis on Tuesday: relationships will be under the karmic microscope, and groups can work towards harmony if they bear in mind the karmic element of their dilemmas.

Thursday (7th) brings a fine trine between Mars and Neptune.  This supports sensitive action, e.g. peace movements, ceasefires, and in your personal life handling anyone or anything with care.

Friday (8th) brings a conjunction between the Sun and Mercury in Leo, so that intelligent forms of creativity can be produced.

Communication within the family may be fostered, and especially with those in their teenage years.  If family relationships are being re-kindled in holiday activities, there may be breakthroughs.

Mercury also trines Uranus, which is helpful for solving communication problems, such as with computers or rail links.  This aspect gives the ability to think outside the box.

Saturday (9th) starts out fine astrologically, with a trine between the Sun and Uranus.  Creativity is added to the previous day’s ideas.

Then uh oh!  Mercury squares Saturn and then the Sun squares Saturn.  Plans may fall flat or the day’s plans may be washed out.  Plan for potential problems diligently if you have a big day on.  If it is a wedding, for instance, address the objector in advance, and tackle lawful impediments in advance.  There is usually a hitch, in every good wedding, but it usually works out all right on the night, with all the good will of the crowd – someone will have a solution.

If you don’t have plans for that day, don’t be too ambitious.  Take the day as it comes, and feel your way through any obstacles as they arise.

The week in bullet points:

  • Today – nervy
  • Tomorrow – past life information, home and family emphasis
  • Tuesday – healing and karma
  • Wednesday – transmitting heart energy
  • Thursday – positive sensitivity
  • Friday – excellent communication
  • Saturday – mixed; calculate for obstacles