We have another early Sunday morning aspect going on today: Jupiter trine Saturn, the balancing aspect we had on 16 March if you can remember back that far. It’s a good launchpad for (again) setting the trend, for a week which hosts three squares and an opposition. It’s also good for a co-operative venture, so you could say start a jogging regime with a friend. Monday morning (7th) brings a tussle between Venus and Pluto in opposition (it’ll be hard to say goodbye) and a square between Mercury square Neptune (you face a long and complicated journey ahead). Venus is also saying goodbye, to Gemini, for on Tuesday (8th) it moves into the sign of Cancer, and there’ll be sentimentality and nostalgia (for those you left behind?). But never mind eh, for later in the day those pastures new look really enticing and exciting in the shape of the Sun sextile Uranus and it will be off with the old and on with the new, temporarily at least. Wednesday morning (9th) starts with capitalizing on that dynamic new vibe with Mercury sextile Mars, but soon (by lunchtime) descends into a reminder of those responsibilities you left behind (Sun square Saturn). Oh, well, it’s often a case of two steps forward and one step back. The early hours of Friday (11th) revisits another important aspect, that of Jupiter square Uranus, which we last saw on 22 January. That brought changes, and in some cases disruptions, in telecommunications. It’s also a chance to assess the changes which were brought about in your life around that time. As if to reinforce the communication theme, Mercury also moves into its own sign of Gemini that day. So if it’s the end of a working week office-wise there could be a rush of frenetic activity, even in the Quiet Office.