Have just got back from a wedding evening reception and wedding breakfast in the refreshing company of a group of thirty somethings, at a stage of life where they have just successfully negotiated their First Saturn Returns, and have their lives mapped out.  One of them jetted into Gatwick on the morning of the wedding, having just climbed Mont Blanc  Others were about to travel to Vietnam, Cambodia and Thailand, having passed over an earlier opportunity for a gap year in favour of starting at Medical School.  Several 30 year olds I know have decided this was the year to get married.  Such is the clarity of that post-Saturn Return age!  We usually clear some hurdle or personal issue with this astrological cycle: for me it was an issue of self-assertiveness.


We are still unsure exactly what will transpire at the TV wedding of Sharon and Phil from Eastenders, but we now know that George Clooney finally succumbed to the institution of marriage yesterday evening in Venice.  Hence I find it the least line of resistance to update my astrologicial musings on this formerly sought after bachelor.

George Clooney

Things have turned around quickly for George Clooney.  I wrote about him in February.

Here’s a reprise:


“George Clooney does not have an easy chart (though hard working), and admits to experiencing financial  hardship in his youth.   He had a strict Roman Catholic upbringing (Moon conjunct Saturn) and was interested in social issues from a young age (Moon conjunct Saturn in 11th House).  He has a serious karmic mission, which I think is gradually coming to light in the directing of films of a serious purpose (Pluto conjunct North Node in Virgo).  In this purpose, he is not afraid to be controversial (Mercury square Uranus – an aspect which also sometimes reveals dyslexia, which he learned to compensate for by charming his teachers, according to his mother).  His Mars is exactly opposite his Saturn, so everything he does is carefully measured and deliberate.   Uranus in showbiz Leo is closely trine his Midheaven (careerpoint) which has ensured sustained success in his career.”

I did mention that as he had transiting Pluto squaring his natal Venus (which he still has) it was a good time for reviewing his sense of relationship.  He did, in a dramatic Plutonian sense, by meeting a woman with a serious mission in life, an international lawyer for human rights.

What was it in his chart which had made him so single for so long?  Looking at his chart again, he has an unaspected Venus, which can indicate a sense of freedom-seeking in relation to love.  He also has Moon in Capricorn conjunct Saturn, so his emotional life is intensely personal.

Meeting Amal

By May of this year, we the public had been informed that he had met and was planning to marry Amal Alamuddin.  Presumably, she has qualities which no other woman had, and ticks all the boxes for George.

There is a birth date for her on Astrotheme of 3rd February 1978, but no birth time.  This chart does chime with what we know of her: An interest in  Human Rights (Sun conjunct Venus in Aquarius), a karmic mission of Lawyer (North Node in Libra) and  emotional sensitivity to accompany that (Moon conjunct Neptune) with an international application (Moon in Sagittarius).

The synastry or chart comparison between the two is not so revealing, and may be honed if a birth time comes along.  Amal’s Uranus opposes exactly George’s Sun, and that would explain the suddenness of their meeting and his decision to give up his bachelor status.  Her Mercury  is exactly conjunct his Moon, which shows that the quality of her intellect appeals directly to his emotions, and she finds his emotional make up interesting mentally.

Timing of the Wedding

Does the timing of the wedding tell us more about the relationship?  The Jupiter-Uranus trine which occurred on Thursday, is still close enough to give blessing to this union.

However, the aspects on the day look quite challenging for George.  Jupiter squares his Sun, an indication that he is taking a chance on life and love, but may not be entirely sure.  Saturn opposes his Mercury, suggesting he is putting aside reason.  Neptune opposes his Pluto, and being in the relationship may have thrown up many psychological conundrums.   Neptune is transiting his natal Chiron, so on a spiritual level he may be experiencing some healing at this time, and this may feel sublime.

Her experience is generally more positive, though also mixed.  Transiting Mars is exactly sextile now with her North Node, so karmically she may have met and married the man of her dreams.  He fits the description of her animus.  Jupiter is also opposing exactly her Sun, so she too may feel she is taking a gamble, but  for both of them  it may be an adventure.  And Uranus exactly sextiles her Sun, so she will be excited to feel that her life is taking a sudden turn for the better.

All best wishes to the happy couple!


The main aspect this week, which occurs on Saturday, is a difficult square between the Sun and Pluto.  There is also another difficult aspect that day, plus Mercury goes retrograde (everybody’s favourite gripe).

There are two way of tackling this situation:

  1.  Just get on with your life this week, and wing it when the day comes
  2. Prepare for these astrological  features during the course of the week, and hope for a sense of control on the day

So I will, as usual, describe the aspects, but will also suggest a strategy in case you are wishing to work with the energies of next Saturday in advance.

But first, tomorrow evening (Monday 29th) Venus will be entering  Libra, which heralds a period favouring relationships, honeymoons, artistic and musical composition, and the law.  So it is a good time to foster such associations in your life, and perhaps spend your week focusing on them, instead of worrying about the square at the end of the week.

Now to Saturday (4th October).  The Sun squares Pluto in the morning, and plans may have to be re-scheduled.  Dramas may occur, but they may be internal ones.  Doors may be closing, but of course we all know that new windows will open as a result, though we don’t know when.

Preparation:  Meditation for calming the mind will be helpful, a daily practice being most useful.  Maybe I sound like a stuck record in this respect, but I do believe in it!

Letting go and releasing what is not needed in advance or at the time, is also useful.

Surrendering to the Universe at the time may be required.

On a practical level, checking health and safety in relation to your planned activities may be helpful, and checking possible loopholes and making contingency plans (B and C at least may be helpful, and may work).

The next  aspect is Mars square Chiron, which is also incident-prone, and apt to bring up what needs to be healed in a psyche or a situation.

Preparation would be to look at the source of any wounds, such as may lie in childhood or past lives, and working on them gradually and patiently through the week.  If you have firm plans for the weekend, think about the issues that the circumstances may raise.  For instance, if you are meeting a long lost cousin you had issues with, seek to work on the relationship in advance.

Homeopathic remedies may be sought, and flower remedies can be to hand, such as Rescue Remedy.

Finally, by the afternoon, Mercury will be stationary, about to turn retrograde.  This may complicate communications on the day and in the ensuing period up to 26th October.

Strategies would include tackling your outstanding paperwork and documentation throughout this week in  advance of Mercury’s  turnaround.

Meditation will help too here, in working on a calm mind and clarity of communication and putting it into practice for the three week period.

I hope this helps!  Love and luck to all my readers.

The week in bullet points:

  • Tomorrow  – harmonious connections
  • Saturday – the sense of an ending, check health and safety, and make communications clear