Lauren Bacall

I can’t let the week pass without honouring Lauren Bacall, one of the lights of the golden age of Hollywood.

Her 1978 autobiography “By Myself” is one of the most emotionally honest autobiographies I have ever read.  She wrote movingly about her emotional wounds (she had a conjunction of the Moon and Chiron at the top of her chart).

Birth Chart

Lauren Bacall had the finely chiselled features which I associate with her Sun sign placing of Virgo, and which constituted a great part of her outstanding beauty.

Her trademark sidelong glance, however, is a classic feature of her Ascendant sign, Cancer.  It was said that this was initially evoked by her nervousness (often a Virgoan trait), but became part of the mystique which formed part of her allure.  Very tellingly her North Node (karmic mission) conjuncts exactly her Neptune, and she became a poster girl for the Hollywood penchant for mystique in her day.


There is no doubt that destiny played a great part in her life, in meeting and marrying Humphrey Bogart, twenty five years her senior, and together they made one of the golden couples of the Golden Age of Hollywood (notably with Spencer Tracy and Kathryn Hepburn).  Humphrey’s Venus was exactly opposite Lauren’s Ascendant, on her marriage point, and there was no doubt he was the love of her life.  She had Midheaven (Careerpoint) exactly trine her natal Jupiter, which symbolizes the double lucky break of entering a Hollywood film career and meeting the love of her life at the same time, on the film set of To Have and Have Not.


The shelf life of her career was enduring, as she took on many character roles successfully even towards the end of her life.  This may be due to a trine between her Neptune/North Node conjunction, and her Chiron, keeping her spiritually aligned and on a healing pathway.

She was a great beauty, but in her autobiography her integrity also shines through.