Robin Williams

Robin Williams, of the kindly twinkly  eyes, the warm emotions of Mrs Doubtfire, and the quick fire mind and communication of an alien,  was a unique comedian and actor. His suicide, after long battles with addiction and mental health issues including (a diagnosis of) bi-polar disorder (often accompanied by creative genius) has re-energized awareness of depression in our society.

Astrological Chart

Robin Williams was a sensitive Sunsign Cancerian, which showed in his emotionality, and was exemplified in his parental role of Mrs Doubtfire.

His zany electrical energy is represented by a conjunction of Mars and Uranus, and his Moon was trine his Mars/Uranus  (lightning  emotional responses) – Carpe Diem in action.  The Moon also conjuncts his North Node (karmic mission) so as the Moon is his ruling planet, he would have been very driven in his actions.  The Mars/Uranus trines with the Moon/North Node and they trine his Scorpio Ascendant, keying into his physicality, producing a high wired nervous system.

Mars/Uranus squaring Jupiter points to another unique quality of his:  an exceptionally high energy.    This torrent of unusual energy made him well-cast in the role of Mork from Ork, a convincing alien with lunar features  at least (I do not have an ephemeris for Ork).

Mercury conjuncts Pluto in his chart, so he was a deep and brooding thinker.  This Mercury/Pluto conjunction straddles the Midheaven (Careerpoint) so he could express his verbal angst through his career.

He had good aspects to his Venus, making him lovable, but Venus was at the South Node, and perhaps there was something from past lives that emotionally he could not resolve in this one.

He led an isolated childhood, which gave rise to his phrase “Love Me Syndrome”.  His chart connection with his mother’s is very intensely locked.  Her powerful exact Uranus-Pluto trine is exactly on his Mars/Uranus and Moon/North Node trine, locking into his Ascendant and his physicality.


At his death he had 6 Mars transits and 6 Pluto transits, so his energetic turmoil was overwhelming.  Uranus opposite his natal Neptune will have added to that turmoil.

I have a feeling he was needed elsewhere in the Universe.



A cheery aspect to start the week!  This aspect occurs tomorrow morning, so it starts the working week.  It’s an aspect of fun, joy, socializing (around the watercooler?) and celebration.  Perhaps the  office joker has just returned from his or her best holiday ever, showing the holiday photos on the I phone…or has returned from the Edinburgh Festival with a host of new comedy material.

On  Tuesday (19th)  Mercury opposes Neptune, which is an aspect of mental confusion  The Class Clown has started to scramble his punch lines.  Travel and weather could prove complicated.

Thursday (21st) brings more psychological stability, with Mercury trine Pluto.  The scrambled thoughts may have been gradually coming into a more coherent focus, accompanied by depth of meaning.

On Saturday (23rd) the Sun enters Virgo which helps to re-introduce you into a work mood after the holiday season.  Many will be on a bank holiday break or at a Music Festival, but ideas may present themselves about how to proceed in the Autumn term and apply talents to working conditions.

Mars also trines Chiron that day which supports healing actions such as intervention by Chiropractors and Osteopaths, or Physiotherapy.

The week in bullet points:

  • Tomorrow – Love and Laughter
  • Tuesday – Mental Confusion
  • Thursday – Psychological Stability
  • Saturday – Work Mode, and Healing Action