David Cameron and the United Kingdom

With David Cameron returning from a long holiday, and the Scottish Referendum a dead cert for a blog in three weeks’ time, and the possibility that we might not be a United Kingdom any more, I thought I would take a look at home affairs as they are now.

David Cameron

Eyebrows have been raised these last few weeks while various crises have come and gone (or stayed) and David and Samantha have been holidaying at home and abroad (in the same outfits as last year) wondering what it would take for David Cameron to  return to his role as leader of the government.  The issue of the beheading of James Foley, a U.S. journalist, by a British jihadist in Iraq seems to have galvanized him, and the issue of preventing jihadists from returning to Britain, though critics still feel he is not fully engaged mentally.

David Cameron is Libran through and through, with Sun, Ascendant and ruling planet all in that sign.  So if he appears to dither or be indecisive at times, it may be due to the classic description of this Libran trait.  His lucky, or privileged streak, is shown by Jupiter exactly sextile his Ascendant.

What do his current transits reveal about his personal and political affairs at this time?  A conjunction of Mars and Saturn on his South Node (past karma) indicates that he is coming back and having to face the music, both personally and in his career role.  Uranus, the planet of shocks and surprises, is opposite his natal Sun for most of this year.  The Islamic State or Isis is a thorny headache for the world powers, but also has implications in our society, in preventing their indoctrination here, and then their possible return if they go overseas to engage with and spread the fighting should they expect to return.  Theresa May is leaping into action over some of these tasks, but in the meantime there are other pressing issues such as the Scottish Referendum.

United Kingdom

The new Foreign Secretary Phillip Hammond has called the beheading of James Foley “an utter betrayal of everything the British public stand for”, and indeed it is very Un-British!  If the Scottish people vote Yes on 18th September, will I be looking at a completely different chart for the United Kingdom, or the Dis-United Kingdom?  And would it change our national sense of identity?

The current chart for the U.K., based on 7th December 1922, has as its astrological signatures Sun/Mercury in Sagittarius (an upbeat sign, and the Sun sign of Winston Churchill), Ascendant in Gemini (mentally lively) exactly square Uranus at the top of the chart (forward looking and humanitarian on the plus side) and Moon in Cancer (patriotic).  That may change if our Scottish brothers and sisters leave the equation.  The current turmoil shows in the transits as Pluto opposite the United Kingdom Pluto, and economic and social hardship is depicted by Saturn squaring the U.K. Neptune.  But there are some livelier transits showing openness to change:  Jupiter squaring the natal Jupiter (a sense of adventure) and Uranus trine the national Mercury (openness to new ideas), which may yield some favourable changes. I have yet to spot their manifestation, but if you hear any such good news in the coming days, you will know which transits are responsible.  Unless of course you believe the announcements that we are in economic recovery.

James Foley

James Foley, the U.S. Journalist whose beheading has injected a new sense of  end-of-summer responsibility into our Prime Minister, had a dynamic chart of Sun/Uranus conjunct in Libra (negotiating skills), half his planets in Cardinal signs (leadership) and Mars exactly square Jupiter (high energy and enthusiasm).  His effect on David Cameron’s path is shown by his Saturn (responsibility) exactly trine David Cameron’s Mercury (information to take note of).

Neptune currently squares James Foley’s (posthumous) chart, so there is a great deal of mystery surrounding his circumstances at the moment.  Foley’s chart impinges significantly on the United Kingdom’s reputation (Midheaven) with his Neptune exactly sextile the U.K. Midheaven and his Pluto exactly trine with it.  These deep connections imply that the overall longterm outcome of the crisis will work out better than expected for Britain (e.g. in eliciting useful  ways of addressing difficult issues).  But with James Foley’s Uranus exactly square the U.K. Moon the crisis has thrown the government into disarray and caught them on the hop.

Scottish Referendum

There will be more anon on this topic as we move nearer to its time, but I wrote in my New Year blog:

September 18th: Scottish Referendum: A solid day for Alex Salmond, with a shock for David Cameron.  Favourable change in some ways for the UK with Uranus trine its natal Sun/Mercury, but also schism and trauma in that Pluto opposes its natal Pluto.

[Hopefully, I will find some counteracting evidence when I do the Scottish Referendum blog].

On Monday the second debate takes place between Alex Salmond (for the Yes vote) and Alistair Darling who impressed in the first debate for the No vote.  Alex Salmond will have Mercury opposite his Mars (may have difficulty controlling his nerves or temper) and Mars transiting his Saturn (ruffling his feathers) so may not perform any better than the first round.  Alistair Darling will have some supportive and harmonious transits, which may enable him to charm some of the voters to his side, but has Neptune square his Sun, so he may be wrestling with some personal or public confusion at this time.  I think he will do well, overall, though some of those bright transits will have dissolved by 18th September.

[Amendment Monday 25th:

The debate between Alex Salmond and Alistair Darling is today, not tomorrow, and I have amended it in the blog. It is being televised at 8.30 pm on BBC2. The difference that a day makes astrologically in this case still finds Alistair in a strong position, but an improvement for Alex, in that he may perform better than last time.]


There are mixed transits for the N.H.S. at the moment, with the North Node sextile its Jupiter (some divine intervention perhaps – benefactors please come forward) and Pluto squaring its Neptune (the most dire aspect it could face!).  There is more evidence for the latter, but the N.H.S. has been so dismantled and messed around, that it is difficult to know exactly what is going on.


I doubt that our Educational system will ever fully recover from Michael Gove’s tinkering in recent years, but in the meantime we have a new figurehead from David Cameron’s recent reshuffle.   Nicky Morgan as another Libran might be expected to be a Yes Minister and just cruise along trying to establish Michael Gove’s policies.  Yet her chart has potential for her future political career: Mars conjunct Pluto would give her political grit, Mercury conjunct Uranus some forward thinking Mars square Jupiter (high energy and enthusiasm) and Jupiter square Pluto (a hunger for power).  She may be hamstrung in this coming parliament, but could do well after some cabinet experience.

So that is the United Kingdom today, or my take on it…


Today we have an opposition between Mercury and Chiron.  Mental conundrums will feature heavily. Solutions may come to you easily, but if they don’t, and you wear yourself out mentally, put the problem on the back burner if you can, and allow your unconscious or the universe to come up with a solution. Travel could be problematic. If you can’t solve something along the way, stop at a service station and have a power nap!

Big Monday

Tomorrow (bank holiday Monday) you will need a timetable for all the aspects, whether to ascertain the tone of each appointment in your diary, or if you have a free day, to meditate with each one.  I will be catching up with astrological work, so will incorporate the timetable into what I do.  It could be an eventful day, and certainly weatherwise there has been a severe weather warning for the U.K.
8.46 a.m.: The first aspect is the brisk Mercury sextile Mars. The chances are you won’t be working, but if you are, you can make an efficient start.

If you have a free day, you might want to start with the gym, or some energetic Bikram or Ashtanga yoga.

If meditating, start the day with a physical meditation, e.g. perusing all the parts of the body for their nature and current health and vigour.

At any rate, start your day with your most strenuous task, be it clutter clearing, walking the dog(s), or filing.

9.38 a.m.: Venus trines Uranus – good for planned or unplanned meetings and dynamic social interactions.

Workwise, good for artistic originality.  Meditationwise, helpful for lifting your perception and experience of relationships.

12.29 p.m.:  Mercury sextile Saturn brings more focus, concentration and planning to any work efforts.  Meditation may bring an insight with a practical application.

14.13 Hrs.: The New Moon at 2 degrees Virgo favours thinking about coming work schedules and how they can be revamped or spiced up, especially for efficiency.  If you are just leaving the music festival, you may have had some ideas for new beginnings for work, or for health regimes.For those meditating, take those issues into your meditation, and hopefully your higher consciousness will feed back in a very positive way.
19.30 Hrs.:  Mars conjunct Saturn may mark a downturn of energy.  Many Astrologers feel this is a very difficult conjunction (traditionally they are the lesser and greater malefic, respectively).  I don’t regard it as being as problematic as say Mars paired with Uranus or Pluto, but if can be very frustrating, and can temporarily put an end to progress.  Astrologer Alan Oken describes its effect in the natal chart as “driving with the brakes on”, and that is very true, and may even be literally true.

On Tuesday (26th), Saturn presents more difficulties, in squaring Venus, so that feelings are bruised to add to the frustrated actions of the previous evening.

Wednesday (27th)  sees a square between Venus and Mars, so there may be inappropriate social moves or examples of male-female inequality to exercise your emotions.

We end the week with an opposition between the Sun and Neptune on Friday (29th) making us feel at sixes and sevens in some way.  Maybe it is last minute jitters or uncertainty related to going back to school, or the prospect of one’s little grandson starting school with a sensitivity to school uniform fabrics, and only just being able to put on his socks and shoes…Or maybe there is a challenge looming for you, and you are trying to find your poise with it.

The week in bullet points:

  • Today – mental conundrums
  • Tomorrow – intense and mixed (see timetable)
  • Tuesday – bruised feelings
  • Wednesday – social gaffes
  • Friday – at sea, temporarily