I will be on holiday on Sunday morning and away from blogland, but here are the basic essentials for next week:

Sunday 10th August at 18.09 Hrs – Full Moon in Aquaarius at 18 degrees

Emotional tension, leading to a conflict of interest between the individual and the group. If you need to strengthen your individuality, try creative avenues. If you need to integrate within a group, expand your consciousness. The tension should lift by the evening.

Tuesday 12th August at 7.24 a.m.- Venus enters Leo

Creative ideas could be bubbling under the surface and blossom on Tuesday when Venus enters Leo.  Artistic, musical and thespian creativity will shine while Venus is in Leo (until 6th September).

Friday 15th August at 9.29 a.m. – Mars sextile Pluto

On Friday (15th) Mars sextiles Pluto and energetic initiatives could work, if the energy doesn’t get out of hand. Warlike types may be straining at the leash.

16.44 Hrs – Mercury enters Virgo

Mid-afternoon sees the entry of Mercury into Virgo and the energy may change, or be added to the energetic project. Many may prefer to dis-engage from activity and sit at the desk or computer, to knuckle down to some detailed work, e.g. planning autumn schedules. But if you were combining the day’s aspects, there is a possibility of planning and organizing large scale campaigns.

Have a good week!